My New Favourite Pants and How I’m Wearing Them

One pair of Pants 4 ways March 5, 2018

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I probably should have titled this post One Pair of Pants 4 Ways, or even I Impulse Bought Some Pants and Now and I am Trying to Figure Out How to Wear Them. The gist is, I went in to Zara and saw these pants. I tried them on and liked them so much that I bought them without  thinking of how I would wear them. My usual rule before I buy something is to think of at least 5 ways that I would wear the piece to make sure that it will be versatile and I will wear it. I broke my rule with these because when I put them on they fit so well and were so comfortable I didn’t really care. They also fit my short legs perfectly which is a rarity and definitely and selling feature.

I wore them today as you can see here and that outfit pretty much reflects outfit number one on here. Tonight I went through my closet and quickly pulled out the above pieces (or similar to) and tested out some outfits. The ones that worked I put together on here so you can see a handful of ways that I plan on wearing these pants.

I love the green stripes instead of the usual red or white…..or red & white, because this green is my absolute favourite shade of green. The little slits at the ankles are reminiscent of the way that I used to cut the bottom of my jeans and insert a triangle of fabric in high school. The little flare that the slits cause allow them to fit over the top of my shoes without bunching.

I saw these online but couldn’t find them in the store so I forgot about them for a bit, but when I saw them a few says ago I knew immediately that they were going to fit great and I was going to love them. That is a rarity with me and pants so when that happens I always make sure to get them when possible and for $45.90 they don’t break the bank.

Have you had a winning impulse buy lately?

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  1. You know I am in love with these. Your impulse purchase was unintentionally wise? Let’s go with that.

    • You need to try them on. Seriously. I think you’ll love them too. For some reason my impulse buys always end up being my favourite things.

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