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I was online Christmas shopping tonight and ended up buying myself the above Mr. Rogers t-shirt instead. Whoops. I did manage to get something for Tom though which is miraculous because he is the hardest person to buy for ever.

The new Uniqlo opened up down the street today and I went down to see what it was like. The store was massive, and has men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes which is awesome. There was so much nice stuff and I love how they don’t have a billion different style in a few colours, but instead have a select amount of classic styles in a lot of colours. I was gravitating to the cashmere v-necks, and merino wool sweaters because they are great wardrobe staples (and affordable there) and I would love to have one or two of each. I walked around the store for a bit with one of each in my hands but honestly the line-up was way too long so I just put everything back. I’ll go back maybe the middle of next week when it’s calmed down a bit. I really wanted to break from my usual and get some nice, bright colours but ended up with black and grey in my hands (surprise, surprise). I think a nice green, burgundy, or yellow would be nice to have too though…..you know, after the black and grey 😉

I’ve included a picture of the girls on Halloween at the bottom of the post in case you missed it. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Whoah, the hat turned out so well! They both look great. Hope you manage to avoid any lines at Uniqlo the next time you go. Love to hear what you ended up buying. Cheers, Ardith

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