What to Pack for Madrid, Spain in Summer

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This week I am going hot weather, summer time packing list to Barcelona, Spain by request. Hot weather is my least favourite weather so I tend to try to avoid it. Since summer is the main travel/vacationing time and warm weather cities are high on the destination list I figured now was a good time to put one out because we are heading in to that season.

The trip is 10+ days in Spain this June/July, and is spread out between Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona, with side trips in between (possibly Andorra). Spain is hot in the summer, that super humid hot that makes your hair frizzy and your clothes stick to you (and you stick to furniture), so there are several things that you will want to make note of. The sun is strong so make sure to bring sunnies, a hat (a straw fedora or Panama style always looks good and covers bad, humidity hair), and suntan lotion. A long sleeve loose shirt is usually more comfortable and will keep you cooler than a tight t-shirt so keep that in mind. Denim and denim shorts are seen everywhere but the difference is that the denim made by Spanish companies is a lot lighter than what you may have or be used to if you are in North America. If you want to bring jeans but don’t want a heavy denim it might be a good idea to get a pair of jeans from a Spanish retailer like Zara. They are easily found around the world so it may be worth to go in check a few pairs out. The jeans I have from Zara are a noticeably more lightweight denim than others I own so I can attest to that.

For shoes it is wise to keep it flat. You will most likely be doing a ton of walking and between the hills and cobblestones flat shoes are the best choice. Purse choices are endless but I would stick with something that closes securely, and you can keep close to your body like a crossbody (or a shoulder bag that fits right under the arm so you can keep it close).

Air conditioning most likely will be full blast in many of the buildings you enter so bringing a sweater or cardigan will keep it comfortable. Summer packing takes noticeably less room than any other season so you may be inclined to pack an extra shirt or two if you won’t have access to laundry. It’s hard to keep clothes fresh with high heat, humidity, and sweating.

Check out my What to Wear in Madrid, Spain outfit options post to see how I put these pieces together to make 18 outfits.

Do you like hot weather destinations?

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