What to Pack for Hungary and Bulgaria in June

What to Pack for Hungary and Bulgaria Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesaraTank/Camisole • H&M | Grey T-shirt • J.Crew | Striped Shirt • Mango | Blue Wrap Blouse • H&M | Graphic (Pink Floyd) Tee • Brandy Melville | Blue Peasant Blouse • Madewell | Navy Blue Pullover • Topshop | Cardigan • Marks and Spencer | Blazer • Marks and Spencer | Denim • Mango | Culottes • Zara | Black Trousers • H&M | Midi Skirt • Zara | Black Dress • Mango | Blue Party Dress • H&M | Floral Scarf • Loft | Black Scarf • Mango | Packable Hat • J.Crew | Sunglasses • Le Specs | Sneakers • Converse | Red Slip-ons • Everlane | Heels • Nordstrom Rack | Cognac Purse • Nordstrom | Black Crossbody • Levi’s |

I was scrambling to finish this last night because my youngest daughter was having a really “tough” day. Meaning she was misbehaving the whole day and I couldn’t sit at my computer for more than 5 minutes at time before I had to get up and deal with something.

This request comes via Instagram for a super awesome lady I’ll call P. She is traveling in June for about 2 weeks to both Hungary and Bulgaria. The trip revolves around family get-togethers like a wedding and an Uncle’s birthday. I wasn’t sure how formal each of these events were going to be so I tossed a pair of heels into the mix just in case. But if the level of dressy doesn’t require heels then I would happily (I hate wearing heels) swap them out for a different pair of flats or other acceptable footwear.

I was kind of on the fence for what to include to make the trip as light as possible but have enough options for the different events. It is supposed to be relatively hot (23-29°C) during this time so it is to be noted that light and airy, and/or natural fabrics are wise choices. A shorter cropped jean or a pair that can be rolled will serve several purposes, wide leg trousers are nice and airy as well as some culottes (or pick only two if you want to cut down). Several shirt options of varying styles and colours, as well as a sweater or two just in case. The blazer works as a light jacket but also to dress up an outfit. A few scarves, a packable hat, one regular size purse, and one small purse round it out.

When you are going to be jumping from planes, to trains, to cars you want to keep your bag as light as possible. My suggestion is to start with these pieces, lay them out and make outfits. Note what you are going to wear to each “event” and then outfits for regular days. Add or subtract pieces as you put together your travel wardrobe. Realistically for a two-week trip you should plan enough pieces to easily cover the two weeks. If you have access to laundry than you can probably get away with one weeks worth of clothes (plus wedding/party attire) and get really creative with your outfits or wear things on repeat. I will put together outfit options for this list in next post.

I hope this gives you some ideas because this trip sounds like it is going to be fun :)

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What to Pack for One Month in the UK and France

What to Pack for The UK and France Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesara

Black Silk Tank • Everlane | Grey T-shirt • H&M | Graphic (Joy Division) Tee • PacSun | Floral Print Top • Mango | Black Blouse • H&M | White Blouse • H&M | Long Black Cardigan • H&M | Yellow Sweater • Topshop | Grey Pullover • Uniqlo | Pink Sweater • River Island | Trench Coat • Mango | Dark Denim • H&M | Casual Distressed Denim • Mango | Black Pants • Mango | Black Wrap Dress • Marks and Spencer | Casual Dress • Madewell | Pink Print Scarf • Loft | Black & Grey Scarf • Joe Fresh | Hat • Madewell | Sunglasses • Quay | Grey Slip-ons • Latigo at Free People | Sneakers • Adidas | Booties • Seychelles | Large Purse • Sam Edelman | Crossbody Bag • Foley + Corinna |

Dilemma, dilemma. How the heck do you pack light for one full month (June) in an area that will experience all kinds of weather and varying temperatures? This question was asked of me and my answer is….I have no idea. I can only tell you what kind of things I would bring and my reasoning behind my choices.

I was told that this trip will be covering about 30 days going from London, to Edinburgh, the Highlands, and then through the French countryside. June hasn’t reached peak summer heat yet at this point and while the occasional day may hit a hot temperature, most days should be a comfortable 18-20°C.

A lot can happen in a month and the need for a variety of outfits is important, so the goal is to pack as light as possible but to have enough that you won’t need to wash clothes every couple of days (in case you don’t have access to washing facilities). Enough of a variety that you won’t get bored, but so you also will have an outfit for every need (so you will never have to run out and buy something).

I included several shirts ranging from casual to dressier ones (or can easily be dressed up). A few long sleeves and a cardigan on the days that it is too warm for a jacket but too cool for short sleeves. Several bottoms (2 jeans and one solid black pant). Light casual jeans will get a lot of use, dark jeans are dressed up or casual, and a pair of black pants always looks put together with minimal effort. A light coat is important and I chose a trench because it is extremely versatile, can be rain resistant, and every outfit looks instantly polished with a trench thrown on. I included two dresses but if you feel one and a skirt is a better option than that is what you bring instead. I picked one dressier wrap dress (that can also be made casual with the right pairings), and a loose-fitting  casual summer dress. For shoes my choices included one pair of slip-ons, short booties, and sneakers. Then I added a few accessories (scarves, hat, and I would personally bring a watch and maybe one simple necklace) and two bags (one large and one small).

