Although I’m Not a Big Fan of Swimsuits, I Did a Round Up Anyway :/

Spring Summer 2018 swimsuit round up


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I’m obviously not alone in this. I know a huge number of women that don’t own (or refuse to wear) a swimsuit because of how they feel they look in them. I’ve never liked them, and have never in my life laid around in a swimsuit to sunbathe……except maybe when I was little. I’m trying to change my mindset on that though because my girls are getting older and they are seeing me refuse to wear a swimsuit and go swimming and that’s not what I want them to remember, me being uncomfortable in my skin.

This means that I have to find a new suit. A style that is both flattering for my body type and comfortable. I got sucked into the ModCloth site a few years ago and fell in love with their retro swimsuits. I ended up buying this one, and I’ve never worn it. It was the completely wrong style for my body. It is a suit for curvy girls, and it really shows off a curvy figure to perfection. That is not me. At all. Why did I ignore the nine million reviews about that but acknowledged the ones that said to size up because it fits small? Reviews are there for a reason people… help you. Don’t neglect reading them if the website you are shopping on has them.

I went “shopping” online for suits last night and pulled some of my favourites that are in a reasonable price range to put together a swimsuit round up. A few are a little higher but none are to the point of insanity because who really wants to pay hundreds for a suit that will only be used for a couple of months? I think I am more partial to a one piece than two at the moment so most of my selections focus on that. I also looked for some styles that were plus size, and shaping suits for those of us that are looking for a little help.

While this put me in the mindset of summer, I am still waiting for all the sandals to come out. Is it just me or does there not seem to be a lot of summer footwear out yet? Maybe I’m rushing it, but I feel like they are usually out sooner than this.

Although I didn’t have success with that one style of ModCloth swimwear I still love to ogle them because they are such fun styles with non traditional colours and prints. Many of them have a retro vibe which I love and they come in a full rage of sizes which is a huge win for me. So if you feel like ogling some fantastic suits than here are some of my favourites.

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