What to Pack for Strasbourg, France

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This week I have a request for a place that is high up on my to-visit list because I have an obsession with its half-timbered houses, Gothic cathedral, and Petite France with channels that surround what used to be the homes of tanners, millers, and fishermen during the Middle Ages (because the Middle Ages floats my boat).  When I think about places the I would put down “roots”, Strasbourg is in my top 10 (or maybe 15, I really should make a list).

This request is for is for 10 days in the Alsace region for the end of March/beginning of April, so in other words early spring. While the trip will focus on the Alsace region and surrounding areas including Germany, their main stay will be in Strasbourg.

The wardrobe preference were neutrals, and I found myself revisiting a few pieces that have used in other packing lists. I usually try to select all new pieces but since it is the end of season I was finding a lot of sales and restocking of pieces that I have really enjoyed and since they worked with the overall theme I figured I would share them again. This cardigan was in last weekends reads and finds post as well. I was so disappointed when it sold out, but it seems to have ben restocked and is now on sale so if you liked it, then it is available again.

The jacket is from Zara and I am completely in love with it. I have searched for one like this since September and now that they have one, I don’t have any money (go figure). It will stay in my shopping cart “just in case” because it is literally exactly what I have looked for and you never know, I may win the lottery 😉

As for shoes, something that I have noticed is that every single woman who I follow on Instagram that is from France has the innate ability to wear high-end mixed with low-end so perfectly that it just works so effortlessly. There are no tried hard labels in your face, and they never do head to toe all designer. I find they usually focus on lower to mid range clothes and pair them with expensive shoes and purses. The one brand of shoe that they all seem to have in common (and each have multiple pairs of) are Golden Goose sneakers, so I decided to include a pair because a) this list is somewhat inspired by their looks, and b) I want a pair badly.

As a final touch I added a leopard purse and bright red skinny scarf that compliments the palette. Strasbourg during early spring averages from the early to mid teens in celsius with a drop at night so a jacket(s), heavier scarf, hat, and sweaters will be enough to keep you warm. I kept the shoes flat for ease of walking since a lot of cobblestone streets are in this area. The outfit options for this list will be in the next post.

Do you have a top 10 cities list for where you would like to live?

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