What to Pack For Munich, Florence, and Serbia


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Today was so nice out. It was raining, but the temperature was around 16°C so we went for an uber long walk around the area today. I think we walked for almost 4 hours total (there was a trip to the mall in there to pick up dishwasher detergent) but the remaining time was puttering about. It was so nice to get to air ourselves out, plus the apartment with the winds open. I can almost feel spring in the air, and now that I have said that there will probably be a huge now storm 😉

Today’s request is What to Pack for Munich, Florence, and Serbia for 15 days in March. The weather can range a lot between the three cities at this time of year so layering is important, and also is versatility (like the black flats, where you can fold down the backs to be worn as mules if the weather is warmer, or worn up for more coverage).

The criteria for my choices were to be built with neutrals (black, white, grey) and add a pop of colour in which I chose red because I love how red pairs with neutrals. But you can easily add more colour by throwing in a coloured tee or long sleeve as well or instead. Coloured shoes, earrings, scarves, necklaces, and even a bold lip colour are all easy ways to get a pop of colour with a mostly neutral wardrobe as well. I will put together around 20 different outfits for next post. I really hope this is helpful for deciding what to pack.

Don’t forget to document your outfits so you have something to refer too when/If you get on of those “I have nothing to wear” feelings that make many of us run to go shopping while on vacation. The pictures will reinforce that you have plenty to wear.

Can you feel the spring in the air yet where you are (or autumn if you are in the Southern Hemisphere)?

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