For the colour palette I went with a base of black, grey, white, and pink. I included a bright yellow top for some variety because after a month you might feel too monotonous. I know a lot of people doing the 10×10 challenge on Instagram (check out the #spring10x10 hashtag to see what I am talking about), which is 10 pieces of clothes for 10 days and many decided that they went too neutral with their choices and were craving colour and that is only a week in to the challenge. While I could probably easily skate through a month wearing just black, grey, and white I do know that sometimes I feel bland and unadventurous doing so ;)

Remember that your travel outfit comes out of these pieces. Choose the heavier and bulkier items to pack less. I would probably wear the t-shirt, cardigan, jeans, sneakers, the trench, a scarf, sunnies, and carry the largest purse while packing the rest. Remember to roll everything, rolling works people ;)

Outfit options for this packing list cam be found in this post.

How long do you think you could go with wearing just neutrals before you craved some colour?

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What to Pack for Madrid, Spain in Summer

What to Pack for Madrid Spain Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesaraTank/Camisole • Mango | White Sleeveless Blouse • H&M | Black Shirt • River Island | Grey T-shirt • Madewell | Green Off Shoulder Shirt • H&M | Grey Pullover • H&M | Floral Kimono • Zara | Shorts • Topshop | Bathing Suit • Topshop | Black Wide Leg Trousers • Mango | Lightweight Jeans • Zara | Black Dress • Mango | White Shirt Dress • Marks and Spencer | Scarf • Mango Outlet | Hat • Ralph Lauren | Sunglasses • Smith Optics | Black Sandals • Sole Society | Sneakers • Converse | Buckle Flats • Park Lane | Brown Purse • Carvela | Black Crossbody • Zac Posen |

This week I am going hot weather, summer time packing list to Barcelona, Spain by request. Hot weather is my least favourite weather so I tend to try to avoid it. Since summer is the main travel/vacationing time and warm weather cities are high on the destination list I figured now was a good time to put one out because we are heading in to that season.

The trip is 10+ days in Spain this June/July, and is spread out between Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona, with side trips in between (possibly Andorra). Spain is hot in the summer, that super humid hot that makes your hair frizzy and your clothes stick to you (and you stick to furniture), so there are several things that you will want to make note of. The sun is strong so make sure to bring sunnies, a hat (a straw fedora or Panama style always looks good and covers bad, humidity hair), and suntan lotion. A long sleeve loose shirt is usually more comfortable and will keep you cooler than a tight t-shirt so keep that in mind. Denim and denim shorts are seen everywhere but the difference is that the denim made by Spanish companies is a lot lighter than what you may have or be used to if you are in North America. If you want to bring jeans but don’t want a heavy denim it might be a good idea to get a pair of jeans from a Spanish retailer like Zara. They are easily found around the world so it may be worth to go in check a few pairs out. The jeans I have from Zara are a noticeably more lightweight denim than others I own so I can attest to that.

For shoes it is wise to keep it flat. You will most likely be doing a ton of walking and between the hills and cobblestones flat shoes are the best choice. Purse choices are endless but I would stick with something that closes securely, and you can keep close to your body like a crossbody (or a shoulder bag that fits right under the arm so you can keep it close).

Air conditioning most likely will be full blast in many of the buildings you enter so bringing a sweater or cardigan will keep it comfortable. Summer packing takes noticeably less room than any other season so you may be inclined to pack an extra shirt or two if you won’t have access to laundry. It’s hard to keep clothes fresh with high heat, humidity, and sweating.

Check out my What to Wear in Madrid, Spain outfit options post to see how I put these pieces together to make 18 outfits.

Do you like hot weather destinations?

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What to Pack for the French Riviera in Spring

What to Pack for The French Riviera Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesaraWhite T-shirt • H&M | Blue Blouse • H&M | Striped Shirt • Mango | White Silk Blouse • H&M | Black Wrap Shirt • Topshop | Red Striped Sweater • Mango | Black Embroidered Pullover • Mango | Blazer • H&M | Moto Jacket • Mango | Dark Denim • Mango | Cropped Jeans • Mango | Black Pants • Mango | Maxi Dress • Madewell | Shirt Dress • Mark and Spencer | Red Scarf • Loft | Blue Floral Scarf • Loft | Hat • Azalea | Sunglasses • Cheap Monday | Slip-ons • Vans | Lace Up Flats • Zara | Booties • Steve Madden | Purse • Aimee Kestenberg | Crossbody • Monki |

The girls and I are taking advantage of the nice day to go see Beauty and the Beast for lunch. This is a bonus of homeschooling, you can go to the movies during the daytime to avoid the crowds. They have begged to see it since before it came out so I figure I should take them before it leaves the theatre right? ;)

The packing light list for this week comes via a request for 18 days in the French Riviera area in France (known as the Côte d’Azur region). She and her boyfriend are visiting family in Villefranche-sur-mer and will be touring and doing many day trips in and around the area for the first week. They then will go on to Paris for a week, then spend the remaining days in B&B’s touring the WWII beaches and wine areas. She noted that she is usually a very casual girls (slip-ons, jeans, and t-shirts) but wants to amp it up a bit to still be causal but more casual chic (which is something the French have perfected). The key to keeping a casual chic look is to combine the right balance of casual and dressier pieces.

