What to Pack for Cornwall, England

What to Pack for Cornwall England Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesaraCamisole • Topshop | Yellow Striped Shirt • Zara | T-shirt • H&M | Blouse • H&M | Black Long Sleeve • H&M | Green Sweater • Madewell | Striped Pullover • Mango | Cardigan • Topshop | Blazer • H&M | Dark Denim • Gap | Casual Denim • H&M | Black Trousers • Mango | Dress • Zara | Trench • H&M | Scarf • Mango | Hat • Need Supply Co. | Sunglasses • Cheap Monday | Sneakers • Adidas | Flats • Dolce Vita | Boots • Dune London | Purse • Fat Face | Crossbody • Cynthia Rowley |

Lately I have wanted to add a little more colour to my wardrobe lately. I still love my mostly black and grey but once in a while I’d like to add some colour aside from red nails or lips. I do have red rain boots so that is a start ;) I fell in love with a red jacket in Zara a few days ago but have danced around getting it because we won’t be in jacket season for much longer. So I am trying to be more practical and get some pieces that I will be able to wear through the spring/summer season as well as fall/winter. So when I was making this list I included a yellow, striped, wrap top that I have eyeballed for the last 2 months (or so) and think that I might make the splurge. Yellow is one of my favourite colours and I love a wrap shirt, it will work really well in the summer. What do you think? Do you like it?

This week I made a packing list for Cornwall, England in May. Cornwall is one of the most scenic places in England, as well as one of the sunniest. It is located on the southernmost tip it so it has the longest stretch of continuous coastline in the country which means lots of lovely villages and blue water. Cornwall’s average temperature in May is around 11°C with highs of 14°C and lows of 8°C. If you look at the predicted weather they show it potentially being warmer than average with a range of late teens to early 20’s °C, so it would be best to check the weather closely so you can pack more appropriate for the weather. With averages of 11°C I would pack a slightly heavier jacket than if the temps are between 17-21°C. For this list I included a lighter jacket but definitely watch the weather and use your discretion because it is really hard to predict weather in the UK. It might be wise to bring something waterproof or at least water-resistant.

*Remember that layers are key for unpredictable weather.

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and read up on the water/coastline safety for the area.

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What to Pack for a 21 Day European Vacation in April – Packing Light

What to Pack for Paris, Italy, Greece Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesaraCamisole • H&M | Striped Shirt • Marks and Spencer | Long Sleeve • Zara | T-shirt • Topshop | Blouse • Marks and Spencer | Black Blouse • H&M | Grey Pullover • Mango | Cardigan • Uniqlo | Embroidered Sweatshirt • Mango | Dark Denim • H&M | Casual Denim • Mango | Black Trousers • H&M | Dress • H&M | Moto Jacket • Topshop | Scarf • H&M | Hat • Billabong | Sunglasses • Le Specs | Sneakers • Adidas | Flats • Aldo | Boots • Selfridges | Purse • Steve Madden | Crossbody • Madewell |

This one is a kind of broad one because it involves a variety of countries/cities throughout the 21 days. First off the trip starts off in Paris, moves on to Venice, then they will board a cruise that will make stops in Greece, various Italian cities, and Croatia. It’s  for April and these cities have average temperatures that are quite close so it won’t be like a mixed climate packing list. Some areas get a little more rainfall but the average temperature ranges 13-16°C with highs of 18-20°C which is a great travel temperature. You probable won’t be basking on the beaches unless there is a freak heat wave or something, but if your cruise ship has a pool then don’t forget to bring a swimsuit because you will probably get some use out of it. Remember that a large scarf can work double duty as a bathing suit wrap/cover as well.

For all these packing lists I pick pieces that I love, or that I would wear. I don’t think you can’t have biased choices.  These picks obviously will not float everyone’s boat so it is very easy to swap out pieces for your own style preferences. While my go-to jacket is a leather moto jacket, another good choice is a trench in a short, or longer version. Trenches are classic and always make you look put together with minimal effort.

