2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Holiday Gift Guide for Him #giftguide #giftguideforhim #holiday2017 #giftguides #giftideas

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Right about now you are being bombarded by gift guides left, right, and centre so I am going to add to it ;) Today I have the For Him gift guide. The man in your life that is an entertainer, a gamer, a traveller, or the one that just needs some new pajamas and slippers.

I tried to include something for everyone like the gamer, but also the nostalgic gamer who loved his Atari when he was young. Someone who loves food but hates cooking may like the microwave popcorn popper, or the toaster grilled cheese bags (I want these). The entertainer may like to make his own craft beer, have people over to play Beeropoly, or just an instruction manual to mixed drinks along with some bottles of booze to round it out.

My husband is notorious for asking me where his things are. It’s the same thing every day. “Have you seen my wallet? I used to have phone and it was right here. I don’t know where I put my glasses.” Honestly, it drives me insane and I repeatedly tell him to put his stuff in the same spot and he won’t have this issue. He is the type of man who would benefit from number 3 above – the docking station, as well as number 19 for his glasses. You can find all kinds of these handcrafted docking stations on Esty, and can even get them personalized. My husband has number 15 which is a guitar pick maker. You use any old plastic cards to punch out your own picks. He is one that tends to keep old cards for some reason so he has all kinds of picks with his face on them from his old licences and health cards. Nothing says personalized like a guitar pick with your own face on it.

We are almost officially down to one month before Christmas (33 days technically) and I know how much it sucks to do the panic last-minute shopping so embrace the biggest shopping sales of the year coming up (and right now) and get it all done. Then you can sit back and enjoy the holiday season without the shopping stress like me ;)

Here are some early sales to get you started (these sales are as of today).
Old Navy is having 50% off entire purchase
Gap – 50% off everything no exclusions (which is actually huge because they always exclude the items I want)
Nordstrom – Early savings starts now
H&M – Extra 20% off all sale

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Holiday Party Style 2017

Holiday Style 2017 #holidaystyle #party #whattowear #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Black Velvet Wrap Dress | Long Fur Coat | Blue Heels | Blue Clutch |
Outfit 2 – Sequin Pants | Black Sweater | Plaid Shoes | Red Purse |
Outfit 3 – Black Jumpsuit | Sequin Rainbow Purse | Silver Heels |
Outfit 4 – Gold Dress | Black Fur Coat (cheaper style) | Gloves | Burgundy Heels | Black Clutch |
Outfit 5 – Black Lace Dress | Spotted Fur Coat | Black Boots | Red Present Bag |
Outfit 6 (all under $40)Silver Cami | Pencil Skirt | Cardigan | Red Booties | Beaded Clutch |
Outfit 7 – White Blouse | Leather Pants | Pink & Red Heels | Beaded Purse |
Outfit 8 – Green Velvet Dress | Short Brown Fur Coat | Green Clutch | Leopard Booties |
Outfit 9 – Velvet Bodysuit | Green Pleated Skirt | Animal Print Purse | Black Flats |
Outfit 10 (all under $20 )Turtleneck | Floral Trousers | Earrings | Quilted Purse | Black Mules |
Outfit 11 – Black Camisole Dress | Sequin Blazer | Black Clutch | Floral Booties |
Outfit 12 (Maternity look) –  Dress | Jacket | Black Cage Heels | Leopard Purse |


I can’t be the only one that inwardly panics when they get an invitation to a holiday party. I do a mental flip through my closet to try and figure out what the hell I am going to wear. Even more so when it’s a New Years party because they tend to lean towards more formal. I used to love New Years Eve, but that was back in the day when I could get away with tight pants, a backless halter top, and platform shoes because I was just going to a bar and I would fit in well.

I actually went out out shopping the other day and tried on a million things in order to get some ideas for today’s post (some of the outfits were a complete epic fail). Dresses, pants, heels, boots, and sequins. Lots of sequins. I narrowed down my choices to the pieces that both mixed well and were comfortable. Some I picked based on their looks alone, like the gold wrap dress with fur coat, because it gave me a 1970’s vibe.

I also put together a maternity style outfit, as well as one with all pieces under $40 (the are actually all under $30 except the purse which was $35), and an outfit with all pieces under $20, because who has extra money to spend around the holidays? Not very many, so getting an inexpensive holiday look it important.

Notice the theme of black and faux fur? It couldn’t be helped. I kept gravitating to them and when I would try to find something else instead it didn’t work the way I wanted so I just went back to my first choice. I hope you like some of these 12 outfits that I put together and hope you have a great holiday party season.

Today H&M is having up to 60% off your entire winter wardrobe (you can also get free shipping with the code 9054). It is a good time to find anything for winter you may need without having to battle the Black Friday crowds.


