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Weekly Reads and Finds sales and discounts March 8 2018


I was pretty proud of myself this week for eating well and not getting take out then BAM Friday night comes. I was returning some really bad jeans (I am striking out left right and centre in the jean department at the moment) and it was around half past 4. I had no idea what to make for dinner and then BAM again, I walked past Taco Bell. Now I feel guilty and have probably had a years worth of sodium in that one meal.  I could have bought a bunch of groceries for the cost of dinner :/ All I can do is to try again next week I guess.

How did I not know that there was a Broadchurch season 3? I’m fairly certain that I said that about season 2 as well, but at least I have something to watch over the next few days. Next week is “March Break” and I put that in quotations because I homeschool the kids and don’t usually follow the same holiday patterns as the public school system but we need a little break. Some time to get refreshed and prepared for spring. I always laugh when I see this meme though because it is so true in my house.


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Weekly Finds:

    1. I’m always looking at them but have never bought one. Maybe this spring will be the season I get a jumpsuit.
    2. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. This one is super cute.
    3. I like to “collect” a variety of funny/cute/different coffee mugs so I would really like this wooden one.
    4. Madewell always hits it out of the park with their denim (like these). I wish there was a store here aside from the stock they carry at Nordstrom.
    5. H&M really has some hidden gems sometimes, especially in the home section like this duvet cover for only $59.
    6. I actually saw this dress in the store today and loved it. It is nice light linen and would be perfect for summer. I may have to go back in to try it on.
    7. This swimsuit is sold as separates. I really like the colour and the cut of this top.
    8. These bottoms are not striped to match the top (there is a striped one here), but this colour matches and I like the cut of these bottoms much better. That’s why I love two piece swimsuits, because they can be mixed and matched.
    9. This striped dress is part of H&M’s conscious line and is a perfect closet staple and is only $35 (stock is getting low).
    10. I am a sucker for loafers right now and the bow detail on these is amazing.
    11. Another awesome woven spring/summer bag from Zara. They are really killing it this season..
    12. This chair……..I want a whole set of them.
    13. I am a huge believer that you can never have too many pillows.
    14. Another pillow, but this one is blue velvet. It also comes in many other colours (I also like the yellow).
    15. I don’t have any vases and although this one has a small opening I think it would be nice with a flower or two in it. It would be perfect for the flowers that Merle likes to pick for me.
    16. I love, love, love pyjama style blouses and the print and tie waist on this one is amazing.
    17. I am seeing these little cap toe ballerinas a lot on Instagram. They have that classic Chanel look to them for only $35.
    18. Just because everyone needs an animal print dress.
    19. The most amazing wallpaper ever. I wish I could have a nursery redo and cover the walls with this. It makes me want to wallpaper the girls’ room.
    20. Perfect pot for our little cactuses.
    21. The most gorgeous little pouf for the living room.
    22. The perfect belt for your wardrobe and also comes in black.
    23. This bag is gorgeous and large, and I love me a really large purse.
    24. I am like a bralette connoisseur even though I only have a couple;) The two tone black and brown and dainty details are perfect on this one.
    25. If I bought every basket that I saved my entire home would be covered. At least it would be organized though 😉

Is anyone else doing a big spring clean out soon? I’m kind of excited to clean and purge….which is something that I never thought I would say.

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  1. Another uber fun collection, Sara. I just love looking at it all, let alone pining for the individual pieces. Just want you to know that your efforts to put these curations together are greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ardith

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