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In my last post I talked about how more than half my DNA is listed as being from the UK according to the Ancestry test that I did. Coincidentally that night I checked the Ancestry site and saw that I finally got the update (they had released it slowly to customers but it’s now available to all). Anyway I went from mostly British, to now mostly Irish/Scottish, with England coming in second. So I guess you can say my ancestors hung out in the British Isles for a long time. I have a 16% part Eastern Europe and Russia that comes from my dad’s unknown paternal father’s side (dad is almost 50% Eastern European). It’s really cool to see how they are able to narrow down the areas as more and more people test.

And speaking of my last post, it did a weird thing when I hit the post button. It froze mid-load and ended up not sending out an email to subscribers to notify them of the new post. If you missed it, here it is.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Men Discuss Feminism and Gender Equality.

Do you need an exercising kick in the ass? Here is a 30 day fitness challenge to get you started.

This Viral Twitter Thread ABout the Importance of Body Autonomy is HItting Home for Women Everywhere.

17 Things to Buy for Your Kitchen at the Dollar Store.

After 116 Years, Animal Crackers Have Been Freed From Their Circus Cages.

How to Shop for Vintage Clothes Online.

Mom “Learns to Play” Fortnite With the Help of Her Son – And We Can’t Stop Stress-Laughing. I can totally relate to this because Roo lives and breathes this game at the moment.

Visit Thousands of Museums for Free on September 22nd.

My girls asked if they could have one of these for the house. I’m fairly certain that it is bigger than our house.


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