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Weekly Reads and Finds sales and discounts March 2, 2018


I little weekly update of how my working-out is doing. I had three days of exercising and three days of walking over 10,000 steps which I am surprised I achieved. As of today I actually have felt pretty good this week. I don’t know if it is because I have kicked that cold that was hovering around or if the new “fitness regime” is starting to show some positive effects. I would like to think it is the latter.

H&M released their new Studio Line this week and there were some really fantastic pieces in it. As per usual when they release a new line, many of the pieces sold out quickly but there are still many to be had. If I had an extra $200 kicking around this week, this is the piece I would have bought. I love it, and it’s reversible which doubles its greatness.

The final book in one of my favourite series (by one of my favourite authors) comes out on Tuesday.  I will be sitting on my device at midnight on Monday night to waiting for it to come out on iBooks (I’d wait for Kindle but their new releases don’t come out until 2 or 3am in my time zone). Then I am cancelling Tuesday so I can spend the day reading 😉 I really do wish I could cancel the day. My game plan is to read it through once really quickly, and then read it again immediately but in a slower pace so I can savour it. The speed read is because I really have to know what happens. I have waited over a year and it’s driving me nuts.


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Weekly Finds:

    1. I’m always on the hunt for perfect vintage looking band tees and this one and the one below are awesome.
    2. Along with this one they also have several different style band tees like this.
    3. I really like the weave of this hat. It would make a perfect accessory for summer time.
    4. I have wanted one of these calendars for years. I just don’t have the wall space for one right now :/
    5. These two-tone sandals are really nice, and they also come in a grey combo.
    6. This piece belongs to the H&M Studio line that I was talking about above. It has a vintage vibe to me and I love it.
    7. Because fun socks can make an outfit a million times better.
    8. I’ve never tried this brand of “luxury” toothpaste but the different flavours that it come in might make it worth the $15.
    9. This swimsuit is amazing. It’s hard to believe that it is only $35.
    10. H&M has some really cute things for the home at the moment like these polka dot spoons.
    11. And this polka dot bowl.
    12. A polka dot tea pot and……
    13. And a large polka dot pillow case that is both from their conscious line, and only $5.99 which is a steal.
    14. Also from the new H&M release, these green trousers are so retro and perfect. I wish I could try them on.
    15. Because every shelf needs to have a peace statue, I do have a thing for gold painted knick-knacks.
    16. Free People has some fantastic shoes this season and these mules are one of my favourites.
    17. For when you want your eggs to be in a pretty holder. I’d be tempted to use it as a jewellery organizer on my dresser though.
    18. This is probably one of the prettiest chairs I have ever seen. I don’t know where I would put it…….actually I would totally trade my desk chair in for this if it wasn’t so expensive.
    19. For those of us who don’t like colouring, you can use stickers instead. They have several themes like the travel book, and musicians.
    20. A really pretty fabric woven bag for summer and it is only around $50.
    21. These mules come in black or white and are sale for $39 at the moment.
    22. Another cute woven purse but this one is shaped like a shell and is navy blue (even though it looks black).
    23. Nothing says summer staple like a pair of old skool checkered vans.
    24. An astrological wall hanging in your favourite zodiac sign. I would like to get this for the girls room since they share the same zodiac sign.
    25. A much more stylish laundry bin than the one I currently have and is only $34.99.

Shopbop is having its Buy More – Save More sale until tomorrow night so if you are looking for some new pieces you may find a deal or two there.

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