What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a black jumpsuit, oversized white blouse, Madewell Boardwalk sandals, vintage Ra-bans, and a circle purse

I am wearing boyfriend jeans, oversized white blouse, Madewell Boardwalk Sandals, vintage Ray-bans, and a circle purse

I am wearing a thrifted black t-shirt, wide leg, highways jeans, Madewell Boardwalk Sandals, and a circle purse

I am wearing a black slip dress, vintage jeans jacket, and converse sneakers

Outfit 1 – Black Jumpsuit (similar) | White Blouse | Sunglasses | Watch | Sandals | Purse |
Outfit 2 – White Blouse | Boyfriend Jeans | Sunglasses | Watch | Sandals | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Black Tee | Jeans | WatchSandals | Purse |
Outfit 4 – Dress | Jean Jacket | Converse | Pin (similar set) | Watch | Purse |


How did I spend the day today? Trying to catch up on all the crap I neglected the last week. But I did manage to thrift shop from home because Tom stopped at a thrift store on his way back from being out-of-town and kept texting me things he thought I would like to yay or nay them. He was like my own personalized thrift shopper 😉 I didn’t manage to move my living room tv/shelves around like I intended so maybe this week. It’s supposed to rain for the next three days anyway so it can be our rainy day project.

I can’t believe summer is almost half over now. It feels like when I was a kid. We need to squeeze in some fun outings before it’s completely over.  The Gem Expo is next weekend and since Merle is such a huge rock/mineral/gemstone fan we will probably hit it up. We went last summer and she had a good time. I’m not sure where her rock fascination comes from though.

Warning: This paragraph is going to have swear words. It is unavoidable for the purpose of explanation. I forgot to note this tip I saw a couple of weeks back (or did I forget? I don’t remember which is sad), so if you have issues with autocorrect changing your F-words……..ducking autocorrect 😉 Then this might be helpful.  You can remedy the autocorrecting issue by adding a bogus contact under the name “Fuck Fucking Fucker”. I tried it and it completely solves the problem. It makes life easier when you are in the middle of a typing rant, which is something that I find myself doing a lot lately with all posts on Facebook that put me in a rage. That is my handy-dandy tip of the week.

And someone please tell me why my throat is sore once again. I swear it does this every few weeks and makes me feel run down for a few days each time. I’ve upped the vitamins, exercise more regularly, and try to eat healthier. What gives? On a side note we walked down 9 floors the other day when the elevator was taking a long time and my calf and butt muscles hurt for 3 days after, sooooo I think I am going to start incorporating walking down 9 flights then running back up them once a day. I’ve got a bum knee though so running might be far-fetched.

I kind of want this dress for my birthday. I’m just concerned about sizing from reading the reviews, and with the shipping and duties $78 turns in to $120 US which then ends up being closer to $150 Canadian. I guess I’ll keep looking.

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    • Thanks Ardith! I tried to find some combinations I haven’t worn together before. I love trying to challenge new looks out of my wardrobe.

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