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I was feeling inspired by Urban Outfitters this week when I was going through some of their new spring stock. I’ve pulled some of the pieces and looks that I am digging for the new season up above. Fall/winter stock is usually my favourite season, but spring stock blows a breath of fresh air into the more stagnant winter vibe you start to feel around February.

I started working out again this week and I wasn’t sure how successful it was going to be but I am happy to note that I worked out 4 days this week. I thought for sure I would putter out by mid-week looking for any excuse not to follow through. There was a few almost didn’t do it moments but I kicked my ass. Merle has decided that she wants to work out with me which is awesome and hilarious. Watching her do burpees and lift weights (small juice bottles as weights) brings some laughter to the situation that usually makes me want to cry 😉 I’m hoping I get 5 days in next week. 

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • This looks amazing and I want to bake it this week, along with these desserts but I’m pretty sure the desserts would be hard to make and take a ton of ingredients. It’s a great party food idea though.
  • Voldemort Origins of the Heir – an Unofficial Fan film comes out tomorrow (January 13th on their Youtube Channel) and we are excited to see it. That also ties to Diagcon which is a Harry Potter fan convention that is taking place in Manchester, England. It looks totally awesome and the tickets also go on sale tomorrow for the October date (July is sold out). I wished we lived there.
  •  Does anyone else get sucked into the Crazy Days and Nights blinds? It is so easy getting lost in internet holes while digging into stories and theories.
  • This video on Twilight Births is horrible to watch.  I had no idea this type of doctor intervention occurred. I can only imagine how traumatic it was for these women.
  • How David Letterman Just Reinvented the TV Talk Show – Again. I’m so glad he is back, and glad he kept the beard.

Weekly Finds:

  •  Every time I walk past Club Monaco I peek in wistfully but I never enter for some reason. I’m not sure why because I always find things I want from there online. They are currently up to 70% off select. This leopard print turtleneck, a merino wool striped sweater, and this metallic skirt all caught my eye.
  • Coach is an extra 50% off sale. This purse caught my eye with its bold colours, or this small crossbody. I’m also partial to this one in green.
  • 40% off select with Urban Outfitters like fleece blankets, super cute pillows (Roo would love this one and this one, and a fun way to display your photos. I’m not going to lie, I’d like an army of these for my plants.
  • Going along with my new spring preview above, Loft has 40% off new items with the code FRESH. I love this grandma knit sweater, and this gorgeous embroidered sweater. I’m a sucker for a unique looking piece, or bold colour like this sweater or red blazer.

I hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. Just last night my husband and I watched The Crown episode where Queen Elizabeth gives birth to Prince Andrew under twilight sleep, and with forceps of course! There’s no way a baby’s coming out without intervention when the mom’s knocked out, sadly. That was in 1959, and my husband was born that same year in the same way on Long Island. It’s crazy and horrible!!! His mom has said she was glad her 3 girls born in the 1960s weren’t born that way, as they moved and practices changed.

    • Ugh, even the Queen had to go through that? I knew they used to sort of knock them out and I always wondered how you would deliver while unconscious. Now I know. It seems so brutal. My second born was a cesarean because she was breach, but my first born was the old fashioned way (but with an epidural) and I still slightly traumatized by the experience to this day :/ I don’t think I would have had more than one if I had to go through a twilight sleep.

      Side note: I am adding The Crown to my watch list. I’ve always passed it by for some reason but no more.

  2. There was a rumor a few years ago that Robert Downey Jr. was a commenter on CDAN, under the name Himmmm. Whoever it was, assuming they really were in the entertainment industry, was attempting to do some pre-Weinstein whistle blowing on abuse in Hollywood. I’m not sure if I buy that it was RDJ, but I certainly hope it was!

    • Yes! He’s still on there. I’m kind of convinced it’s him though. He also recently made a blind about himself (if he is RDJ) hinting to exiting his Iron man role. If it’s him I give him major props to these inside views to the dark side of Hollywood.

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