What I Wore This Week


Leather Jacket, striped shirt, grey jeans, and fedora

White Blouse, leather leggings, Adidas

Leather jacket, oversized camel sweater, black pants, mules

oversized striped sweater, camel coat, leather leggings, Adidas

Outfit 1 – Leather Jacket | Striped shirt • Everlane | Grey Jeans • H&M | Fedora | Booties • Ecco | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 2 – White Blouse | Faux Leather Leggings | Adidas | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 3 – Oversized Camel Sweater | Leather Jacket | Black Pants | Slides • Steve Madden | Botkier Purse |
Outfit 4 – Camel Coat | Striped Sweater | Faux Leather Leggings | Adidas | Botkier Purse |


I started a tentative new series on Saturday to get more posts out per week. I see people pumping out a post er day mon-fri  and I think “how do they do it?” so I am going to try to get at least one more out. In that post I talked about how I have looked for a comparable Gucci Brixton or Jordaan dupe to add to my shoe collection. A nice classic leather loafer that will be timeless. The style that I kept going back to was by Sam Edelman but I was having issues on finding a way to affordably get it in Canada. If I bought from the U.S. the exchange rate, shipping costs, and duty fees would get to a point that I might as well pop over to the mall and get the Gucci pair (a slight exaggeration but buying from the U.S. increased the cost to make it not worthwhile. At all). So I Google searched within Canada and weirdly enough I found a pair on The Shopping Channel. So bizarre right? Now in 4 equal payments they will be mine (and this is where I would insert a laughing emoji). I seriously hope they fit though, everywhere says they fit true to size so I should be good.

This weekend I was working on the Halloween craft for Merle’s costume. It was a lot harder than I first thought and involved a panic trip to Walmart on Saturday night to try to find another ball of the yarn I was using. After a lot of digging I found one ball left thankfully. I hope to get a sort of DIY post up for it some time this week after I finish the last few touches….and you know, if it turns out. If not I’ll pretend it didn’t happen ;)

A cold front blew in tonight (Sunday) and Tom has the patio door wide open so I am freezing my ass off. I think it’s only supposed to last a day or two before getting back to warmer temps which I hope sticks for Halloween so we can trick or treating in comfort. I remember a million years ago (2003 ish) there was a freak heat wave and Halloween night was like, 30°C so it was super awesome being able to wear my skimpy ladybug costume and not freeze. I fell asleep half standing up still in my costume propped against my bed. That was a fun night even though I felt like hell the next day.

It’s funny how long you can remember a brutal hangover isn’t it?


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What I Wore This week

Oversized cardigan, Fedora, and Frye Engineer boots

Black silk blouse, leather jacket, and skinny jeans

Zara checked skirt

white blouse, trench, boyfriend jeans, and converse

Oversized cardigan, white t-shirt, and Adidas

Oversized striped sweater, boyfriend jeans, and Adidas

Outfit 1 – Black sweater | Oversized Cardigan • Zara | Grey Jeans | Frye Boots | Fedora |
Outfit 2 – Leather Jacket | Black Blouse | Jeans | Boots | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Skirt • Zara | Camisole | Adidas |
Outfit 4 – White Blouse | Boyfriend Jeans | Trench | Converse | Purse |
Outfit 5 – Oversized Cardigan | White T-shirt | Jeans | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 6 – Striped Oversized Sweater | Boyfriend jeans | Adidas | Purse |


Today is a holiday because it is the Canadian Thanksgiving (even though we celebrated yesterday), so I am trying to spend the day getting some things done that I have procrastinated on. First I want to make Roo’s Star Wars duvet, and secondly I have a crafting project that will add the finishing touch to Merle’s Halloween costume, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot harder than I first thought.

Last week I went through the girls’ closet to see get rid of stuff and see if they need anything for winter. I think they are pretty good (except they both need socks and underwear) and Merle needed some new leggings in the next size up. So we headed to Zara because they have them for a good price and they always have really cute prints and designs. While we were there I got sidetracked looking at stuff for me and came across the skirt that I used in my Los Angeles Work and Weekend Capsule. In that post I mentioned how I was totally in love with it and could visualize a million ways to wear it, but when I looked for it online it was sold out in my size. Lo and behold my store had one left in my size and when I tried it on the love was still there. So a new skirt has been added to my wardrobe which works because I don’t really have a lot of skirts (two that fit, and one of those is borderline too small).

