What I Wore This Week

Black turtleneck sweater, black ankle pants, camel coat, and loafers #guccidupes

Going out and hanging out at home. Striped sweater, grey jeans, Adidas, camel coat, and beanie.

Oversized sweater, boyfriend jeans, converse, and fedora

red Adidas and green New balance 574

Outfit 1 – Black Sweater | Black Pants | Coat | Loafers | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Striped Sweater (similar) | Grey jeans | Coat | Sneakers | Beanie | Slippers | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Fedora | Brown Sweater old (similar) | Jeans | Converse | Purse |
Shoes – Red Leather Adidas, and New Balance 574 both thrifted


With the Outlander season finale on Sunday we have officially entered droughtlander time :( I can’t wait until next season. I wish Sherlock had a new season starting in the new year. There aren’t very many shows that I look forward to, but both of those rank at the top.

I got some really great things from Value Village this past week. The red Adidas and Green New Balances above were scored while looking for winter boots. A little bit of a sidetrack but they are very festive aren’t they? ;) I also got some pretty good shirts too that you will see over the next week or so.

Today is Green Monday. In my naive self I assumed that Green Monday had something to do with shopping ethically or buying environmentally friendly gifts from ethical shops. Not even close. It’s actually the busiest day of shopping in December because it is the last day that most businesses offer guaranteed delivery before Christmas (although that is changing with new shipping options becoming available). I assume the green represents the colour of money :/ So if need to get some online shopping done then Monday is probably a good day to do it because a) there are a lot of sales to encourage buyers, and b) your items will be guaranteed to arrive on time.

Did you get a chance to read my Aimee Kestenberg Bag review that I posted on Saturday night? If you didn’t and you have a Canadian address head over there and enter the giveaway to win the chestnut bag shown there plus a $25 gift card to TSC. The contest closes this Friday. Good luck!

Here are some of the Green Monday sales that I know of:

  • Express up to 50% off
  • Forever 21 15% off $75 with code SAVE15, 20% off $100 with SAVE20, and 30% off $150 with SAVE30
  • Frye up to 50% off select
  • KIEHL’S $20 off $65 with code JINGLE
  • LOFT an Extra 50% off CODE: GIFTAWAY
  • MADEWELL  20% OFF $100 & 30% off $200 CODE: OHWHATFUN
  • SPERRY $15 off $75, $20 off $100, $30 off $150 CODE: STOCKINGUP
  • TALBOTS  30% off one item or 40% off two or more items CODE: HOLIDAY
  • TIMEX  get 20% off + Shipping is free site wide CODE: REINDEER20
  • WILLIAMS SONOMA  Free Shipping, no minimum CODE: FREESHIP – 25% off Cookware – 20% off Gift Crates – 20% off Kitchen Linens – Up to 75% off select Cutlery – 20% off Bar Event
  • Ebay various deals and discounts across categories


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Weekly Reads and Finds Plus an Under $20 Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide gifts for under $20 #giftguide #holiday2017 #holidaygiftguide #christmasgiftguide #christmas2017

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 |


I am going to have a holiday give away for my Canadian readers this weekend. I don’t know yet if it will be tomorrow or Sunday so keep an eye on your inbox if you subscribe to my blog post emails because it will be in there.

Do you know what I hate? When you are shopping on Amazon and are thinking of buying from a 3rd party seller but it doesn’t list where they ship from. How am I supposed to know if I want standard or expedited shipping if I don’t even know where it is coming from. Does this but anyone else?

I put together a gift guide for some cute, last-minute under $20 gift ideas from Amazon (because of variety, and the ability to order really late and have it still arrive on time). I hope you enjoy my selections :)

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • This is truly one of the best articles I have read on women and self-care. Like it says, “True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.”
  • Did you see who Time’s Person of the Year is? This movement is making me proud and giving me hope.
  • Have you been following this guys Twitter feed? I have it open in a tab just so I make sure not to miss something. There is so much information that it’s easy to get lost but it’s been worth the read.
  • You have only got until Monday to try the new Starbucks holiday Frappe. After the Unicorn frappe debacle I will remain skeptical but reviews sound promising.
  • Diphtheria is back. Why is it back, and what is it. And to go along with that article this post gives you a real perspective of what an outbreak is like. Disclaimer: it’s a sad read.

Weekly Finds:

Make sure to check back this weekend if you are a Canadian reader to enter the giveaway!

