What I Wore This Week

Inspired by Jeff Spicoli | Red sweatshirt | Jeans | checkerboard vans | Trench |

Black Sweater | Leather Jacket | Boyfriend Jeans | Fedora | Sock Boots |

Bowie Tee | animal Print Faux fur jacket | Leather pants | new Balance 525 |

Jean Jacket | Oversized Cardigan | Leather Pants | Converse |

Outfit 1 – Red Sweatshirt (similar) | Jeans | Trench Coat (similar) | Vans | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Black Sweater | Leather Jacket | Jeans | Fedora | Boots | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Bowie Tee | Jacket sold out (simlilar here and here) | Faux Leather Pants | New Balance Sneakers (similar) | Purse |
Outfit 4 – Denim Jacket | Oversized cardigan (similar) | Faux leather pants | Converse | Purse |


I am posting this from Tom’s laptop because my computer wouldn’t turn on past the apple logo this morning. I am trying to install a time machine backup to see if that fixes the issue but I’m not holding my breath. It’s 7 years old, but it’s a mac and I haven’t had any issues until this moment. I am slightly freaking out right now so if I don’t have any blog posts this week, this would be the reason :/ Running out and buying a brand new computer isn’t possible at this very moment.

Our bathroom sink/counter top was basically falling off the wall so I called the landlord. They scheduled to come on Saturday which ended up with me and the girls waiting around until they showed up at 4:30, so by the time they were done the day was pretty much over which feels like a we lost a whole day this weekend. We did manage to finally get the Christmas tree taken down and put away though, so the entire day wasn’t a waste. I’m not going to complain too much though because if we owned instead of rented we would have had to pay for the fix or diy’ed it.

My working out went okay last week, the eating part wasn’t phenomenal though. I really need to find some kick ass healthy recipes because eating salads doesn’t work for me. I’ll eat a salad and then go back in to the kitchen to try to find something make myself feel full which usually isn’t super healthy. I get both hangry and headaches if I don’t eat enough so I am all ears for some excellent recipes if you have them.

It’s the “after Christmas tighten the purse strings” time so I haven’t bought anything new yet this month. (And now that I am having computer issues this is even more so.) I am still waiting for this shirt to arrive but I bought that at the beginning of December so it doesn’t count as a new purchase ;) It’s nice to try and get creative with what you already have, so you feel inspired with your own wardrobe. I am feeling very motivated to thrift though. I feel like I am on a thrifting mission, and this mission and inspiration is coming together with style and inspiration boards on Pinterest. I follow the blogger BJonesstyle; she is a thrifting queen and inspires me with each haul she makes.

*After I wrote this we went thrifting and I found an oversized wool blazer. I need to clean it up and fix a button but I think it will integrate in to my closet well.

Do you have any thrifting inspirations?

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Holiday Party Style 2017

Holiday Style 2017 #holidaystyle #party #whattowear #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Black Velvet Wrap Dress | Long Fur Coat | Blue Heels | Blue Clutch |
Outfit 2 – Sequin Pants | Black Sweater | Plaid Shoes | Red Purse |
Outfit 3 – Black Jumpsuit | Sequin Rainbow Purse | Silver Heels |
Outfit 4 – Gold Dress | Black Fur Coat (cheaper style) | Gloves | Burgundy Heels | Black Clutch |
Outfit 5 – Black Lace Dress | Spotted Fur Coat | Black Boots | Red Present Bag |
Outfit 6 (all under $40)Silver Cami | Pencil Skirt | Cardigan | Red Booties | Beaded Clutch |
Outfit 7 – White Blouse | Leather Pants | Pink & Red Heels | Beaded Purse |
Outfit 8 – Green Velvet Dress | Short Brown Fur Coat | Green Clutch | Leopard Booties |
Outfit 9 – Velvet Bodysuit | Green Pleated Skirt | Animal Print Purse | Black Flats |
Outfit 10 (all under $20 )Turtleneck | Floral Trousers | Earrings | Quilted Purse | Black Mules |
Outfit 11 – Black Camisole Dress | Sequin Blazer | Black Clutch | Floral Booties |
Outfit 12 (Maternity look) –  Dress | Jacket | Black Cage Heels | Leopard Purse |


I can’t be the only one that inwardly panics when they get an invitation to a holiday party. I do a mental flip through my closet to try and figure out what the hell I am going to wear. Even more so when it’s a New Years party because they tend to lean towards more formal. I used to love New Years Eve, but that was back in the day when I could get away with tight pants, a backless halter top, and platform shoes because I was just going to a bar and I would fit in well.

