What I Wore This Week

Band tee, animal print coat, skinny jeans, and converse

Check skirt, band tee, denim jacket, and green sneakers

Oversized jacket, Joan of Arctic Sorels, winter fashion

pyjama top, trench coat, boyfriend jeans, and sock boots

Outfit 1 – Guns N Roses T-shirt | Skinny Jeans | Leopard Coat | Purse | Converse |
Outfit 2 – The Police Tee (similar) | Skirt Zara old (different colour) | Denim Jacket | Green Sneakers | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Oversized Jacket | Sorel Boots | Purse | Gloves |
Outfit 4 – Pyjama top (similar) | Jeans | Trench Coat (similar) | Sock Boots | Purse |


It’s the first full week of February and it’s going to be a tight one. I think I have around $60 to last me until this weekend which sucks but will be fine unless there is a pre approved payment coming out that I forgot about. Apparently we are still recovering from the time off work over Christmas :/

Yesterday to get out of the house Merle and I went mall-walking and window shopping. I was able to finally go into Gap and try on the jeans that I have had my eye on for a while. They have made an appearance in a couple of posts including one packing list  and I have stalked the website to see when they came in to stock at my local store so I could try them on. When I first saw them they reminded me of old Levis button fly’s and they actually fit like them. They didn’t have my exact size but I tried on the size below as well as above my usual to see if my normal size would work, and it seems that would be the perfect fit. I’m letting them hang out in my online shopping cart until the money flow comes back and they have a sale that includes denim again. I have a feeling they will be sold out by then though, so if you get a chance you should try these on. This style was great too, it was as stretchier denim vs thicker, with a high waist and the bottoms are cut off in an ankle skimming length.

Roo has an eye doctor appointment super early in the morning which I am dreading but we have had to reschedule several times so making this one is important. It’s the perfect time in the morning to hit major traffic so we need to head out around 7am because it’s on the opposite side of the city. This is going to be fun getting them up and out by that time.

Here’s to tightening the purse strings this week. I hope you all have a good one!

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