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Weekly Reads and Finds and a 30 for Under $30 Gift Guide


Holiday Gift Guide 30 gifts for under $30 #giftguide #holiday2017 #holidaygiftguide #christmasgiftguide #christmas2017

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 |
| 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 |


Since it’s December 1st (can you believe it?) we are rapidly running out of time for Christmas shopping. I decided to put together a 30 for under $30 gift guide for those of us that are on a budget or just have a lot of people on your list that you need to buy a small gift for. I looked for some cute/fun/creative gift ideas that should appeal to a variety of tastes. We have Both the cat bank (#11) and the Sorting hat (#25) for the girls and they love them (the Sorting Hat makes a fun room decoration too). I’m pretty sure the Nesting Dolls are my favourite from the list though because they would be a fun piece to keep on a book shelf (they also had The Goonies characters). Everything was selected from Amazon because they are the best retailer if you need to have something shipped quickly which many of us are looking for at this time of year. I’m talking to you, you last minute shoppers ;)

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • If you need to get in to the Christmas spirit then check out how the amazing holiday windows by Bergdorf Goodman are made. I would love to see these in person.
  • This video on how cosmetics were made in Ancient China is fascinating. I don’t think I would have the patience to do that.
  • This is one of the best Christmas cards I have ever seen.
  • Thank you sugar industry, for potentially damaging an entire generation of people :/
  • I have done 26 out of 28 of these things on this list which is terrifying, and it would have been 27 but I haven’t dated during the era of Tinder.   

Weekly Finds:

  • Hello big LOFT sale. You can get up to an extra 60% off. Still need some sweaters? This embroidered one is so pretty,  and I love this one. It looks like my oversized striped sweater but so much more fuzzy and soft.
  • If you are still in need of a party dress for this season then Urban Outfitters has 30% off dresses and rompers. Okay, I know I said holiday, but how about an awesome dress for spring? Back to party dresses. How about this pretty bronze one? Metallic green works for the holidays, or if you prefer jumpsuits then this one is perfect for New Years.
  • Baublebar is offering 25% off with the code GIFT25. I kind of really love this necklace, and this one with a loved ones name on it.  I’m not going to lie, while I don’t wear much jewellery I really do love a statement ring. And by statement I don’t mean a big, expensive diamond. I mean a giant cocktail ring or animal head ring.
  • Pottery Barn is 20% off for a limited time and free shipping with the code CHEER. Are you looking for some monogrammed stockings? And if you love the Grinch as much as I do, you can pop over to Pottery Barn Kids and find How the Grinch Stole Christmas on a Duvet. I want this soooo badly and would keep it on the bed all year-long. It’s flannel too which is amazing to sleep under.
  • And finally we have Express which is up to 50% off select. I love this colour coat in both the short and longer version. Women’s sweaters and jeans are both 40% off, and you can find some bargains for men too with jeans being buy one get one $19.90, and sweaters are 40% off.

I’m hitting publish before bed right now so have a great weekend!


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What I Wore This Week

Black Sweatshirt, faux leather leggings, Adidas, beanie

Striped everyone shirt, cropped jeans, leather jacket, and sock boots

Kimono shirt, trench, boyfriend jeans, and zara flats

Harry Potter Hagrid Birthday Cake Philosopher's Stone #harrypotterbirthdaycake

Outfit 1 – Oversized sweatshirt (I went up a size for a large fit) • Faux leather leggings (you need to up the size in these for a regular fit) | Knit Beanie | Adidas |
Outfit 2 – Striped Shirt | Cropped Jeans (on sale for $18) | Leather Jacket | Sock Boots | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Kimono Shirt (similar) | Trench (similar) | Shoes (less expensive version here and here) | Purse vintage (similar)


On Friday my oldest became a teenager. It’s so crazy how fast time flies. It always sounds like a cliché when people say but it’s true and it makes me sad. I really need to start forcing her to take more pictures. That sound bad, but my heart breaks at the huge gaps I have in between photographs of her. She hates taking them but I need them. It’s important to me and I think one day she will like being able to look back on the times in her life. She didn’t ask for much or want to do much for her birthday but did ask for me to try to make the cake that Hagrid made Harry in The Philosopher’s Stone. I think I did okay with my reproduction of it since it’s supposed to look like a slightly botched job ;)

I missed my Weekly Reads and Finds post from Saturday because we were out celebrating her birthday and I took a small social media break this weekend, (and I already flooded you with posts through the week so I figure you would appreciate not hearing from me ;) So this is a sort of combination of the two posts.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • If you are spastic cook like me and are always second guessing yourself with measurements when reducing a recipe size then I have a site for you. If you copy and paste your ingredients for a recipe into the box on this page and then pick what size you want to reduce to it will give you the measurements kind of like Google Translate works within the box beside. I totally have this bookmarked because I always changing recipe sizes, but it also will multiply recipes and give you alternative instructions when you have a different pan size.
  • I really love any video that puts in to perspective the timeline of the earth and how in the grand scheme were are just a tiny blip on the radar (although we have done tremendous damage in our short time). It’s so interesting to see how the Ancient Egyptians are closer to the time of the Tyrannosaurus Rex than T-Rex is to the earth’s beginning. Mind boggling. It also makes me shake my head when I see the flat earth movement becoming more prevalent like this guy. The best comments about the flat earth video, “If the earth really was flat, cats would have pushed everything off the edge a long time ago.”, and “I don’t believe in science”….says the man launching himself skyward using a boatload of science…..” sometimes the comment section makes me lose faith in humanity and then sometimes it is filled with gems like this that restore it.
  • When you see it broken down like this you really do realize how The Neverending Story was Bleak AF. I still think about Atreyu and Artax dying with the immense sadness I felt at around 6 years old.
  • A Canadian PHD student makes groundbreaking cancer discovering. I love reading stories like this. I gives hope when it seems that everyone around you is affected by cancer.
  • When Lego building meets real life. I would honestly loves these for the girls’ room. Such a smart and creative idea.

