What I Wore This Week

I am wearing an oversized white shirt dress, Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a large woven circle bag.

I am wearing an embroidered peasant, boyfriend jeans, Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a large woven circle bag.

I am wearing a basic black t-shirt dress, a leather jacket, Green New Balance sneakers, and a large woven circle bag.

I am wearing a basic black tee knitted, black jeans, Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a large woven circle bag.

Outfit 1 – Dress (similar here and here) | Purse | Sandals |
Outfit 2 – Peasant top (similar) | Jeans | Purse | Sandals |
Outfit 3 – T-shirt Dress | Jacket | Watch | Sunglasses | Purse | Shoes (similar) |
Outfit 4 – T-shirt | Jeans (only $10) | Watch | Sunglasses | Purse | Sandals |



Oh man. I like to think that I am somewhat technology literate but today really challenged that perception. I can do most things if I have a tutorial to follow (minus building a site from scratch) but some things really scare me to try. First off I was trying to optimize my site this weekend so that I can install ads from a new company. I currently run Google Ads but these kind of have run their course and I’d like to try something new. This involved going through a detailed checklist which led me down rabbit trails of how-to’s and my mind feels like it is on overload. I think I would really benefit from, and like to take a college course on web development or something like to give me a little bit of confidence when I am running things here. I can see why so many bloggers hire web develops to run the behind the scenes parts when they get higher in the blogger ranks. I am currently having issues uploading to my media library. I keep getting an “http error” for every new image I try regardless of image size or format. I had toĀ upload these 4 images to an external source which is a pain in the ass, until I get this shit troubleshooted. I am assuming we broke something today trying to get the site ready and I have no idea how to fix it. Any ideas?

I am nowhere near a level of hiring people, but having someone knowledgeable in this area would be nice. I’m always scared I’m going to crash my site and have no idea how to get it back up (kind of like today). Don’t get me started on the hiring an “assistant” thing though. That one I will never understand unless you’re a multi million dollar blogging franchise. I would feel so embarrassed (and to be honest) lazy if I pawned off any of my “blogging duties” on to a hired assistant.

New topic: I go through this every year but I am seriously contemplating cutting bangs again. I always kick myself after I do it because they never turn out like I envisioned and then they hang in my face and drive me batshit, BUT I really like this look. We shall see.

Does anyone else get really excited when they come across a song on Spotify that they forgot existed? I love finding old songs that I used to love and have generally added them all to my playlist. So if you like a completely nostalgia ridden playlist with over 11 hours and 160 songs and you can find mine here (and embedded below). Don’t mind the name of it. I suck at coming up with names so my kids suggested it be named after their favourite Spongebob episode, so Atlantis Squarepantis it became šŸ˜‰

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