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Every time I go on to the Target website I get even more upset that they closed down in Canada. There is so much great stuff……there always has been, but it seems like they are getting better and better styles and brands. When I was scrolling through the pages I saw that they have some completely awesome band tees for kids, and if I had access I would by them all.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here and I can’t believe we have already reached that part of the holiday season. I think dinner is going to be short ribs thanks to a very generous fellow instagrammer. She emailed me some recipes that look amazing and not super time intensive which is one of the main things that I hate about holiday cooking.

I also think that I am going to work on the Halloween costumes over the next few days just in case I run into issues and need to make some changes. Does anyone know where to find a pattern online for the medieval/elf style shoes that go up at the toe? Bonus points if it is in an easy to sew pattern 😉

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Spellbound by Harry Potter and the Museum of Magic.

I think I’m going to have to buy this book.

History’s Deadliest colours. I actually just read about Fiesta Ware recently. 

20 Books You Probably Never Knew Were Banned.

Throw in another bedroom and this is my kind of apartment.

18 Tweets You’ll Love If You’ve Been in a Relationship Basically Forever.

20 Recipes to make for Canadian Thanksgiving. Since it’s Thanksgiving This weekend 🙂

I want to live on this street <3

This is definitely a way more creative gender reveal than the usual 😉

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  1. Hi Sara,
    I’m with you on that Man Repeller apartment. So gorgeous and ‘her’. I love the new photo, by the way! It’s nice to see your whole face – which is usually behind your camera!

    • I don’t even usually like blue but I really, really like it here on the walls. And thanks! I struggle with massive Resting Bitch Face so sometimes it’s just easier to cover the face up and not even try, but once in a while it doesn’t turn out so bad though 😉

  2. I live in the US and love your style! I don’t own any band tees right now. Which ones should I get for me? I know you’re supposed to like the band, but I’m in it more for the style- lol!!

    • I suggest hitting up some thrift stores and looking through the men’s tees. I tend to find a lot of band shirts in there and they are usually well worn-in and perfect. If you don’t have success there it looks like Target has got some in now for women too (and men which sometimes fit better) and in one of my favourite band tee brands (Junk Food). Urban Outfitters has great ones, and Hot Topic has a lot. I bought one of my favourite shirts from Dirty Cotton Scoundrels on Etsy. I think their store name is DCScoundrels.

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