A Few Transitional Outfits for Spring


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Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons because they toe the line of the weather I hate and allow me dress in the layers that I love. The problem with spring is that you are ready to pack away your winter gear……I’ve put mine away and pulled it out again three times already in the last month, but it’s not yet warm enough to go without a jacket. The answer to most of our weather fashion problems? Layers.

You want to wear a dress to embrace spring but you know your going to regret it? Layer a dress under a light jacket or blazer, add some tights or socks and a pair of low to mid calf boots (I’m digging the Little House on a Prairie style above). Need something chic? A slim black turtleneck, cropped trousers, a leather jacket, with a touch of animal print.

We all have an oversized cardigan that we love, so to wear it when the weather is cooler, just layer another sweater underneath. Can’t wait to bust out your favourite denim jacket? You can layer a hooded sweatshirt under with a fitted leather skirt and some slip on shoes for a casual yet cool vibe.

One of my favourite things to do is to try and find new ways to wear things. I don’t break my closet in to seasonal wardrobes. I tried that once and ended up just carrying most of it through to the next season anyway so everything I have basically falls in to an all season category (obvious exceptions being winter boots and coat). Even beanies I wear for 3 out of the 4 seasons. Since I don’t break them in to seasons it gives me a lot of opportunity to try to find different ways to wear pieces that would normally be labelled as “not weather appropriate”, so I need to get creative to find ways to wear them.

Some combinations I have are:

  • a classic button down under a slip dress with tights or boots (or maybe a button down bodysuit to prevent bunching).
  • my leather or denim jacket worn underneath my oversized camel coat.
  • skirts with boots and oversized sweaters.
  • cropped or rolled denim, light jacket, and shoes with no socks (or non visible sockettes).
  • turtlenecks layered under a buttoned denim jacket with jeans for a chic Canadian tuxedo.
  • blazers with oversized sweaters and jeans.
  • t-shirt dresses over leather leggings, and a light jacket, blazer or oversized cardigan.
  • and don’t forget the accessories. Scarves and hats are great for transitional weather and for changing up outfit looks.

That’s just a few of things I’ve paired in my head and/or I am wearing so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can find in my closet that I’ve never worn together before.

Do you have some favourite transitional outfits?

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