I actually went out out shopping the other day and tried on a million things in order to get some ideas for today’s post (some of the outfits were a complete epic fail). Dresses, pants, heels, boots, and sequins. Lots of sequins. I narrowed down my choices to the pieces that both mixed well and were comfortable. Some I picked based on their looks alone, like the gold wrap dress with fur coat, because it gave me a 1970’s vibe.

I also put together a maternity style outfit, as well as one with all pieces under $40 (the are actually all under $30 except the purse which was $35), and an outfit with all pieces under $20, because who has extra money to spend around the holidays? Not very many, so getting an inexpensive holiday look it important.

Notice the theme of black and faux fur? It couldn’t be helped. I kept gravitating to them and when I would try to find something else instead it didn’t work the way I wanted so I just went back to my first choice. I hope you like some of these 12 outfits that I put together and hope you have a great holiday party season.

Today H&M is having up to 60% off your entire winter wardrobe (you can also get free shipping with the code 9054). It is a good time to find anything for winter you may need without having to battle the Black Friday crowds.


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A Few Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

Black Blouse, Blue Jeans, Oversized check Blazer, scarf, green booties, and circle purse #fallfashion #livelovesaraBlack Blouse | Blue Jeans | Oversized Check Blazer | Green Scarf | Green Boots | Circle Purse |

striped turtleneck, jeans, leather jacket, fur collar scarf, purse, and studded loafers #fallfashion #livelovesaraStriped Turtleneck | Highrise Jeans | Leather Jacket | Faux Fur Scarf | Studded Loafers | Black Purse |

White Blouse, girlfriend jeans, green coat, striped scarf, striped leather gloves, cognac purse, and leopard boots #fallfashion #livelovesaraWhite Print Blouse | Girlfriend Jeans | Green Coat | Scarf | Striped Leather Gloves | Cognac Purse | Leopard Boots |

It started as few fall fashion ideas but they are more general than just fall. As you have probably already guessed, I like to put outfits together. I get a weird thrill pulling things and seeing different looks I can make with them. It’s a personal challenge of mine to take something from my wardrobe and mix it a way that I have never worn it before.

This goes back to highschool when 90% of my clothes were thrifted, and this only increased when I worked in retail. I wasn’t the best salesperson because I don’t have it in me to push things on people, but I was probably the most honest and helpful. I would never tell you something looked good to make a sale, I would spend as long as someone needed to help them find the right pieces. Some of my favourite parts was putting together outfits for people so they could see how to wear something because more often than not customers came in with no idea of where to even start. You could see it with the confused or scared “deer in headlight” look they would have. This is why items that are on mannequins sell better; it’s because a customer is able to visualize how it can be worn and how they may wear it.

I distinctly remember us having a shirt that wasn’t very becoming on the hanger sitting in our store forever and not selling  a single one. I made a bet that I could get them all sold by the end of the weekend and I did. I did this by using the shirt on two different mannequins, in two different areas of the store (one window display, and one further inside) and in two completely different looks. People literally came in while they were walking by and asked for the outfit in the window. That is the idea of what I try to do here. I bring outfits together to try and help those of us that either don’t like to or don’t know how to get the most out of their wardrobe.

I hope that by posting outfits someone will see something they own (or similar) and think “I’ve never thought to wear it like that before”. I probably should have been a stylist, I would have gained a lot of satisfaction from that.

So here are a few fall inspired (or winter and spring) looks that should appeal to various tastes.

*Side note: I love the faux fur collar/scarf above. It is a quick way to add some visual fun to any coat. It also comes in a few more colours.

