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Is anyone here a Flylady failure? I ran across her website years ago in one of my many searches on how to get my home and life organized. It seemed like such and good approach to cleaning that I jumped right in with two feet. I even printed off a binder with checklists of all the zones and other printables. I failed bad. 

The I read the book Unfuck Your Habitat and downloaded the app. This was a was a much more approachable method for me and has been one that I stuck with the longest. But still not 100% (or maybe I just suck at implementing things).

I think I need to somehow amalgamate the two methods to get something that works for me.  

The H&M Studio Spring/Summer Collection came out this week and there are some great pieces. I included some of my favourites in the collage above. 

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

The Long Battle for Women’s Suffrage.

Before the Internet. I miss it. 

The rules for being human.

This Exhibit Gives Visitors the Experience of Stepping Inside Van Gogh’s Paintings.

The one where my rent went up $12,000. So true

15 Biographies That Tell the True Stories of Infamous Women Killers. I love reading creepy biographies.  

This made my day. I love him.

The Weird World of Competitive Dog Grooming.

15 Must Follow Rules to Get More Done When Working From Home.

If you haven’t watched Fleabag, do it! It’s my new favourite show. I am so stoked that the second season just started. 

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  1. There are way too many good pieces in this post!!! And I miss before the Internet too.

    • There really were. I’m loving all the spring stuff that is coming out. It makes me sad that my kids don’t get to experience truly having no internet. It’s not quite the same when you take it away from them for a bit 😉

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