What I Wore This Week

Side striped pants | Tie neck blouse | Animal Print loafers |


Black midi dress | Trench coat | Sports socks | Adidas |

Striped sweater | Boyfriend jeans | Beanie | Adidas Superstars |

Outfit 1 – Side striped Pants | Tie Neck Blouse | Animal Print Loafers | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Midi Dress (similar) | Trench (similar) | socks | Shoes | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Beanie | Shoes |


I kind of lacked in motivation to post outfits last week. The weather was crap and seeing winter temperatures and SNOW, when I should be seeing tulips and daffodils put me in a funk. I almost removed the tarp off of our bikes that we store on the balcony two weeks ago but decided to hold off for a bit and I am glad I did because of the turn of weather. I hope by the end of this week we see it heading in a positive direction. I know it’s not unusual for this time of year, I’m just over it. I remember in college as the year wrapped up (it finished at the end of April) we had a really warm day. I think it hit the mid 20’s°C so of course everyone busted out their summer gear and all the patios were open and filled with people drinking to enjoy it. I headed out that evening in a tank top, long sarong type of skirt (hey, it was around 2001), the denim jacket that I still have, and platform sandals. When we walked out of the bar that night at 2am it was freezing and there was snow. I had to walk home about a mile or so in my completely inappropriate clothing and it sucked so bad that I still remember it.

The grocery store that I usually hit because of its walking distance, is located in a large mall. So basically when I head over to get groceries it’s really easy to get sidetracked. Yesterday I had to go out and buy dish soap and toilet paper (I swear they eat it here, anyone else feel like they are buying tp every second day?). Anyway, I had to walk by all the good stores on my way because it’s located on the opposite side to my usual entrance, and I detoured into Aritzia. I ended up buying a slip dress that I have wanted to try on forever. I’m not going to lie, I kind of felt like I had to buy it because Aritzia has their sales techniques perfected. First they track you around the store with their eyes pretending they are fixing messy clothes. Then when you have some stuff collected they bring you to a changeroom that has no mirrors inside, only in the main area 🙁 They ask for your name, introduce themselves, and they keep coming back asking, “Hey Sara, it’s Meghan. I’m just checking to see how you are doing.” You mumble “fine” while you are trying to get the balls to go out in to the main area to look in the mirror with all the perky young girls spinning around in their size 0’s not knowing what cellulite and spanx are. When you are done they ask how you did and when you reply they say “oh great! I’ll put the small up at the cash and wrap it for you! I’m glad it fit!”,  basically leaving you no choice but to buy or else you look like an asshole and won’t want to walk back in there again in case Meghan is working. Well played Meghan. Well played. I do admit that a slip dress was on my spring and summer Wish list, and I have eyeballed that one for a long while. My first choice was this one but with the exchange rate and shipping it was out of my comfort zone for a simple dress, so the one I got was basically my second choice.

That’s one thing scratched off my wish list. A few other things that are on it are a Cuyana cape, sandals (something like these maybe), and Levi’s. What’s on yours?

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