Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favourite Geek and Techie

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How many geeks and techies do you have in your life? Me? My house is full of them, so this a basic template of my christmas lists every single year. 

It’s actually quite reflective of what types of things they are getting this year too…..except throw in a bunch of Fortnite stuff for my oldest. Her life is fixated on Fortnite and by the way everything seems to be selling out across the board I’d say she’s not the only one.

While I was in Hot Topic the other day I had to help a woman from Poland pick out a Fortnite t-shirt for her nephew to send back to Poland. It seems none of us adults know squat about it need guidance where we can get it 😉 

I wanted to get Merle the Osmo a few years ago. She’s aging out of it now, but I think it would have been a good purchase for a younger kid if you have an iPad to connect it to. 

I really enjoy the chemist’s cocktails set too. A few months ago Michael’s was having a big sale on their chemist style beakers so I have a full set of similar ones. We bought them for the girls to have for their Harry Potter “Potions” shelf, but I wonder if I can turn it into a cocktail kit? 

Do you lean towards geeky yourself? 


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