What to Pack for a Weekend in Southern California

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This is where I admit that I suck at finding formal wear and this request requires it. So I am opening this with the admission that I have trouble dressing myself for formal situations, and my selections may not be even close to what you are looking for.

This trip is for a weekend to Southern California at the end of February. It involves attending both a wedding and a as a special dinner for out-of-town guests (the night before). Both travel and casual pieces are also needed because she will be helping with last-minute wedding preparations.

I need to include 1-2 casual outfits, a dressy dinner outfit, as well as a wedding outfit. Casual is obviously easy, dressy dinner can be made easy by including a silk blouse, and some trousers that can be worn with either some leather flats, or heels depending on how dressy the dinner is. Now for the wedding, which is where I kept hitting walls. I was looking around and getting excited by some pieces only to see that they were expensive like this dress. I would wear that with a blazer and heels. I have the tendency to pair formal wear with blazers for some reason. I like the look, and how it adds a touch of masculine to the overtly feminine. I went and pulled several styles that caught my eye, along with some blazers that can be paired with them (because I really like the idea of a tulle skirt, camisole, blazer, and heels).

The list consists of:

Remember that the jeans, top or sweater, one pair of shoes, jacket, and purse are for your travel outfit. That omits many pieces and makes room for everything easily in a weekender. The formal wear selections I pulled are located below, along with a variety of blazers, and clutch bags.

I’m not the fanciest person in the world and dressing me in formal wear can be a little like pulling teeth. I do my best when the occasion arises and I would wear all the pieces below (and combinations of them). I will put these pieces together into outfit options for next post. In the meantime I hope you find this helpful.

*The Free People dress shows up below in a bright blue in the picture, but I prefer the grey that it also comes in.
** Also, I don’t usually include the nightware and undergarments in my lists because it’s sort of assumed that you know what to pack in that department 😉 but this list was small so I decided that it would work. That and I kind of really love the pajamas. They are a loose fit and look like something I would live in (and it’s yellow, and I love yellow). I wish my local H&M offered more pajamas……and house stuff.

What is your go-to for formal wear?

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