This is totally embarrassing to admit but I had a laundry basket in my bedroom with clothes that needed to be put away for like……3 months. Yep. Well, I finally got that shit folded and put away this weekend. Just in time to do 5 more loads of laundry and have another few baskets to put away. The feeling of accomplishment lasts for literally one second before you realize that it’s like Sisyphus and the boulder…..It’s a never-ending cycle.

Even though I have one kid that eats everything, one that eats nothing, and a husband that has recently decided to cut out all carbs, I was able to throw together a halfway decent Thanksgiving dinner. I hope my fellow Canadians had a great holiday.

Now I just need to work on the grown up tablescapes. It’s not quite the same serving dishes off of Hello Kitty plates ;)

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What I Wore This Week

T-shirt dress, band jacket, and Adidas

Blazer, band tee, black pants, and converse

Mustard chunky knit Cardigan, distressed jeans, and camisole

Oversized Sweater, distressed jeans, and frye boots

Oversized Cardigan, black sweater, grey jeans, and Adidas

Outfit 1 – T-shirt dress | Band jacket • old (similar) | Adidas | Purse • Urban Outfitters | Watch • Daniel Wellington |
Outfit 2 – Led Zeppelin T-shirt • H&M | Blazer • H&M old | Black Pants | Converse | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 3 – Yellow Cardigan • Zara | Camisole • H&M | Jeans |
Merle’s outfit –  Headband • H&M | Yellow Sunnies • Amazon |
Outfit 4 – Oversized Sweater • Zara | Jeans | Boots • Frye Engineer | Purse • vintage (similar) |
Outfit 5 –  Oversized cardigan • Zara | Jeans • H&M | Black Sweater • Mango | Adidas | Purse • Botkier |


This weekend coming up is the Canadian Thanksgiving. It seems ridiculously early this year even though it always around this time give or take an week or so. That probably means that I should get my dinner plan ready right? I have no idea what to make. One kid eats most things, one barely eats anything, and a husband that is one a perpetual diet that doesn’t involve anything probably other than turkey and vegetables. Any ideas? ;)

I should christen Sunday as “Headache Day” now because it never seems to fail every Sunday I have a headache of some kind. Usually I can catch it before it gets bad but today I can feel it creeping into migraine territory. Not a way that I want to start the new week.

I bought a cardigan from Zara a few weeks back (up in the last photo). I used my birthday gift cards that I was saving for autumn clothes to come in and I am in love with it. I am living in it so much that I want to get another colour. I just hate justifying the cost of something when there are birthday’s and Christmas coming up. Both girls’ birthdays, and Tom’s are within a month of Christmas (two at the end of November and one in the middle of December) and it’s a stupid expensive time of year.

Speaking of Christmas and birthdays, while I’m about 60-70% done. I thought that I would get this for Merle for her Birthday and then some of the smaller, extra pieces (like furniture, rooms, and an ambulance) to finish up her Christmas gifts. She has been talking about it forever (she’s obsessed with doctors and all things medical) and this is actually the best price than I have seen for so far. She really likes the Calico Critters too but they are so expensive, even thought they are ridiculously cute. And while I know Christmas and birthdays are not all about getting gifts, her birthday is so close to Christmas she gets the inevitable birthday/christmas combo gift from most people. I am so not trying to be ungrateful (although I know it sounds like it), but she is getting old enough now to notice that her sister gets both so we very much emphasize on keeping the two separate for her at home.

Can you believe it’s already October? It feels like summer vacation just ended.

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What I Wore This Week

oversized sweater, leather pants, Adidas, and fedora

Metallica t-shirt, leather jacket, and culottes

Alf tee and trench

denim on denim. Denim jacket, distressed jeans, booties

black t-shirt dress and military jacket

Outfit 1 – Oversized Sweater • old (similar) | Leather Pants • H&M | Shoes • Adidas | Fedora | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 2 – Metallica Tee • Hot Topic | Leather Jacket • old | Culottes | Booties • similar |
Outfit 3 – Alf Tee • old Zara | Trench • Zara |
Outfit 4- Denim Jacket • super old (similar) | Jeans | Booties • Ecco | Purse • Vintage (similar) |
Outfit 5 – T-shirt Dress • Old Navy | Jacket • old (similar) | Shoes • Adidas | Watch • Daniel Wellington | Purse • Urban Outfitters |


I’m fairly certain that my weekend ritual now consists of getting up before everyone on Sunday morning to watch the early uploaded episode of Outlander first thing in the morning in peace. Nice and quiet with a cup of tea or three before anyone else wakes. I don’t get a lot of me time, but I guess that can count right?

