What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a classic white button down, distressed girlfriend jeans, and gladiator sandals

I am wearing a Bowie t-shirt by Dirty Cotton Scoundrels, a black slip dress, a woven circle bag, and gladiator sandals

I am wearing a black jumpsuit, a Bowie Tee layered over, a leather jacket, and vans checkered slip ons

I am wearing a crochet front blouse, boyfriend jeans, made well boardwalk sandals, and two circle purses

Outfit 1 – White Blouse | Jeans | Sandals | Watch | Woven Circle Purse |
Outfit 2 – Rebel Rebel Tee | Slip Dress | Sandals | Watch | Woven Circle Purse |
Outfit 3 – Jumpsuit (similar) | Bowie Tee | Leather Jacket | Watch | Purse (similar) | Vans |
Outfit 4 – Crochet Blouse | Jeans | Sandals (this years style) | Small Purse | Large Purse | Watch |


We had a pretty busy weekend so I didn’t have much time to sit and work on any posts until tonight, so bear with me if this is more scattered and disjointed than usual 😉  Saturday was exceptionally long and involved driving all over the place while Tom kept playing Norwegian death metal covers of hit pop songs. You truly haven’t lived until you have heard a death metal version of Hello by Adele. I wanted to jump out of the moving vehicle :/  Today there was a Star Wars collectors convention that Tom and Roo went to, and then they went to see the new Solo movie. Since Merle and I aren’t as big of Star Wars fans as those two we decided skip out (sleep in) and then did our own thing (which involved a LOT of walking). So I am tired, cranky, and possibly mildly incoherent. Is a 7:30 pm coffee a bad idea? I don’t find that it keeps me up at night but it may help me to gather my thoughts while I am trying to rush through and entire weekend of chores in 3 hours.

I had an amazon gift card so I ordered myself some Crest White Strips. Does anyone else have to skip a day in between using them because their teeth are sore? Do you think skipping a day hinders the whitening process? I wish I could afford a teeth whitening procedure at the dentist but I don’t think my insurance covers cosmetic procedures like that, so White Strips and sore teeth it is.

We got cable a few months ago because there was a bundle deal that was cheaper than our current internet plan. This is the first time Merle has ever had cable so she his experiencing commercials for the first time. She pointed out that the same woman is in three different commercials that she has seen today. I found it funny that she noticed that because I tune out every commercial, probably from years of experience. I also notice that our PVR is 99.8% full with Sponge Bob recordings. I need to teach her to delete them after watching :/

I am ending this with a confession that our spending hiatus when in to the shitter this weekend which is giving me anxiety. I guess I can only swear to do better next week right?  

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