What I Wore This Week

Camisole | Miltay jacket | Distressed jeans | Frye Engineer Boots

David Bowie T-shirt | Tweed Jacket | Distressed Jeans | Green Shoes

Mom and daughter Zara dress try-on

Striped Blouse | Kimono Cardigan | Jeans | Converse

Outfit 1 – Black Camisole | Military shirt | Jeans | Frye Boots | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 2 – Bowie T-shirt | Tweed Jacket old (similar) | Jeans | Green Sneakers | Purse | watch |
Outfit 3 – Matching yellow dresses Zara (mine, Merle’s)
Outfit 4 – Striped Blouse old (similar) | Kimono Cardigan | Jeans | Converse | Purse | Watch |


Tomorrow is Family Day which is a stat holiday in Ontario. It was made to encourage families to spend more time together and to fill in that long stretch of no holidays in between New Years and Easter. We made a mistake last year of going to the Aquarium on Family Day because it just so happened that every family within the city limits thought that it was also a good idea. So. Many. People. We won’t make that mistake again and are just staying home to enjoy each other’s company 😉

Tom went thrifting this weekend but I decided to skip out because I wasn’t in the mood You have to be in in a certain mindset to search and it just wasn’t there for me. He managed to find me a pair of new black, leather converse hi tops though, which I will be adding to my collection.

Last week we went into Zara and Merle spotted a yellow dress, then she found me a yellow dress and although the dress makes me look like Little House on the Prairie it is one of my favourite pictures of us. She is so damn thrilled to be wearing matching yellow dresses that I wanted to buy it regardless of how it looked on me (I didn’t, but I wanted to). I also went into Topshop while Roo was in a nearby class and tried on a couple of things. When I first saw these I loved them but when I tried them on I burst out laughing. They are not meant for a slightly short waisted person who carries her weight in her lower belly. Not a good look Sara, try again. But these jeans were good (size up in them), and they will remain in my potential jean purchase list.

I’m totally getting stir crazy here right now because of the weather. Last year we were spoiled because there was no snow and the temps were way above seasonal, but this year they have made up for it. Every time I go out I feel like I have to run to the destination to get out of the weather. I’m looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday of this week when it is going to be around 15°C. It’s supposed to piss rain but I will wear a poncho if I have to just so I can enjoy the warmer temps.

How’s the weather where you are?

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