There was a big sale at Long & McQuade’s this weekend and we were going to pick up the girls’ a keyboard for Christmas because they both want to learn. It wasn’t until Saturday night that I realized we missed the sale, it was Friday and Saturday :( I’d still like to get them one so I’ll just have to be extra vigilant in paying attention to sales. I know it’s only the end of September but Christmas seems like it is sneaking up so damn quickly don’t you think?

I put up a blog post on Saturday which I don’t normally do but I had a fall jacket round-up that I wanted to get up even though we are going through a heat wave (it was seriously 40°C with the humidex this weekend). I got a few comments about how they were winter jackets, and maybe even too warm for winter where they lived. I’ll be lucky to even make it through to Christmas being able to wear one without freezing my ass off so I envy you guys. I do like a coldish winter but extreme cold is not a fun party. I’d be content with 0-5°C as the average winter temperature.

I mentioned in that post that I’m probably going to give Roo the Sorels I bought at Value Village last winter because she has asked me if she could have them several times. I then plan on finding another decent winter boot for me since this winter is predicted to be cold and very snowy. This city is excellent for keeping the roads and sidewalks plowed but when it’s in the middle of a storm or has snowed so much that it’s literally piled 4 ft high along the side of both the road and sidewalk it’s nice to have a good weatherproof/winter boot. I’m thinking that I like these, but I’m also leaning towards this style. What say you? I probably should start saving now though otherwise I’ll end up with none ;)

This weekend I got into Mr. Selfridge on Netflix. So good.

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What I Wore This Week

Oversized yellow cardigan, band tee, skinny jeans, and classic Vans

White pyjama blouse, distressed jeans, and mules

Alvin and the Chipmunks matchy-matchy

H&M Faux fur jacket. It's on my want list.

White border anglaise sundress, band tee, leather jacket, and Adidas

Outfit 1 – Oversized yellow cardigan • Zara | Band T-shirt • H&M | Jeans | Shoes • Vans |
Outfit 2 – Pyjama Blouse • Zara | Jeans | Shoes • Steve Madden | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 3 (Merle’s Outfit) – Alvin Hoody • Amazon | Matching Alvin hoody for stuffed animal • Esty | Leggings • ZaraShoes • Converse | Sunnies |
Outfit 4 – Jacket • H&M (I want but haven’t bought yet) | Jeans | T-shirt | Shoes • Adidas |
Outfit 5 –  Dress • Zara old (similar) | Leather Jacket | Band Tee | Shoes • Adidas | Purse • Botkier |


I was so excited to try ordering my groceries online for pickup this weekend for the first time. Sunday is usually my grocery day but I had a ton of stuff I wanted to do to get a jump on for the week. I planned on ordering them first thing Sunday morning and then sending Tom to pick them up in the afternoon when they were ready. I swear when I was first puttering around on the website it said that you had to order them at least 5 hours before pickup so when I tried to book a time slot this morning it said I had to have ordered them before 1 a.m. of the day I wanted them. So that was disappointing, and I had to go out and get them and didn’t get anything I wanted to get done at home. I have no idea why but grocery shopping takes a minimum of 2.5 hours here. Walk over, get sidetracked in the mall, get groceries, walk home, put everything away (and clean out the fridge). It’s usually closer to 4 hours, and then there went my afternoon of productivity :(

I still haven’t bought the faux fur jacket that I liked (you can see it in the above photo from when I tried it on last week). I really want it but I also want to save for a pair of Anine Bing Charlie boots (short or regular, I’m not picky) which is such a blogger cliche (that I am totally late to because you know? Broke.) but I have liked them  since I first saw them years ago and didn’t even know what brand they were. Come on this weeks’ llottery tickets, momma needs a vacation and a pair of Anine Bing boots (and if you are feeling super generous I’ll take that coat as well). Kidding, almost. I do play the lottery every week, and I would buy all those things if I won. I’ve never won anything more than $485 so I’m not holding my breathe.

The heat came back late last week and I am not happy about it. I’m just wearing my leather and sweaters out of sheer spite and protest while I slowly roast inside. Let’s hope it changes back again soon.

I recently started reading The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. From what I have read so far it is really good. It grabs your from the first page an holds on to your attention throughout. If you like time travel, and/or the medieval time period (in the time of plague) then I recommend it.

Have you read any good books lately? I’m always looking to add to my to-read pile.

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