Some Fantastic Etsy Gift Finds

Christmas gifts from Etsy ideas #etsy #christmas2017 #giftguides #livelovesara

Wicked Witch bookmark | Labyrinth Pins | Extra Large Colouring Page | Mr. Tea Teapot | The Golden Girls Wine Glasses |  The Hobbit Leather Purse | Vintage Movie Plaque | Large Geometric Rings | Patronus Chapstick |


If you know me you know that I love Etsy. It is my go-to place when I am looking for fun, quirky, interesting, and one of a kind gifts for any holiday. I mentioned that for Tom’s birthday I bought him a Kiss t-shirt from there of a print that Gene Simmons used to wear during Tom’s favourite Kiss era. He loved it.

I went on this past weekend and pursued the gifts and pulled a few that I thought were notable and original. The thing with Etsy though is you have to pay attention to shipping times because many items are handmade and not already in stock, so if you need it for a certain date you have to make sure to order on time. I was worried that Tom’s shirt wasn’t going to show up because it had a 2-3 week time frame for which they would make the shirt before shipping , but thankfully it arrived on Thursday so just in time.

As for the pieces above, they are all awesome and many of them come with different options so make  sure that you check out the sellers store in case you like a different print and/or colour.

  • The wicked Witch Bookmark via MyBookmark– from the offer all kinds of bookmarks ranging from C3PO feet to Harry Potter Quidditch legs. This was the original though and looks just like when the house got dropped on her. I bought this for Roo several years ago and we still love it.
  • The Labyrinth Pins via nightowlbuttons – I like adding pins to my jackets and the Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies. They have so many like Beetlejuice, The Golden Girls, and The Breakfast Club. Check out their store to see the full inventory. They are an inexpensive way to add some fun to your wardrobe.
  • An Oversized Colouring page via Velvetmoustache – Roll it out and tape it to the wall for a huge colouring space. Your kids can make their own wall mural for their bedroom.
  • Mr. Tea Teapot via Lennymud – I always include products by Lennymud because she is fabulous. I love her quirky sense of humour that she incorporates in to her pieces. I have the Mr. Tea mug, as well as the Lionel Hello is it Tea you are Looking for (which is my favourite ever). They have so many pieces to choose from that you can easily find the perfect design for anyone on your list like the vintage monsters or  Tardis Teapot.
  • Golden Girls wine glasses via LoveGoodThings – Do you love The Golden girls as much as I do? I want this set to have at home and would alternate between each glass each time I drank. Today I feel like a Dorothy.
  • Hobbit Purse via KrukruStudioBooks – These purses are fantastic. I honestly don’t even know which one I would choose (I really like the cover they chose for Watership Down though). They are made from leather and look just like you are carrying a book on a strap. The green of the Hobbit is one of my favourite colours and since I am currently reading it to Merle it was my pick.
  • Vintage movie Plaque via Woodprintz – I have a thing for vintage movie posters, especially the “horror” ones like this. If we had more wall space I would have more because they work with our vibe. This posters are printed on a wooden plaque taking away the need to frame them. Ready to hang and beautiful wall pieces. The Great Gatsby is a beautiful one too.
  • Large Geometric rings via AquarianThoughts – I am not a big jewelry person but I do like key pieces and a large ring like that would work with my style perfectly.
  • Patronus Lipbalm via GeekFireLabs– Calling all Harry Potter fans, you can carry your Patronus in your pocket. A great small gift or stocking stuffer. They also have many other to choose from like the Pickle Rick Lip Balm, Wicked Witch perfume, or Alice in Wonderland Bath melts.
  • The Zoologist Perfumes made it in to my list as well but their store is currently closed until December 1st, so I could not include them outright. These are supposed to be very earthy scents and I am so intrigued to see what the different animals smell like. I think I would order the sample kit to check them all out.

Have you bought any gifts from Esty this year?

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

2017 Holiday gift guide for women #2017giftguide #giftguideforher #giftguides #holiday2017 #livelovesara1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |
20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 |


Gift guide number two is today. I wanted to include one guide for a variety women because we all know that people are not one size (or type) fits all. Nor will you be shopping for only one type of women so I hope to give you some ideas for all kinds of tastes in  different price points.

I’d say that I am a homebody, techie, who loves food, and would appreciate a gift that is for a cause. See? No one checks just one box. I tried to think of things that I would love (or anyone because who really wouldn’t want a popcorn machine or snow cone maker?), but also things that were meaningful and give back like the hand embroidered Pamyra Mosaic pouch which was created by a collective of Syrian refugees living in Istanbul, Turkey, or the woven Sisal bowl from craftswomen in Rwanda. Both beautiful and for worthy causes.

Do you know someone who loves to have friends over and entertain? How about the adult game What Do You Meme? with the added Basic Bitch Pack (if it’s an all girls night), and a bottle of wine (this is a Game of Thrones Wine. Why? Just because). I have things for travellers like an inexpensive suitcase, and for techies like a solar powered charger or headphones. And if you have a budding genealogist or someone who is just curious about where they come from then a DNA kit is so fun (I speak from personal experience). You can buy them through Amazon and also through the Ancestry website.

