Healing Your Soul in Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece Packing List

When my good friend got separated and inevitably divorced this past year it was obviously a time of pain and turmoil for her. This pain obscured the way that she saw herself leading down some paths that ended in more pain. I told her she needed to get away for a while. Go some place far where people didn’t know her and she didn’t know anyone. A place where she could be who she wanted to be without and preconceived expectations of what her life was supposed to be like. Continue Reading

My Bucket List

Mona Lisa

Like many people I have a bucket list. It’s one of this lists that starts on scratch paper and slowly evolves. I kept it folded in my jewellery box and I would pull out and jot down ideas as I added them to my list. When it became a jumble of smudged words and thoughts that no one could decipher except me I decided that I should write it down in a notebook in numbered form before I lost it. Continue Reading

Planning a Disney Vacation …. Maybe


 Photo By Robert D Bruce via StockPholio.com


Since Tom and I have been able to start a savings account and have been diligently putting money in it weekly we have noticed have fast it can accumulate. Surprise, surprise. People always tell you to just automatically put a portion of each cheque in and you will never notice it is gone. It is easier said than done to actually do it, and yes, I notice it is gone. Continue Reading