Weekly Finds for Cyber Monday:

  • I don’t know if you were aware but Ebay offers Cyber Monday deals like up to 90% off all categories plus free shipping.
  • Target has an additional 15% discount built in to pricing and will also be applied to anything that is currently on sale. They are offering the Sony Playstation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle for $300. A free $20 Target Gift Card with the purchase of BeatsX earphones, or Beats EP Headphones. The Kitcheaid 4.5qt Classic Plus Stand Mixer for $199, and the Keurig K200 Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker for $89.99 (plus a free $20 Target GiftCard). Also a huge selection of Toys are up to 50% off. Every Christmas list can be checked off before December 1st.
  • Amazon will once again be having deals all day that change-up every few hours so if there is something you are looking for in particular you need to pay attention. You can find great deals on technology, cookware, and even magazine subscriptions.
  • Topshop is still running an up to 50% off plus free shipping to round off the sale weekend. These sock boots are like the ones I bought from Topshop last year (but have a slightly larger heel) and are on sale. A pretty fab peplum blazer for a great deal (limited sizes left), a sweatshirt with a fun accent, and the classic trench.
  • J.Crew is still 40% off but with an additional 10% off until noon Monday with the code SHOPFAST. Also with free shipping so get on it and shop fast because there are some pretty great things on sale. My friend has been debating this coat since the sale started. I’m in the market for winter boots and these look cute and hardy.
  • Urban Outfitters is $50 off purchases $150 or more, and $15 off of $75 or more. I always find things I love here in both home and clothing. It’s one of my favourite stores to wander around and it totally reminds me of how I used to dress in 1994/95. Maybe that’s why I like it ;) This cardigan looks like my oversized cardigan that I have (and love) from Zara that is sold out. An embroidered sweater that’s beautiful (and also looks like a Zara one that I have), some fun stocking stuffers, and an ornament that Merle would love and would use all year-long.
  • And I just got this email two seconds before I hit publish so I thought I would squeeze it in her. H&M is 30% off everything with free shipping using code 5038.


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Black Friday Sales Again… Last Time I Promise

So we finally hit the biggest shopping day of the year and I have bombarded you with sales so I am about to give a bunch more. I know a lot of people go out at midnight hoping to score items before anyone else gets them. Especially the season hot items like the Super NES Game System,  LOL Surprise, and the weird Fingerling things all of which apparently are really hard to find at the moment (and people are totally jacking up the price to rip people off). Remember the Tickle Me Elmo Christmas craze from many, many years ago? This is like that but way more hardcore. I guess it’s Tis the season to be selfish and try to make a buck :(

Sooooo to save yourself from that you I would encourage you to make a list then shop online. Between now and Monday (Cyber Monday) you will probably find yourself the best deals of the season. Now on to the sales and a few selections from each that are either on my list, have been bought, or I have my eye on. Side note: we are all in desperate need of socks and underwear so I’ll be searching the sales for those ;)

Yesterday I posted a pre Black Friday selection post and many of those sales are still going (all still I believe).

Ann Taylor – 50% off everything with the code THANKFUL



Cheap Monday – 25% off of Everything



e.l.f. Cosmetics – 50% off sitewide with code CELEBRATE on orders over $30



Keds – 30% off full priced items and 10% off sale with code NOLINES



J.Crew – 40% off your purchase with code THANKU



Nordstrom – Extra 20% off sale



Sam Edelman – 30% off site wide and free shipping



SHOPBOP – Get 20% off orders of $200 + .25% off orders of $500+ and 30% off orders of $800 or more with code MORE17



Topshop – Up to 50% off plus free worldwide shipping



Target – is crazy land online and in store. Pay attention to the doorbusters as well as all the other great online deals they have to offer today.



And save the best for last Amazon – You need to stalk the website all day because they have sales that pop up all over for limited times. It is literally anxiety causing ;)

Good luck everyone! My goal to find the last couple of Christmas presents (I need two Calico Critter rooms for the doll house) as well as a faux fur coat. I’m not sure how successful I’ll be though.