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So much to do and I am rapidly running out of time. I’ve seen a lot of people’s kids starting back up at school already, but school doesn’t start here until after Labour Day so I still have a bit of time to get everything I need to get done. Labour Day weekend is also Comicon and Merle wants to test out her Luna Lovegood Halloween costume by dressing up for it. This means that I need to get my shit together and finish the skirt and earrings before then.

I was trying to watch my eating this week by logging it in My Fitness Pal. I wanted to see the areas that I need to work on, but after this week I’m not sure that is a smart idea. I find that I am starving every night before bed by doing this, and if I try to ignore it I get light-headed and weak. I think that I am better off not documenting everything and just try to make healthier choices because right now my hands are shaking from bring so hungry. I think the new Ramen place down the street is calling my name.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

What is Toxic White Feminism? When Feminism is White Supremacy in Heels. A great article by Rachel Cargle.

Mr. Rogers was the Oracle of Emotional Intelligence. I want to see his documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbour.

In honour of Frankenstein’s 200th birthday: 100 Favourite Horror Stories.

If you like horror and scary/macabre things then check out this guys mugs (he also does magnets and planters etc.). Here is a video of him making a few of his pieces as well. 

These Are The Worst Smells in The World, According to Science.

I Can’t Keep My House Clean, What’s Wrong With Me?

What if English were phonetically consistent? I like it, It sounds like when you hear people speaking Middle English.

I Traveled Through Nine Countries With Just a Carry-on — and I’m Never Checking a Bag Again.

The best #ShareYourRejection stories are the ones that don’t lead to success.


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