Last of all are the shoe choices. There is a debate how many shoes is the right amount to bring with you. I always say that there is never any reason to go over 3 pairs. In many instances you can get away with 2 (one you wear, the other is packed), but it all depends on what type of activities you will be doing. Doing a lot of walking or exercising? Comfortable sneakers might be a good idea. Cute flats can pull together any outfit, and a short boot can be dressed up or dressed down. Obviously sandals would be the right choice in summer or for beach destinations. For 21 days I would probably bring three pairs, the three pairs that I wear the most and are the most comfortable from my wardrobe. Nobody wants to pack uncomfortable shoes. If you don’t wear them at home you probably aren’t going to wear them on vacation.

In the instance of rain (because it’s spring and rain is usually higher at this time of year than summer) your best bet is to have a small, cheap, umbrella. Easy to pack, and no worries if you lose it. If you don’t want to pack one then you should have no issues finding an inexpensive one in a local store.

I hope I was able to give you some ideas of what you can pack for this kind trip. I will put together the outfit options for the next post.

What is your go-to lightweight jacket?

*Just to let you know, Zara is currently have a mid season sale and there are some cute sweaters and jeans for great prices if you are looking to stock up for next fall/winter.

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What to Pack for Malta in April Packing Light

What to Pack for Malta Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesara

Camisole • H&M | Striped Shirt • Mango | White Blouse • H&M | Grey T-shirt • H&M | Black Blouse • H&M | Grey Sweater • Madewell | Camel Pullover •  H&M | Long Cardigan • Uniqlo | Jacket • Zara | Dark Denim • H&M | Casual Denim • Gap | Black Trousers • H&M | Dress • Topshop | Light Scarf • Mango | Dark Scarf • Mango | Hat • Ralph Lauren | Sunglasses • Cole Haan | Sneakers • Converse | Embroidered Flats • Free People | Boots • Nine West | Cognac Purse • Patricia Nash | Crossbody • Steve Madden |

You will notice that I specified that this list is for what to Pack for Malta in April. While it will technically cover most of the spring/fall weather, as you go into May and the temperatures rise you will need to pick options that are more suited for the warming weather. In the summer months Malta can be quite hot and a warm weather destination list will be needed.

In April Malta’s temperatures average 18°C – 22°C and if you go to the predicted weather you will see that it looks as though this April will follow suit. The lows can be in the early teens and the wind and evenings can lean towards cool at this time of year so layers will be your friend, but note that even when it is not summer the sun is strong so a high SPF suntan lotion is recommended.

Malta is known as quite a casual city so a smart-casual wardrobe will be completely appropriate. Jeans are a popular choice through all the seasons (even during the hot summer paired with camisoles, sandals, and cuffed). Dining out is generally a casual affair, even in expensive restaurants, and outdoor seating is a popular choice. It is also important to note that Malta is a devoutly religious Catholic  country, so cathedrals and churches may refuse you entry if you are not appropriately attired (covered shoulders and knees in both men and women, and oversized scarves come in handy for this reason if your shoulders are uncovered). I chose some embroidered flats since the rest of the wardrobe is quite neutral the flats bring a fun, accent piece to the choices without be overwhelming.

Most of the shorelines are rocky so flats are a good choice. While the temperatures are ideal at this time of year I chose to include a light jacket that also doubles as a blazer style coat but is roomy enough to layer a sweater under when the temperatures drop at night, or if you are touring the underground temples, war rooms, or catacombs.

I received two requests for Malta over the last few weeks and both were for spring so I thought I should jump on that since those trips coming up fast. I hope this can give you some ideas on what kind of things to bring with you and will show you how you can wear them to get the most options in the next post.

*Just as I posted this I read an article saying that Malta’s Azure window which is a popular tourist attraction collapsed in to the sea from high winds. Although not unexpected because of natural corrosion it’s still sad to lose such a beautiful site.

The morbid me really wants to tour some catacombs. Have you ever been to any?

