A Few Fun Touches to Freshen a Kids Room

A Few fun touches to freshen a kids room | kids room | kid bedroom | kid room decor

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My girls share a room. They always have because we have only lived in two bedroom places. In a city where the average price of a house is $750,00 a lot of people tend to rent, and most of those rentals are condos and apartments. Three bedroom condos/apartments are few and far between and are usually significantly more in price so most families around here have kids that share rooms. Obviously size and shape of bedroom varies with each unit and ours is a corner unit so the rooms have a bizarre shape that is not easy to work with. So not only do the girls have a really small bedroom, but it’s also an odd shape which has made it difficult to find the best way to position everything.

Over the last few years we have pared down the furniture in the room to try and get some extra floor space. They even had bunks because we thought that would be ideal in the room. The bunks didn’t work out so well though and a few months ago we scoured the used sites and found this Ikea bed on Kijiji for around $30. Roo’s current bed is the Kura bunk flipped upside down, until we get this one for her. She just wants something simple so maybe this one that has storage drawers underneath for her millions of sneakers would be a better choice.

As for their tastes, neither girl has ever been what you would describe as “girly-girl”. They aren’t partial to pink but have very distinctive tastes that we are trying to implement bits of. There is some overlap as you can see below.


  • blueish-green, and black
  • Harry Potter
  • Doctor Who
  • Video Games
  • Star Wars
  • Sloths, llamas, and dinosaurs
  • Chemistry


  • Yellow
  • Harry Potter
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • Minecraft
  • Bones, human Body
  • Cats
  • Magic

They have an abundance of collections based on these tastes and we needed some place to display them all without too much clutter. At Ikea they have these bookshelves for $29 and we managed to get 3 into the bedroom (they are skinny but tall), plus this yellow cube shelf. Aside from those pieces they have two beds, and one skinny dresser that has some of Roo’s clothes and keeps her tv and gaming system organized. Everything pretty much touches along every wall around the entire room though but it can’t really be helped.

For their bedding Roo has a Pottery Barn Star Wars reissue duvet cover (my brother had this one back in the early 80’s), and Merle has one that I made from sewing this flannel sheet for the top, and this one for the bottom of the duvet cover because cat duvets are hard to come by;) We jazz up their bed with a lot of throw pillows (seriously, they have tons) and fun throw blankets. I want to get them each a Harry Potter house blanket in each of their houses to go on their beds as well.

Neither girl likes to sleep in the complete dark so we have a lot of little lights around the room. I like this one because it looks like a crystal ball, or the globe that does double duty. I really want the lightning marquee because it doubles as wall decor. They also need a rug to cover the worn carpet in between their two beds and I would love to get them one of the fake animal rugs, because they are interesting pieces and would fit perfect between the beds.

We are big on wall decor here. Any blank spot is up for grabs, so more is better in my mind 😉 Number 8 above; the pompom garland we plan on replicating this week. I made one years ago from a bag of miscellaneous balls of yarn that I found at the thrift store. It’s getting old and worn now so we picked up one yellow ball and one black to make them each a new garland to hang over their beds. That is one of the goals I have for this March Break. I can’t find the instructions I used back in 2011 so I am going to use this one because it is almost identical, and I think I like it even better.

As we are tackling the purging and paring down of things in our spring clean up this week, things are falling in to place……finally after almost 4 years of living here.

Check out some selections below of things that I liked but didn’t fit in to the collage above.

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  1. That is the exact same bed we’ll be getting my toddler when she graduates to a “big girl” bed. I actually like the black one a bit more, but we’ll probably get it in white. I actually really like the blue Busunge bed, but that’s £45 more!

    • I like the Black better too and we actually had them in black before we switched to the bunks. Dumb ass me got rid of them when we moved last time 🙁 I don’t think we have the Busunge in blue at the Canadian Ikea. Just pink, white, and a light green. I like the blue better though.

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