Weekly Reads and Finds

Weekly Reads and Finds sales and discounts Feb 2

First off I am going to high-five myself for working out 5 out of 5 days so far this week. How long is it they say it takes to make something a habit? A month? I’m sure that I will need to start feeling the health benefits and see some changes before I will feel like I am motivated in maintaining the habit but until then I will push through.

I gave up on my Netflix quest and decided to rewatch Castle. I’m hoping that with the new month will come some new things to watch on Netflix but until then I’ll enjoy rewatching some of my favourites.

My picks above are inspired by spring. In yesterday’s post I mentioned how I always get the February Blues and maybe some colourful spring inspiration will help.


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • Do you hate your brows as much as I hate mine? Hello early 90’s over plucking and never grew back properly. You can use this tool to try on different brow styles to see which suits you best. I’m going to try it later.
  • I have seen a lot about people talking about their success with using this supplement to help with their thinning and hair loss. It’s expensive, but the Amazon reviews are mostly high with lots of praise. I know it wouldn’t work on everyone but it may be worth a try if this is something you are struggling with.
  • 13 tv show reboots coming in 2018. I’m not sure how I feel about these. I’m completely on the fence with Heathers because you can’t really compete with that classic.
  • 5 Pieces of Cooking Wisdom from Jamie Oliver That Will Never Set You Wrong. I need to invest in a mortor and pestle to up my game.
  • I’m thinking of increasing the tempo next week with the fitness and adding this 30 day yoga challenge on top of the daily HIIT exercises. I might mix it up and do one in the morning and yoga before bed or maybe just one after the other to get it over with. I will have to wait and see.

Weekly Finds:

  1. Gap is having up to 50% off including denim and this pair are part of the sale.
  2. Do you get bored with your purse? Ig=f it has a removable strap you can change-up the look of your purse by adding a great guitar strap for some versatility.
  3. Too early to think of bathing suits? This one is fab if you are in the market for one.
  4. One of my favourite ways to add some colour is a bright pair of shoes and these green sneakers are awesome.
  5. This rug reminds me of a medieval tapestry and we all know how much I love anything from the Middle Ages 😉
  6. A colourful vase full of flowers brightens any room or window sill.
  7. I think every kitchen needs some fun mugs and H&M has some cute ones for around $6.
  8. I love cardigans of every length and colour and this striped one is a nice addition to any closet.
  9. My girls would love this plate. I love having a mish-mash of plates in various prints, patterns, and colours but it leads to inevitable fighting or a meltdown that I neglected to put her food on (fill in the blank) plate. Yes that really does happen.
  10. This yellow macrame purse inspires me to start thinking about my spring and summer wardrobe. It would be a perfect piece for the season.
  11. My girls have wanted one of these nest style chairs forever. This one is expensive but is so much more durable than the cheaper quality ones I see all over.
  12. Spring and summer immediately makes me think of embroidered pieces and this shirt is light and airy with the perfect embroidered sleeves.
  13. These red kitten heel boots are on for a killer deal now. They are currently marked down to $30 which is a total steal.
  14. Add some fun pieces to your kitchen with these bird salt and pepper shaker set.
  15. This bird print apron goes well with the matching salt and pepper shaker set above.
  16. I tend to stick with black or brown sunglasses but this green style are subtle yet striking. I love them.
  17. A nice and colourful twist to a white t-shirt with some striped trim and corset style lacing.
  18. If you are looking for a wool hat then this one from Mango Outlet is marked down to $9.99.
  19. I don’t usually like blue but this blanket is my favourite shade of blue. It looks great with anything and is the perfect size for your couch or the end of the bed.
  20. I’m in the market for a new pair of sandals this year since I haven’t bought a new pair in almost 4 years. I am compiling some of my favourites of the season, like these.
  21. This shirt has a retro vibe for me with its blue and floral combination. It would look awesome layered under a checkered blazer.
  22. A fun set of teaspoons with animals at the top. More cute animal inspired pieces for the kitchen.
  23. If you want a statement piece than this jacket is the way to go. Mid length, lined, and wool blend in a bright orange is the perfect piece for spring.

Are you feeling inspired for spring yet?

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  1. Hi Sara,
    Just wanted to boomerang a voice back to you. To say thanks for all you do! February can be harsh (I have to pretend I love it because my son’s birthday is in Feb. and he takes it personally when you diss his month.) So congrats on sticking with working out, for carving out time for yourself, for keeping the great content up, for sourcing cool stuff for those of us who have given up (ha – sort of), for being an ‘on it’ mom. To steal from the helicopter parent lexicon: GOOD JOB!
    But really.

    • Thanks so much for those words, it really means a lot. My youngest has a birthday 10 days before Christmas so we have to try really hard to make sure to carve out a completely separate event for her otherwise it gets lost in the holiday festivities. So I get the having to go that extra mile emotionally and figuratively. Happy birthday to your son! And don’t give up 🙂

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