Then finally we have the homebody. The person who likes to slip on a pair of slippers or reading socks, cozy pyjamas, a robe, and read on her device, or maybe she prefers actual books. This is my favourite thing to do and I just wish that I had more free time to sit and escape in a book under a warm blanket. I only get to do this at bedtime now, and that is only if I choose to stay up really late, which I often do because I need to read. It’s like breathing :(

I tried to stick to everyone’s favourite retailers like Target and Amazon for my ideas because they are really easy to shop online for and you can find pretty much anything. One stop shopping is key to a less stressful holiday period.

So wrapping up the gift guide I hope that as we enter the 38 days until Christmas countdown that you can get some inspired ideas from here.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids


Holiday gift guide for kid 2017 #giftguide #kidsgifts #christmas2017 #livelovesara

| 1. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls | 2. Rosie Revere Engineer | 3. Ada Twist Scientist | 4. Iggy Peck Architect | 5. A Wrinkle in Time | 6. Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo Switch (here is one for the Wii U) | 7. Nintendo Switch console | 8. National Geographic Rock Tumbler | 9. K’Nex Building Set | 10. Snap Circuits Jr. (there is one for older kids too) | 11. Lego Boost Creative Tool Box | 12. Smithsonian Crystal Growing kit | 13. Lego Architecture | 14. Lego Creator | 15. Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone Illustrated Edition | 16. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition | 17. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated Edition | 18. Minecraft Lego Set | 19. Minecraft Bow and Arrow | 20. Minecraft Potion light | 21. Guess Who Retro | 22. Sorry Retro | 23. Candy Land Retro | 24. Clue Retro | 25. Slime Kit | 26. Squishy Human Body | 27. Star Wars Droid Kit | 28. Unicorn Leggings | 29. Ultimate Slime Book | 30. Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn | 31. Unicorn Accessory Kit | 32. Fashion Plates | 33. Fashion Plates 150 Years of Fashion Book | 34. Prismacolor Pencil Crayons |


Yep, it’s that time of year again guys. Be prepared to be bombarded with gift guides from everyone online ;) I thought I would start with kids because a) I like to get the shopping for them done as early as possible, and b) they are the hardest to shop for (at least for me) because they can be picky, fickle, or completely not interested in “normal” toys for kids. Mine fall in all the above categories so I always have to put a lot of thought in to what I think they would really love. I usually gravitate toward their hobbies, or collections which seem to go over well. So today I pulled a bunch of things that I know my kids would like, and possibly one in your life will too.

I included lots of books, and Stem toys because you can never go wrong with them. A Nintendo Switch is a big one, and the reasoning behind my choice is because it has Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart is the only video game that I like to play and that I am good at. You should see how mad the kids get when I fly by them in my car ;) We only have Mario Kart on the old Wii though even though I still kick ass. I’d like to try the 8. Sometimes you can find good deals on video games (and books) on Ebay.

I found some games that I enjoyed as a kid in the retro edition. They look the same as I remember, and I know my kids would enjoy playing just as much as I did. Anything Minecraft makes the world go round here and Minecraft combined with Lego? Definite winner (we actually bought this as part of Merle’s Birthday present that is coming up in December). There were many other things that I wanted to include but I couldn’t fit them in. Maybe I’ll have a part 2 or figure out a way to include them later.

Kids are really tough because the stores are so overwhelming with toy choices. I swear it gets even harder when kids get older. I find that a Lego set in a collectible series or one that ranks for “expert builders” (like the Ferris wheel, carousel, or city buildings)* are good choices for older kids (and adults). I also find that if I don’t have a list or general idea of what I am looking for then I have the tendency to walk in to the toy aisle and just stare blankly before turning around and leaving because I just have no idea where to start. It isn’t a good feeling and sucks even more as the Christmas countdown gets smaller, so I hope this gave you a few ideas to get you started if you haven’t yet.

Good luck!

*Lego sets can be really pricey but depending on the kid can be well worth it. We got my oldest the Lego Harry Potter sets (they weren’t that expensive when we got them but they are retired now which increases the price insanely) and to this day she has them all set up on her shelves. She has never taken them apart. Well, not intentionally, her sister may have knocked one down but we rebuilt it, so they are also good for family bonding ;)

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Some Outer Space Home Decor and Gift Ideas

