What to Pack for Lisbon, Portugal in Winter

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When people think of vacationing in Portugal most will think about summer. I’ve heard that it’s pretty damn marvelous in winter though, and that is what today’s request is about. A late winter family trip to Lisbon, Portugal from Halifax Nova, Scotia, so straight across the water 😉

Her tastes are mid range shops mixed with lower priced items and a preference towards J.Crew. Her daily outfits usually consist of J.Crew, H&M, Madewell, Zara, or Mango (or all the above at once). Absolutely no heels, and more neutral, and earthy tones with a touch of colour. She wants to look well put together, but still casual and not overdone with an ease to wear.

While J.Crew is generally out of my price tag comfort zone, they often have big sales and you can usually find the piece you have wanted for around 40% off if you are patient. Their pieces lean towards basic, classic staples but they always seem to have a twist like the grey sweater with the bow, or the tan striped sweater with slightly flared cuffs.

Since I am generally not a heel person it’s easy for me to plan a wardrobe around not having them. I opted for a slim, black boot, a sneaker (navy instead of black accents), and a classic loafer. I own these loafers by Sam Edelman and I will keep recommending them because I love them. I am starting to dread that we are quickly exiting decent weather and I will have to retire them for the season. The bonus about a classic piece is that you don’t have to worry they will no longer be “on trend” by the time you are able to wear them again.

I am in love with the houndstooth jacket with tie waist. It is lightweight enough that it can be worn like a long duster/cardigan when left open, or belted for a dressier look. I added some colour to the neutral/earth tones with a blue floral tee (50% of the retail of the t-shirt go to saving the bees. I love clothes for a cause.), a floral print dress, and the crossbody. There is also a touch of colour in one of the scarves.

This was fun to put together because I am usually trying to stick to more budget friendly items which can be difficult to find at times. It can be tough trying not to repeat pieces on a weekly basis, so it was nice to put in a couple of things that were more “expensive” than I generally like to include to expand on my choices.

I put expensive in quotes because many people would laugh that I consider them expensive, but I am sure that a lot of you agree with me 😉

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  1. This was so helpful! My fiancé and I are going to Lisbon for the Holidays and I had no idea what to pack. Glad your blog popped up! I’ll use it for future trips too 🙂

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