Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access

The public access starts today for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale . It is no longer just early access for the people who have a Nordstrom card. The sale continues until its end on August 6th (which is my birthday). While a lot of things have sold out already based on previous years they tend to restock many of them for public access but they go fast too. In my last sale post I offered up my favourites for women broken down into categories. In this post I am focusing on Kids, home, and beauty.

Now this July is more than halfway through we have officially entered prime back to school shopping time and stores are starting to fill with fall stock. Most of these sale items are new fall stock which means you can get some of your back to school shopping completed way before everyone else does. When I worked in retail the busiest time of the year was not Christmas, and we don’t have Black Friday here so that wasn’t it either. It was the Saturday before the new school year started which was hell (and Boxing Day, Boxing Day was hell too).

The thing with kids is no matter how well they treat their clothes they are going to eventually grow out of them. It always seems to be that my girls need new wardrobes at the same time which is super expensive, and this fall is one of those times :/ I actually picked up a dress last week at Nordstrom for Merle It’s this one but in yellow, along with these cat ears (because we all need to be a cat sometime). While the dress looks summery, it was her favourite colour and is roomy enough to layer a shirt underneath or she can easily wear leggings and a sweater over. It will transition to fall easily. One piece down, many more to go.

Here are my picks for Girls and Boys fall fashion, baby stuff, some things to spruce up your home, and some tried and true beauty items with a great discount. I’m not going to lie, when we walked through the baby section my uterus might have twinged a little. There were so many cute baby clothes. I swear every year the clothes get cuter and cuter. There are so many more options than when Roo was a baby, and even from only 6 years ago when Merle was an infant (and I thought there was so much back then). The Mini Boden, Tea Collection, and  Masalababy were especially cute. Have a great weekend!















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The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (well, according to me)

I don’t usually post on Sunday’s but we had a really full day yesterday and Tom had to work today so I really didn’t feel like leaving the house. For part of our outing yesterday I made Tom take us to the “expensive” mall so I could go through Nordstrom and check out the sale pieces in person. I’m not going to lie, I was hoping I would see the Topshop cardigan that I wanted but they didn’t have it and since it is now sold out online (it might get restocked, fingers crossed) and we only have two Nordstroms here (only 5 in Canada total) I am admitting defeat and I am probably SOL on this pick.

I am going to round-up some of my favourites by category based partly on my personal tastes and partly on seeing most of them in person yesterday. But before I do that I am going to talk about how easy it is to get sidetracked there. And how easy it is to fall in love with pieces that are completely and utterly out of my price range. First was an Acne leather jacket. This jacket has officially become my dream jacket in which I will add to my fantasy wish list. The other one is Golden Goose sneakers which I tried on and didn’t want to take off. I hate trying stuff on with no intent to buy but in reality these two pieces combined equal to more than my whole wardrobe so they are going to have to remain in my “wishful thinking” spot for a while longer;)

Now on to my best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 picks:

Boots and Shoes


Purses and Bags






Dresses and Jumpsuits



Fall Tops and Bottoms






Have you shopped the #Nsale either online or in store yet? 

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early Access Picks

We are literally entering into my favourite shopping season. It has been my favourite since I was younger, when I would get my back to school issue of Seventeen Magazine in the summer and plan my yearly wardrobe (other catalogues were used in this process as well like Sears). I was never one to do a large back to school shop like a lot of people (I worked in retail and have seen people spends thousands and thousands on their kids back to school wardrobes). I wore a uniform to school and instead of buying everything all at once I would get pieces through the year. That didn’t change that those fall back to school issues provided the basis to my style for the upcoming school year.

While I don’t get Seventeen Magazine anymore I do subscribe to a million websites and stores so I am preparing for the influx of sale and style emails that will be rolling out any day now. And speaking of sales the huge Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2017 is starting early access for card holders on the 13th (today).

What does this mean? It means that if you have a Nordstrom card you get access to the sale one full week +1 day ahead of the public so you get first dibs on everything, and by everything I mean across all categories like clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men and kids; along with beauty and stuff for the home. And if you are like me you can get a huge head start on Christmas shopping (totally not kidding. This is the perfect opportunity to squirrel away some gifts you found for a great deal). The Nordstrom card also gives you points for everything that you spend to put towards future purchases. I love points cards.

Details: The sale runs for 3 weeks until August 6th (which is my birthday btw) and things sell out fast. They restock continuously throughout the sale but some many pieces end up on “last chance”  which means almost sold out.

Go with a game plan: They released the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalogue so you could get a sneak peek of some of the items that will be on the sale which is good for pre-planning. You can also get a sneak peek on the website even if you are not a card member, you just can’t add things to your cart (which totally sucks if you are a competitive shopper like me).  If I am going to be honest shopping sales in store scare me, so if I plan on going to a brick and mortar store vs shopping online I like to go with a plan. Browsing the catalogue (women’s and men’s) and online is vital if you want to get in and get out. Browse the site, find your picks, and go in with a list. That way you know exactly what you want and can get it without getting sidetracked and forgetting the pieces that you went for specifically.

Things to look for: I’m all about the staples so my lists usually consist of pieces like bras and bralettes (love the Hanky Panky bralettes), coats, shoes, purses, and denim.  After the main pieces are chosen I usually browse looking for things that may fill wardrobe holes or seasonal pieces like sweaters, scarves, and hats.

Nordstrom has free shipping and an excellent return policy so don’t feel bad ordering multiple sizes if you are online shopping and uncertain of what size you may need.

Are you planning on getting anything at the #NSale? I really want that Topshop striped cardigan. Like, really, really. You can check out all of my early access picks at the top. I’ll gather more selections for kids, beauty, and home goods later. 

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