What I Wore This Week

Mommy and me | Black oversized Turtleneck Sweater | Oversized camel coat | Grey Jeans | Joan of Arctic Sorels |

Pink Floyd T-shirt | Oversized cardigan | Faux Leather Leggings | Adidas Superstars |

Red Oversized Sweatshirt | faux leather pants | Animal Print Jacket | Adidas Superstars

Gap Cone Denim
Outfit 1 – Oversized Turtleneck | Oversized Jacket (on sale for $74.99) | Grey Denim | Sorels | Beanie | Purse | Striped Leggings (similar) |
Outfit 2 – Pink Floyd t-shirt | Oversized Cardigan (on sale for $16) | Beanie | Faux Leather pants | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Oversized men’s sweatshirt (similar) | Animal Print Jacket (similar) | Faux Leather leggings | Adidas | Purse |
Jeans Photo – Stretchy Denim  | Second Pair Cone Denim |


I’m took advantage of the vacant mall on Friday evening because of the snow storm while Roo was at a class and did a quick perusal and try-on. I didn’t have a hell of a lot of success, but I did manage to find a few things that I liked and funnily enough they weren’t from Zara (although my online basket is still its full). I liked this dress but I wish it was more midi and less maxi length on me (and I am not getting it altered). It would work well if you are 5’6″ and up though. This blouse was nice too but I wished it button right up the front instead of being a pullover, and I tried on a pair of striped trousers that fit well but Merle wasn’t a big fan of the stripes. I’m going to keep my eyes open for black, tan, or grey. I’m pondering some H&M purchases though that I will get back too once I make up my mind.

My computer desktop is a visual mess, but it is a mess that I can decipher easily. I have a million folders and documents all over the place but I know exactly where to find everything. Yesterday instead of right clicking and then selecting “new folder”, I selected “clean up” which moved all my folders into a more orderly fashion that makes sense to the computer. I might have shed a tear or two but it serves me right for being so disorganized 🙁

In the bottom photo above are the two jeans that I tried on at Gap that I have talked about and reviewed somewhat last week. The one pair are the Levisque 501 style Gap Cone denim (here is a link for Canadian readers), and the other is a high waist, slightly stretchy, cropped ankle length that comes in about 7 washes (here is a link for Canadian readers) . I really liked them both. Some people say size down but I think it totally depends on your body composition. I have a small hip to waist ratio and because of the lack of hips and a non defined waist I found I had to size up. I think if you are more of a pear shape you probably need to size down to get the waist to fit without gaping. Either way they are definitely worth a try-on especially if you can get them on one of the many 40% off deals. They are both currently on sale online. I feel like I want to go try them on again since I am less bloated this week and see if they fit different 😉

I’m digging into my request list and pulling out a warmer weather destination this week. It’s supposed to hit above zero by mid-week so all of this snow is going to melt, which should be fun…

*My long grey cardigan above is on sale for $16 right now, and the oversized camel coat is on sale for $74.99.

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