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It’s funny how much cleaning can get done when your kids want something. So far I got a week of relatively good behaviour, the girls’ bedroom got cleaned, the living-room vacuumed. Then she tidied my desk top for good measure. All of this for the grand total of $2.99 (she wanted a new Minecraft skin for her characters). It was cheaper than an allowance.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Nordstrom sale right? 😉 Well today it opened up to us commoners (those that don’t have a Nordstrom card). So happy shopping to all of you who have waited, and I hope they restocked the items that you wanted. In Canada the sale doesn’t apply to online so I have to go in to an actual store. I’m not really feeling that right now so we’ll see if my mind changes over the weekend.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

I’m done behaving. It got us nowhere.

Making a felted wool cat. Oh man, I wish I could do this.

Endangered Species of the Photo Ark. So beautiful, and so devastating. You can click on each image to see how you can help. Maybe everyone will be getting donations made in their name for Christmas this year.

70 Something Really is Just a Number.

Starbucks Will Employ Deaf and Hard of Hearing People at Its First “Signing Store” in the US

This tweet and the thread below are gold.

The new Bohemian Rhapsody trailer is even better than the first one. If Rami Malek doesn’t win an Oscar for this role……

What Might Earth’s Wildlife Look Like if Humans Disappeared? The drawings are kind of fantastic.

Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 Favourite Submissions and Winners


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