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Some Fantastic Etsy Gift Finds

Christmas gifts from Etsy ideas #etsy #christmas2017 #giftguides #livelovesara

Wicked Witch bookmark | Labyrinth Pins | Extra Large Colouring Page | Mr. Tea Teapot | The Golden Girls Wine Glasses |  The Hobbit Leather Purse | Vintage Movie Plaque | Large Geometric Rings | Patronus Chapstick |


If you know me you know that I love Etsy. It is my go-to place when I am looking for fun, quirky, interesting, and one of a kind gifts for any holiday. I mentioned that for Tom’s birthday I bought him a Kiss t-shirt from there of a print that Gene Simmons used to wear during Tom’s favourite Kiss era. He loved it.

I went on this past weekend and pursued the gifts and pulled a few that I thought were notable and original. The thing with Etsy though is you have to pay attention to shipping times because many items are handmade and not already in stock, so if you need it for a certain date you have to make sure to order on time. I was worried that Tom’s shirt wasn’t going to show up because it had a 2-3 week time frame for which they would make the shirt before shipping , but thankfully it arrived on Thursday so just in time.

As for the pieces above, they are all awesome and many of them come with different options so make  sure that you check out the sellers store in case you like a different print and/or colour.

  • The wicked Witch Bookmark via MyBookmark– from the offer all kinds of bookmarks ranging from C3PO feet to Harry Potter Quidditch legs. This was the original though and looks just like when the house got dropped on her. I bought this for Roo several years ago and we still love it.
  • The Labyrinth Pins via nightowlbuttons – I like adding pins to my jackets and the Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies. They have so many like Beetlejuice, The Golden Girls, and The Breakfast Club. Check out their store to see the full inventory. They are an inexpensive way to add some fun to your wardrobe.
  • An Oversized Colouring page via Velvetmoustache – Roll it out and tape it to the wall for a huge colouring space. Your kids can make their own wall mural for their bedroom.
  • Mr. Tea Teapot via Lennymud – I always include products by Lennymud because she is fabulous. I love her quirky sense of humour that she incorporates in to her pieces. I have the Mr. Tea mug, as well as the Lionel Hello is it Tea you are Looking for (which is my favourite ever). They have so many pieces to choose from that you can easily find the perfect design for anyone on your list like the vintage monsters or  Tardis Teapot.
  • Golden Girls wine glasses via LoveGoodThings – Do you love The Golden girls as much as I do? I want this set to have at home and would alternate between each glass each time I drank. Today I feel like a Dorothy.
  • Hobbit Purse via KrukruStudioBooks – These purses are fantastic. I honestly don’t even know which one I would choose (I really like the cover they chose for Watership Down though). They are made from leather and look just like you are carrying a book on a strap. The green of the Hobbit is one of my favourite colours and since I am currently reading it to Merle it was my pick.
  • Vintage movie Plaque via Woodprintz – I have a thing for vintage movie posters, especially the “horror” ones like this. If we had more wall space I would have more because they work with our vibe. This posters are printed on a wooden plaque taking away the need to frame them. Ready to hang and beautiful wall pieces. The Great Gatsby is a beautiful one too.
  • Large Geometric rings via AquarianThoughts – I am not a big jewelry person but I do like key pieces and a large ring like that would work with my style perfectly.
  • Patronus Lipbalm via GeekFireLabs– Calling all Harry Potter fans, you can carry your Patronus in your pocket. A great small gift or stocking stuffer. They also have many other to choose from like the Pickle Rick Lip Balm, Wicked Witch perfume, or Alice in Wonderland Bath melts.
  • The Zoologist Perfumes made it in to my list as well but their store is currently closed until December 1st, so I could not include them outright. These are supposed to be very earthy scents and I am so intrigued to see what the different animals smell like. I think I would order the sample kit to check them all out.

Have you bought any gifts from Esty this year?

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Weekly Reads and Finds

Have you ever played or do you have the Nintendo Switch? My girls have talked about if for a while but last night at the mall they had a huge demo going on to showcase the new Mario game; Super Mario Odyssey (I love Mario games), so they got to try it out and loved it. It was so much fun, except the part where Merle was getting her picture taken in front of a Mario graphic and they offered her the communal Mario hat for the picture. She took it before I could hiss the word lice :|

