16 Bags That Will Inspire Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

16 bags that will inspire your spring and summer wardrobe

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As we all know, I have a thing for the circle bags that are popping up everywhere. It started with this one that I used in my What to Pack for Amsterdam packing list, but it sold out fast and I wasn’t able to get it. This start searching hardcore for one that I liked as much or more than that one. I saved a bunch of links and have a few floating around in my online shopping carts across the internet. I happened to poke back to the website yesterday and saw that they were restocking the original one that I wanted and I could preorder it for an early March delivery. Not wanting to have a repeat of the last time with waiting too long and kicking myself I preordered it last night. I don’t think I have ever bought a purse for summer before, so I hope it lives up to my expectations.

I decided that since I was able to buy the original one that I liked, that I would take all the other links I compiled over the past few weeks and put them together in a post for you. Number 4 is from Zara. I actually chose that one to be my surrogate bag and I may still actually get it, because it’s larger size than the one I bought. I love me a big (and it’s only $45). I also really like number 2 for the colours and weave.

Up until this point I usually carry the same purse 365 days a year, or do a small rotation between 2-3. I have never designated a bag to a season before, and I probably still won’t but it will be nice to have a more summerish bag in my super tiny “collection”.

Do have different bags for each season? Autocorrect changed bags to bras so I am glad I caught that before I hit post 😉

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  1. This is a great and super fun collection, Sara. Plus, you designed your curation so well. It’s beautiful to look at. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith! It was fun putting it together. I can’t wait until the bag arrives, and if it doesn’t I’m going to be pretty bummed. I hope you are doing well.


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