A Maternity Capsule Wardrobe for All Seasons

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Black Tank Top | White Band Tee (men’s fit) | Grey T-shirt | Black Print Blouse | Khaki Blouse | White Blouse | Pink Tie Blouse | Dark Grey Sweater | Light Grey Sweater | White Sweater | Long Cardigan | Black Cardigan | Black Polka Dot Dress | Black Striped Dress | Blue Striped Dress | Casual Jeans | Dark Jeans | Black Pants | Leggings | Black Trousers | Long Grey Jacket | Leather Jacket | Parka | Striped Swimsuit | Black Scarf | Pink Floral Scarf | Straw Hat (packable) | Black Wool Hat | Adidas Sneakers | Vans Slip-ons | Black Loafers | Booties | Weather BootsSlides | Sandals | Black Purse | Brown Purse |


Lets go back 8 years to the last time I was pregnant. I actually can’t believe it has been 8 years but Merle is now 7, so yes 8 years ago I was just finding out I was pregnant with her. There wasn’t a lot of maternity clothes options back then (and even less 13 years ago during my first pregnancy). Your favourite stores didn’t carry maternity lines like they do know, and if you lived in a small city like I did back then, then your options were very, very limited and you needed to get creative. Thinking back on it, the only places we had that carried maternity were Walmart, and this little boutique shop that was totally not my style, and way out of my price range.

How did I manage to get by without access to maternity clothes and not having a lot of money? I did the buttonhole-elastic trick with my jeans (thankfully low-rise jeans were the style so they actually fit under the bump well), and buying a Bella Band. The Bella Band was the key purchase that allowed me to be able to use my wardrobe that I had. It was layered under every shirt I had to make sure everything was long enough and covered. I even used it afterwards until my jeans were able to be buttoned closed again. Also, any items of clothing that didn’t have to be worn closed or buttoned up the front could all be worn throughout my entire pregnancy.

It’s a completely different world now if you are pregnant and almost every major retailer carries a maternity line. But just because there are so many cute things doesn’t mean that you have to go out and by them all. I would say to think about this the same way you would with building a capsule wardrobe. The first step is to always go through what you already own and figure out what will or won’t work for you. There are so many things that even if they won’t get you through an entire pregnancy, might get you through the first two trimesters. Pieces like leggings, oversized sweaters, cardigans, blazers, button front tops that can be left open over pregnancy tanks or tees, and any jackets that you never do up. I was able to wear my men’s t-shirts, cardigans, and leather jacket easily. I was lucky enough to deliver both my girls before cold winter weather set in so Inever had to be concerned about a winter coat. That is a piece that you will probably want to buy since having an open jacket over your belly will suck 🙂

This capsule is for all seasons because although you are only pregnant for 9 months, remember that the weight doesn’t always fall off immediately. Some lucky women can walk out of the hospital never looking like they were pregnant (I kind of did with my first, but with my second I hobbled out like and old women wearing a Belly Bandit to support my cesarean incision, because it literally felt like my guts were about to fall out everywhere). Most of us will take a while to lose the weight though, so you will most likely still be wearing these pieces for many months after until you can fit in to your pre-pregnancy clothes again. And if you never get back to your pre-preg weight they will. keep you clothed until you have accepted your new figure and are ready to embrace it with a new wardrobe.

The pieces I selected above are very minimalist in colour because I know a lot of us don’t like the pastel and floral prints that many maternity clothes seem to be. This is more reflective of my style, but there are so many colourful pieces out there if that is your preferences. This may also look like a lot of pieces, but the more expensive pieces like footwear, and jackets (aside from the winter one) you will already have. Many places like H&M have pregnancy tees, tanks, and leggings in a double pack for cheap. So all you need are a couple of dresses, some comfortable jeans………or two because I’m not going to lie, there may be times your pee yourself :/ a couple of sweaters, and a blouse or two. Finally a bra to support your new chest (here is a two pack), and some full coverage underwear because no one has time for that shit.

If you are newly pregnant than congratulations! I hope this post was useful and didn’t scare the hell out of you 😉 

I wish that I had access to ASOS when I was pregnant because they have so many things that are totally my style. Here are some of my favourite maternity pieces below You may have to flip through a couple of pages because apparently I added a lot.

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