Tom’s birthday is tomorrow and I had no idea to what to get him. My original idea fell through so I one with the trusty old Kiss stuff. He is a collector and while he once had a huge collection (and by huge I mean we actually had a large jewellery store glass display case in our living room) he sold most of it over the years when we were super broke. I think he would like to build up his collection again although I put my foot down to the huge display case ;) I went with an Esty made T-shirt that has the Gene Simmons style from his favourite era, as well as several records. Now on to Roo’s birthday which is Friday. She was kind of hoping that the new Fantastic Beasts movie would be out this year, but it’s set for next year at this time, so I’m not too sure what she will want to do. Gifts are bought though and she wants me to reproduce the cake that Hagrid made Harry in The Philosopher’s Stone. It’s so awkwardly perfect that I hope I can do it.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • If you like Cards Against Humanity you will really love this. They have totally upped their game and bought land blocking his border wall. So awesome and I am loving that they have raised so much money for this.
  • Remember That One Time “Friends” Replaced Rachel With A Random Person And No One Noticed? Nope, but I’m going to have to rewatch to see if I can catch it. Like I need and excuse to watch Friends again anyway ;)
  • My kids want this. I just laughed and thought about how he would probably try to rip their faces off if they attempted. He’d let me but that’s about it.
  • Some crafting for you. Next year’s Halloween costume? Not bloody likely but he’s really good at it. You should see his other videos.  How about one of those huge knit merino wool blankets we see everywhere? This is pretty awesome.
  • I’m not going to lie, I really want to subscribe to this. Not just for me but the kids too, because it looks like it would be so much fun. There are so many subscription boxes out there but this one comes with a mystery to solve which is right up my alley.  

Weekly Finds:

  • Are you ready to up your holiday party game this year? Aside from an ugly Christmas sweater party because I’ve got the whole family covered with the sweater selections above. H&M has a Black Friday seek peek which is offering daily sales. Today is 30% off pants (taken off at checkout). There are so many good pants, and you could easily pick up one key item and work it to wear in different ways throughout the holidays like these tuxedo style pants or leather pants. You could easily pair them with just a plain t-shirt (this one is $4.99) and a blazer, or a sweater, or even just stripes with some jewellery and heeled boots. Side note: my leather leggings I always wear are included in this sale so they would be 30% off $24.99 (you need to size up in these though).
  • I love Anine Bing although I usually can’t afford her, but I can  when she has an up to 70% off sale…..sort of.  The Charlie boot I want is on sale (but I still can’t afford them). A really awesome classic, yet modern trench, solid black hi tops, or a fuzzy black sweater with a sexy open back.
  • Anthropologie has up to 20% off no code on sweaters and shirts (price reflected at check out). The Hygge cardigan is beautiful,and while I like the black and the grey (surprise, surprise) I really like it in gold. This one looks like a sweater my nana would have made which makes me happy.
  • At LOFT you can get and extra $25 off of dresses, skirts, and cardigans. Like this closet staple cardigan, a knee-length sweater skirt, or a fall dress (I like both colours but am partial to the blue).
  • Are you still looking for holiday cards? Minted has 15% off with the code BEMERRY until November 21st. The have their #GIVEHOPE holiday card collection for UNICEF which are beautiful, vintage, traditional,  and even non photo cards.
  • And if you just feel like buying something for you not just for a gift, then ASOS has a pre Black Friday sale of up to 60% off. I found a good jean jacket that has that slightly oversized fit in a washed denim. A pretty lace blouse from their Plus Size collection which would be perfect for a holiday look. And two things that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection would be some mom jeans, and a tiered skirt.
  • If you are partial to chic, classic pieces then Club Monaco has an additional 30% off sale. This hat would fit in my collection well, as well as a shirt that has a twist to the classic striped shirt.


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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

2017 Holiday gift guide for women #2017giftguide #giftguideforher #giftguides #holiday2017 #livelovesara1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |
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Gift guide number two is today. I wanted to include one guide for a variety women because we all know that people are not one size (or type) fits all. Nor will you be shopping for only one type of women so I hope to give you some ideas for all kinds of tastes in  different price points.

I’d say that I am a homebody, techie, who loves food, and would appreciate a gift that is for a cause. See? No one checks just one box. I tried to think of things that I would love (or anyone because who really wouldn’t want a popcorn machine or snow cone maker?), but also things that were meaningful and give back like the hand embroidered Pamyra Mosaic pouch which was created by a collective of Syrian refugees living in Istanbul, Turkey, or the woven Sisal bowl from craftswomen in Rwanda. Both beautiful and for worthy causes.

Do you know someone who loves to have friends over and entertain? How about the adult game What Do You Meme? with the added Basic Bitch Pack (if it’s an all girls night), and a bottle of wine (this is a Game of Thrones Wine. Why? Just because). I have things for travellers like an inexpensive suitcase, and for techies like a solar powered charger or headphones. And if you have a budding genealogist or someone who is just curious about where they come from then a DNA kit is so fun (I speak from personal experience). You can buy them through Amazon and also through the Ancestry website.

Then finally we have the homebody. The person who likes to slip on a pair of slippers or reading socks, cozy pyjamas, a robe, and read on her device, or maybe she prefers actual books. This is my favourite thing to do and I just wish that I had more free time to sit and escape in a book under a warm blanket. I only get to do this at bedtime now, and that is only if I choose to stay up really late, which I often do because I need to read. It’s like breathing :(

I tried to stick to everyone’s favourite retailers like Target and Amazon for my ideas because they are really easy to shop online for and you can find pretty much anything. One stop shopping is key to a less stressful holiday period.

So wrapping up the gift guide I hope that as we enter the 38 days until Christmas countdown that you can get some inspired ideas from here.

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