Home decor and gift ideas for space lovers

1.Astronaut Duvet set by Snurk |  2. Orion’s Twin Sheet Set | 3. All Solar Systems Go Quilt | 4. Outer Space French Terry Blanket | 5. Cosmos Glow in the Dark Twin Quilt | 6. I need My Space Mug | 7. Space Pop Molds | 8. Space Candles | 9. Planets Mobile | 10. Discovery Space Centre Set | 11. Alien Crossbody Bag | 12. Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape | 13. Space Age Pinball Game | 14. Inflateable Solar System | 15. Space Explore Patch | 16. Nasa Patch Set | 17. I Want to Leave Patch | 18. Glowing Milky Way Clock | 19. Space Tapestry | 20. Star Constellation Canvas | 21. Alien Throw Pillow | 22. Astronaut Throw Pillow | 23. Starry Globe Nightlight | 24. Space Hair Pins | 25. Galaxy Print Leggings | 26. Space Cadet Gloves | 27. Galaxy Backpack | 28. Zodiac Constealltion Baby Shoes | 29. Galaxy print Vans | 30. Solar System Crystal Ball |


This post is a little different from my usual Wednesday post but a few days ago I was walking through Simons and noticed a space trend through the women’s clothing. I then started to do a mental inventory of all the space related/themed items that my girls have and that inspired a blog post. You can get inspiration at the weirdest moments because at that particular time we were just walking around the store until the line up in the new gourmet ice cream shop got shorter.

I have a love/hate relationship with space. I don’t think I ever mentioned it on here (I did mention it on Instagram last week though), but when I was 6 or 7 I swear I was visited by an alien. You can laugh, everyone else does. My kids even sneak up behind me and whisper *I’m going to probe your brain* just to get a rise. I remember it clearly though. It was nighttime, but I had a nightlight so the room was fairly bright. I woke and saw it standing in the corner of my room staring at me. I stared back for what felt like a long time but was probably under 30 seconds, and then I hid under the covers. I don’t remember anything until my mom woke me in the morning where I was still hiding under the covers.

That is where the hate part comes from which resulted in me not being able to watch anything alien or space related that involves getting lost in space or aliens attacking…..I can handle E.T. even though I went in to hysterics at the beginning where he is digging up a plant and you see his fingers, then it pans to a rabbit (I thought he was going to hurt it) and had to be escorted out of the theatre until I calmed down ;) But I do love to watch scientific space videos and documentaries, (minus alien topics). My kids on the other hand love space. So much so that Roo is going to be an alien for Halloween *sigh*. They build rocket ships, and are obsessed with the solar system. Pluto being demoted royally pissed my oldest off.

My love for space comes from my kids thirst for knowledge. Learning about stars (we will get a telescope some day), and how the universe started, their questions, and my answers that I have to Google. All these things make me see it in a new light but I also find that I am drawn to space visually. I love prints with astrological signs, duvet covers or wall hangings with colourful galaxy designs, and space inspired toys that let the girls’ imaginations flow.

There are so many out of this world (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) space themed pieces out there that I thought I would pull together a few to inspire you with some space love….or hate.

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Heaphones with Sudio Sweden


@sudiosweden #sudiosweden #sudiomoments

@sudiosweden #sudiosweden #sudiomoments

@sudiosweden #sudiosweden #sudiomoments

I have mentioned many times that the four of us live in a 650 Square foot condo. This means they we are all constantly in each other’s business. If you are watching Youtube videos on Minecraft tips, I feel like I am watching Youtube videos on Minecraft tips. For this very reason we have all started wearing headphones when we are watching something that others don’t want to. Since we do not have cable our tv viewing is through Netflix, Youtube, and online. The girls each got a set of headphones for Christmas to use with their iPads last year, Tom has a set that he uses from his music, and I had none. Any that I did have, someone took because they couldn’t find theirs. I don’t even have the ear buds that came with my iPhone anymore.

This is where Sudio Sweden comes in. They offered to send me a pair of their Sudio Vasa Blå wireless earphones to try out in one of their four colours: White and Rose Gold, Black and Rose Gold, Pink and Gold, or Blue and Gold. This was perfect because my desktop (which is my main computer) has a broken headphone jack (I think a kid poked something in it that they shouldn’t have), which makes both my blogging, and French lessons hard to do with all the noise disruptions that surround me. They allow me to be able to put my iPhone off to the side while working out at home so I no longer have to keep it on my body, (which is something that struggle with for some reason). I have also been carrying them in my purse when we leave the house because you never know when you are going to need headphones, and their lightness and carrying case makes sliding them in to any purse a simple task.

These headphones offer:

  • Up to 8 hours of continuous playtime
  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices
  • Built-in microphone & 3-button remote
  • Exclusive leather carrying case

Sudio Sweden always offers tax-free purchases and fast and free worldwide delivery. 

The model shown above is the Vasa Blå, black and rose gold. They come with 4 pairs of extra sleeves, owner’s manual + Quality Assurance Card, leather carrying case, a metal clip, and a charging cable. The earphones easily fit into the carrying case which is small enough to slide into any regular bag or travel bag that you might have.

For someone who usually uses inexpensive dollar store earbuds, these opened my eyes to the huge difference in quality. I am so pleased by these earphones that I am looking at getting their Regent over the ear model next for a variety.

You can use the code livelovesara to get 15% off earphones from Sudio Sweden.

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@sudiosweden #sudiosweden #sudiomoments