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Does anyone else not have a speck of green starting to sprout anywhere? We even had snow yesterday which was such utter bullshit. I’m so over winter, even though it is spring.

I might have been overzealous with my library books. I take out a lot of ebooks from the library and last night I checked out two and put hold on another three that were already checked out. I figured I would have a couple of weeks before they were returned so they would start to roll in as I was finishing my current books.

That plan didn’t work out because I woke up this morning to notifications that they were all back in and were added to my queue. Now I have 5 books that I have to finish within 3 weeks. Do you think I can do it? 

Have you seen the new Truth Climate Collection from Everlane? I included one of the sweatshirts in my finds above.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Tommy Hilfiger has an Adaptive line with innovative features to ensure getting dressed is easier than ever.

Meet Katie Bouman, One Woman who Helped Make the World’s First Image of a Black Hole.

With Lifelong Struggles, Effort Isn’t What’s Missing. This is really good read. 

Sad Topographies. Somewhere to go when you are feeling low. This is hilarious.

This Donald Trump dog toy is hilarious but all the questions, and reviews are amazing.

This Ultimate Guide to Paris is my type of travel guide. I’m going to buy one. 

This Instagram account.  

I want this teacup.

Pass the Salt, an intricate food-themed Rube Goldberg Machine.

Artist uses packing materials to make ye olde garments. And other cool things on the page. 

You can see more of my Weekly Reads and Finds here.

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  1. Hi Sara – new reader here! Love your style and packing lists. I’m a mom of two little boys and just turned 40 so I appreciate your fresh take on fashions.
    Hey, do you have a family member with a disability. I’ve now sent on two of your links (ikea and tommy) to my mom and brother. My brother has cerebral palsy and so things like that are always on my radar.
    Just checking in to let you know I really appreciate your efforts of inclusion with these links!


    • Hi Aimee, Thanks for reading!

      I actually don’t have a family member with a disability 🙂 I just think it is important for everyone to be hyper aware. The internet is so flooded now that so much gets missed. These wonderful new technologies and innovations can benefit so many people, and I feel that it is important to spread the word as much and far as we can. Otherwise someone might miss something that can literally change their life.


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