Gift Guide for the Introvert

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If you are introvert then raise your hand, and then quickly put it down because you hate drawing attention to yourself. That’s me, the introvert. Everyone knows one, but they can be hard to understand, especially if you fall on the extroverted end of the spectrum.

Introverts tend to be difficult to shop for because many of us aren’t very vocal with what we like or want, so if you have an introvert in your life then I listed a few ideas that may guide you the right way. 

According to the Myers Briggs test I am a INTJ which as a woman makes me the unicorn of personalities. Only about 0.5% of the female population are INTJ’s and I have been told from many different sides that I am a very difficult person to “get”. I think this makes me a doubley difficult person to shop for…..or so I’ve been told. I think I’m actually really easy to shop for though. 

I am basing these gift ideas from my side of the personality chart. We like to read, so books, gift cards for books, kindles, ways to display our books, and anything in the realm of reading are appreciated. We also like quiet time while reading, so blankets, slippers, headphones (for podcasts and audio books), pyjamas, and anything to make you comfortable while sitting with a book for extended periods of time are also good selections.

Sometimes….who am I kidding? Often times we lean towards the nerdy. We like gaming, fandom things, quirky, fun t-shirts, pins, and mugs. Some of us like to journal (not me), others like to record things and keep lists. I keep lists of lists, all on pen and paper. 

Another idea that I love are subscription boxes. There is something for everyone out there but the one we have in our house is Lootcrate. There are a lot of different themed boxes to choose from depending on your interests. We get the girls the Wizarding World Box because we all love Harry Potter. I just ordered Tom the Loot Fright for Christmas because he is a huge horror fan, so shhhhhh don’t tell him 😉 

I hope you have some good ideas for the introvert in your life. 


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