The temperatures in this area for the end of April and beginning of May are from the high teens to low 20’s (in celsius) and is perfect weather for jeans, light jackets/sweaters, and flats. So to get this casual chic look I stuck to a fairly neutral palette of white, black, grey light blue, and denim with the colour being added by brightly coloured/patterned scarves. Scarves are so versatile and can be tied a millions ways to completely change the look of an outfit. They also take no room to pack so it is worth it to bring a few.  The shoes I included are slip-on casual shoes, a pretty flat, and a low-cut boot. When given the choice, lean towards basics in a higher quality fabric because it will make you look more chic. Like an outfit that pairs these cropped, casual jeans, with the silk long sleeve blouse, and the tie ankle flats looks so put together with minimal effort.

For purses I would suggest one crossbody, and one shoulder bag if you want to have a variety. It depends what your options are, and what you will be doing. For straight up touristy things I lean towards a crossbody because it is so easy to carry, but sometimes I like to carry more with me so I want a larger bag. Having a couple of options is nice. If I was one who could afford designer purses (like a Chanel Classic Flap) I’d probably just bring that one, and I would use for everything as my statement piece.

The outfit options for this packing list can be found in this post.

I find myself stalking therealreal website in search of designer bags, but I don’t know if I would ever allow myself to spend that much at once on a single item (even the discounted used price). Have you ever shopped on therealreal?

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What to Pack for Dubai in Spring – Packing Light

What to Pack for Dubai UAE Packing Light List #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travel #livelovesaraBlack Tank • Topshop | White T-shirt • French Connection | Grey T-shirt • H&M | Striped Shirt • Mango | White Blouse • H&M | Black Cardigan • H&M | Kimono • Zara | Blazer • H&M | Midi Skirt • Zara | Dark Denim • Mango | Culottes • Mango | Trousers • Mango | Dress • Dorothy Perkins | Swimsuit • Topshop | Floral Scarf • Loft | Black Scarf • Nordstrom | Hat • Century 21 | Sunglasses • Smith | Sandals • Cole Haan | Espadrilles • Splendid | Mules • BP | Black Purse • Guess | Clutch • Gracie Roberts |

Dubai is one of those destinations where there are many circumstances that can affect your clothing choices. First off it is hot, and depending on the time of year it is really, really hot. But it is also a really wealthy country so almost everywhere will have the air conditioning blasting, and at night expect the temperature to drop at least 10 degrees from the daytime temperature. It is also a Muslim country therefore there are certain dress codes you should follow to be respectful. There are also many sites that will not permit you entrance if you are not covered properly which is something to remember when packing. So what does this mean? You need hot weather items, but also things to cover up when the air conditioning freezes you. Your hot weather clothes should cover the shoulders, with no obvious cleavage showing, and knees should be covered. At some locations you may be required to wear long sleeves as well as being covered to ankles, with head coverings. Bars and nightclubs are different as well. Here the dress codes are much more lax and you can wear shorter skirts/dresses, shoulders bared, but also note that many of these places are quite dressy so you may want to pack your best party dress and heels to fit in.

This request is for an 8 day trip to Dubai in April, and the predicted weather shows it will be from low 30’s (in celsius) to high 30’s so it’s going to be hot. It’s a dry heat, but hot nevertheless so stick with natural, or loose, airy fabrics. If you pack a tank top make sure that you have something to wear over it. This is why I included a long kimono style shirt to wear open. It is airy while still looking put together, but you could also wear a blouse unbuttoned over a tank for the same effect. The cardigan is for night as well as air conditioning, and the blazer adds a quick way to cover up at night and add some dressiness to what you are wearing. I was a little stumped for shoes so go with your gut on this. Many Dubai women dress up and wear expensive heels for regular outings. This may be an option, but if you are averse to heels then a dressy flat is also a good choice. A boot is suggested for this time of year as well but you might not get much use out of them if it is really hot. I narrowed my choices down to sandals, an espadrille, and a dressy mule.

A swimsuit is also important, and although you can wear a westernized suit this is only acceptable in the pool area and upon leaving there you should change or be covered up. Scarves of varying sizes and colours are important to have and will work to protect you from the sun, wind, sand, and as a head/shoulder cover in a pinch. Remember that this place is hot and if you are prone to sweating you may want to bring and extra t-shirt or two unless you have direct access to laundry facilities.

As with anywhere it is a good idea to research or call ahead to verify the dress code of any place you may be visiting. This will prevent any embarrassment or awkward situations.

Outfit options will be in the next post.

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