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What to Pack for Dublin, Ireland – Packing Light


What to Pack for Dublin, Ireland Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesara

Camisole • H&M | T-shirt • J. Crew | Long Sleeve • Mango | Print Blouse • Mango | Classic Blouse • Gap | Black Sweater • Mango | Cardigan • Uniqlo | Kimono • Zara | Trench • H&M | Dark Denim • H&M | Casual Jeans • Gap | Black Trousers • Mango | Black Dress • Mango | Scarf • Pistil | Hat • Madewell | Sunglasses • Karen Millen | Flats • Dolce Vita | Boots • H&M | Purse • Fiorelli | Clutch • Asos |

Now that I know that I have Irish in me in a 15-31% range (according the Ancestry DNA) I am feeling a little Irish. I have always had a draw to there which now I can blame on my genes, and St. Patrick’s Day is going to have a whole new meaning this year ;) Today is the first day of March and that tied with St. Patrick’s Day inspired me, so when I got a request for an Ireland packing trip I figured now was a good time.

The request is for a 6 day July trip that was won at work, some co-workers and CEO’s will be there so she is looking for classy/casual wear. First off when you think July your first thoughts go to extreme heat. At least mine do, but the July temperatures in Ireland average 16°C, with a high of 19°C and a low of 12°C , and 23 days of rain. Does this mean the it won’t get hot and it’s going to rain the whole trip? No, but Ireland is notorious for experience all kinds of different weather in a 24 hour period so it’s best to be prepared. It averages 23 days of rain in July but that only means that there might be some period of rain during each of those days, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes. A compactible umbrella will be handy and can be bought at most locations for cheap so no need to pack one.

With these pieces I tried to keep the casual but put together vibe. Dressy but comfortable shoes, jeans paired with dressier tops,  and pieces that easily transition from day-to-night with a few minor changes. Keep in mind that t-shirts and tanks/camisoles are easy to pack, don’t take much room, and perfect for layering when weather is unpredictable. Remember that your travel outfit comes from these pieces too, not in addition too (so you are not packing every thing in the list). I hope this gives you some ideas of what you can bring with you, and the outfit options are in this post.

Is there a city that you find you are really drawn too for unknown reasons? 

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What to Pack for Tokyo, Japan – Packing Light

What to Pack for Toyko, Japan Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesara

T-shirt • J.Crew | Dressy Top • Mango | Long Sleeve • Mango | Classic Blouse • Topshop | Black Blouse • H&M | Black Sweater • H&M | Grey Pullover • Mango | Cardigan • Chico’s | Light Jacket • H&M | Dark Denim • Gap | Casual Denim • H&M | Black Trousers • H&M | Skirt • Zara | Dress • Marks and Spencer | Scarf • Mango | Hat • Vince Camuto | Sunglasses • Rayban | Sneakers • Converse | Flats • Jeffery Campbell | Boots • Sam Edelman | Purse • Fiorelli | Clutch • Asos |

I received this request multiple times so I figured I should probably do one. The month of April is arguably the best month to visit Japan. It is sunny with spring flowers and the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival which attracts people from all around the world who want to see first hand the beauty of it. The end of April is what they call Golden Week which is are a series of 4 national holidays in spring. They are on non consecutive days but many people use this time to take holidays for the entire week (note that costs of flights increase during this week).

With a daily average around 19°C and one of the lower months for rain, April is a perfect time for travel. The weather becomes chilly at night so extra layers and a light coat will be necessary. Also note that while anything goes clothing-wise for sightseeing (generally speaking, proper attire for religious places may be required) people tend to dress up more for dinner. That means change from your jeans to a skirt/dress/dress pants and your good to go. I’ll also point out that it is customary to remove your shoes before entering people’s homes, this should be taken in to consideration if you are contemplating bringing shoes that are hard to get on and off. I’d stick with slip-on style flats, easy to tie sneakers, or short, easy to get on boots to avoid any issues.

April isn’t usually too rainy so rain gear isn’t necessary. You can always pick up an inexpensive umbrella almost anywhere along the way if necessary. I also wanted to point out that I included more pieces in this list than I usually do. This is because of the dressing up for dinners custom, I added the skirt to have more dressy options. You could easily omit that plus several other pieces if you have access to laundry regularly and it will cut down the list significantly. Remember that your travel outfit comes out of these pieces as well, you do not wear other clothes in addition to the pieces in the lists. It’s all about mix and match pieces and creatively pairing.

Outfit options for these pieces can be found in this post.

Have you ever experiences the Cherry Blossom Festival first hand?

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