Holiday Pyjama Round-up

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We don’t have a lot of holiday traditions in our family, but there is one that I do every year. I give the girls a Christmas eve box filled with a things they can enjoy that evening before bed. I buy them a pair of holiday pyjamas and put them in a box along with a variety of treats like popcorn, hot chocolate, cookies, etc. and then I put in either a holiday movie or book for them both to enjoy.

Occasionally I will throw in some warm socks or slippers depending on what I find that year. It’s nice to give them a little pre-gift to enjoy on Christmas eve and brings a little tradition to a holiday that we love that we never really established any traditions for (I regret not setting up more traditions). I may put a box together for Tom this year too depending on his behaviour 😉 

The boxes don’t ever cost a lot. The pyjamas are usually bought from Walmart (Target when we had one) or found from more expensive retailers on mega sale. The treats come from the dollar store, and you can always find a ton of holiday movies in the $5 bins at Walmart. Books sometimes set me back a little more, but they are books. I am always willing to spend more on books that we can add to our collection, but you can always find holiday books at thrift stores if you want to spend even less. 

Do you have any holiday traditions? 

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  1. I love your roundup, Sara, but I don’t see my Grinch plush Jammie pants from Target @–seuss-holiday-grinch-super-soft-plush-pajama-pants—black-l/-/A-53799563. I love them. I do think those sock slippers would rock the Jammie pants. And that red robe. I wonder if I could get Mr. to wear those #14 pants (and without a shirt would be perfect. TMI?).

    We seem to have unconsciously developed a couple of traditions in recent years, most significantly the watching of all our favorite holiday films. Secondly, and to my deep regret, there’s the A Christmas Story [award] lamp I jokingly bought for Mr. a couple of years ago. It now has to be prominently displayed as close to the front window as possible. Ugh. Thirdly, we are attempting to kick off an annual holiday dinner with our neighbors at our house. We’ll see if it happens mid this month as planned.

    Are you close to being finished with gift shopping? Do you have any parties to attend?

    Cheers and Merry Christmas, Ardith

    • Oh man i miss Target. My oldest would love those grinch pants because she has a huge obsession with him for some reason. I live in sock slippers 365 days a year because my feet are always cold. I can’t, not wear slippers. It’s like a weird thing about me now.

      I’ve bought Tom things for his collections thinking that they will be kept with the rest of his stuff and I with also much regret find them prominently displayed around the house. So whenever you look at your leg lamp remember that I have Freddy Krueger’s glove in a shadow box, and a large bust of Mozart being used to display a Storm Trooper mask :/

      Not quite done with the shopping yet. I’m trying to even the girls up. I mistakenly thought that I bought more for my younger when it fact it was the opposite so now I am getting a few small things to balance the scales. Also our mail system was recently on strike, and now that they are back to work they have such a backlog of mail to get through that I’m not sure if several things will arrive on time. Very frustrating.

      Merry Christmas to you both as well,


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