Have a great weekend guys :)

Grey turtleneck sweater, faux leather pants, wool cape, striped knit hat, red purse, and adidas superstars #fallfashion #livelovesaraGrey Knit Turtleneck | Faux Leather Pants | Wool Cape | Striped Knit Hat | Red Crossbody | Adidas Superstars |

Nirvana sweatshirt, grey jeans, yellow velvet blazer, black purse, and chelsea boots #fallfashion #livelovesaraNirvana Sweatshirt | Grey Jeans | Yellow Velvet Blazer | Black Purse | Chelsea Boots |

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Winter is Coming….But first we Need a Fall Jacket

Fall Jacket Round up 2017

1.Faux Fur Collar • & Other Stories | 2. Yellow Coat • Mango | 3. Pink Fur • Zara | 4. Mid Length Check • H&M | 5. Short Cropped Style • Zara | 6. Animal Print • H&M | 7. Multi-Colour Fur • Mango | 8. Trench • Marks and Spencer | 9. Red Fur • Mango |


I usually call autumn, fall but autumn sounds so much nicer. Is fall North American? I rarely hear autumn in real life, but I think I remember it more from when I was younger. But whatever you call it, it arrived in the northern hemisphere on Friday. And while I don’t usually post on weekends I thought it would be a good idea to get out some fall jacket round-ups even though the weather here is more like summer. So much so that we have hibernated and are keeping the curtains drawn trying to cut down on the heat in here.

I have a thing for faux fur. I always have, so I was super excited to see it in trend this year…or maybe not since now everyone and their dog is going wearing it, and what goes on trend must come off trend. I just want to wear fur without worrying about being off trend or on. I am obviously over thinking this.  Nevertheless it is nice to see so many faux fur options this year. I have eyeballed so many jackets that I can’t figure out which one I actually want. The leopard one from last week? A muppet one? Masculine style? Military is always a good choice. A Biker Jacket with fur collar (totally my style)? Or do I want to look like Fozzy Bear? Maybe.

I went through and pulled some of my favourites that I have seen in my favourite places to shop. The prices vary, but none should truly break the bank….or maybe they will because my bank is feeling awfully broke at the moment :( I’m just thankful that both girls will fit into their jackets I bought them last year. Boots maybe another story. I may give Roo my Sorels that I found at Value Village (because they are a smidge tight. Completely wearable but they will fit her better and she kept stealing them from me). Then possibly find myself another pair because as weather forecasts go they are warning us that this is going to be a cold and extremely snowy winter unlike last year’s warmer than usual and dry. So a winter boot round-up may be around the corner.

Have you bought a jacket for Autumn yet?

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Spring is Here with the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch #danielwellington #DWClassicPetite @danielwellington

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch #danielwellington #DWClassicPetite @danielwellington

Spring is here, but you wouldn’t have guessed it by the snow that was blowing outside my window last night. Spring to me is a time when I go through my house and wardrobe looking for ways to freshen and brighten it after the long winter. This means some new, bright pillows, some colour and patterns added into my relatively neutral wardrobe, breaking out any shoes that don’t need socks, a few colourful scarves, and a new accessory or two. While I don’t usually wear a lot of accessories, I love to wear a watch and you will 9 times out of 10 see me wearing on any day of the week.

In the middle of March Daniel Wellington released their Classic Petite watch in four colour combinations: The Melrose which has a rose gold mesh strap and comes with a black or white face, and The Sterling which has a silver mesh strap with either a black or white face. Both are lovely and timeless, and easily transition from day to night wear.

I am wearing the Classic Petite Melrose in rose gold/black. I love this colour because it adds a subtle blush, warm, spring tone which softens up the black and grey clothes that I tend to gravitate towards. I also love that it is so easy to adjust. I have small wrists and often I have to get and extra hole punched in to my leather straps, but with this mesh one it easily slides up and down to fit for your comfort and fit preferences. I’m really happy to be able to freshen up my wardrobe for spring with this beauty.

Until April 30th you can get 15% off your Daniel Wellington purchase at danielwellington.com with the code LIVELOVESARA15.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch #danielwellington #DWClassicPetite @danielwellington

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch #danielwellington #DWClassicPetite @danielwellington

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch #danielwellington #DWClassicPetite @danielwellington

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch #danielwellington #DWClassicPetite @danielwellington


This post is sponsored by Daniel Wellington who carry pieces that I own, love, and wear regularly. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make my little blog and life here a little better. 

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