What I Wore This Week

What I Wore today. A camisole | boyfriend jeans | Leather Jacket | Converse

What I Wore today. A vintage Kiss T-shirt | Slip Dress | and classic checkered Vans

What I Wore today. A white blouse | Leather jacket | skinny jeans | and Black Adidas Gazelles

What I Wore today. A lace shirt | boyfriend jeans | Sam Edelman Loraine Loafers | And an Ellen & James circle bag

Outfit 1 – Black Camisole | Leather Jacket | Jeans | Converse | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 2 – Kiss T-shirt (similar) | Slip Dress | Vans | Sunglasses | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 3 – Blouse (similar) | Leather Jacket | Jeans | Purse | Shoes |
Outfit 4 – Lace Top | Jeans | Shoes | Circle Purse |


Well, I managed to accomplish nothing around the house this weekend, but we did do a lot of things outside of the house. Saturday was Free Comic Book Day in Canada so we hit the local comic book shop to check out their wares. They also have an epic candy from around the world section which we made some purchases from. Then we hit up the flea market where I had the best tacos of my life at a little hole in the wall place. They were so good that we tried to replicate them again that night at home. Ours were good but in no way like them….not that I thought they would be.

Today we went to a birthday party at kids indoor crazy climbing apparatus park (and arcade). A million kids running and screaming while climbing and swinging off of things is exhausting. Pairsed with the fact that Merle kept making me go down the huge slide with her :/ It’s so fast that the bloody thing skins your elbows. Every single kid that went down checked, and rubbed their elbows after they flew out the bottom like a bullet.

My new bag arrived last week. I really like although I was dinged with $35 in duties charges. They are handmade and each one is slightly different ranging from the weave, clasp, and the printed fabric inside. Mine has a dark green floral print inside reminiscent of your grandmother’s old curtains.

I am still hoping I can find the Birkenstocks that I have my eye on, but I also like the Boardwalk from Madewell. I’m not really excited about getting hit with duties again so I have tried to find a similar style that I can get here. This style from Aldo is available in Canada (U.S. link), is a good price, and looks a lot like the Boardwalk. What do you think? And brown or black?

I‘m still really liking the Alienist. I’m on episode 9/10 now and hope they leave it open for another season.

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  1. Hello–I recently found your blog and I am becoming a bit of a stalker. One of my target items: your Aimee Kestenberg purse! I have searched and searched online and believe that the only place it is available is on a Canadian home shopping network. They don’t ship to the U.S., so I’m trying to work friend connections to see if I can get it into my hands. Thank you for your lovely style tips and photos–you look great!

    • Hi!, I’ve seen the bag on both Poshmark and Ebay recently. Aside from that you can find it directly on her website for sale, but it is this years style and doesn’t have the two side zips on the outside. Everything else appears to be the same though. I hope your Canadian connections come through for you but if they don’t here is the link to the one on her website.

      – Sara

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