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I ‘m watching Pride and Prejudice Zombies as I am writing this. I don’t know why I never watched it sooner because I like it! I sometimes get pissed when they remake a classic, so I tend to avoid them out of spite. I am rapidly running out of things to watch though, so I thought I would give it a shot.

The line-up at Zara today was an hour long wait for me to return the jacket and jeans that I bought from the sale. The jacket didn’t have a lining and I intended it for a fall jacket. You need a lining in your jacket here in the fall so it was just a waste of money. I ended up ordering this blazer instead for the same price. I have had this in my shopping basket for around 7 months, and when they further reduced it at the sale I grabbed it. I also exchanged the jeans for the same cut but in the lighter wash, I like the look better.

I read that thousands of people showed up at Stonehenge for the summer solstice yesterday. I am officially adding that to my bucket list. It seems to be growing way faster than it is getting crossed off, I hope I can change that this year.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

MyHeritage Offers Free DNA Tests to Help Reunite Separated Migrant Children with their Parents

Koko the Gorilla died this week at age 46 🙁

Has anyone ever taken a Master Class? They have one by Gordon Ramsay that I am interested in and the price is great. Either a $15 monthly subscription or $120 (Canadian) for a single class.

If you are in Ontario and have kids in your care the Ontario Fun Passes are out now. They offer free admissions (for two kids with adult purchase) to many sites and activities in the province.

I’ve had to move one before because he was in the middle of the road. Here is a video on the proper way to move a turtle across the road from the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

How do you feel about this? We don’t use the SAT’s and ACT’s here to get in to post secondary so I can see the good side of this because there are many people who are incredibly smart that just don’t test well.

So I am a complete sucker for infomercials. I love that store that sells all the things they show on tv, and I think I want one of these. Look how easy it cleans the bathtub! I hate cleaning the bathtub. Do you think it really works?

29 No-Bake Summer Desserts For When It’s Hot AF Outside. I’m a sucker for no bake desserts 😉

Fighting sexual harassment in science may mean changing science itself.

It’s supposed to rain all weekend so I hope to get a lot of things done. What are your plans?

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