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On Thursday when I got to go shopping alone I decided I was going to take advantage of that and try as many styles as Levi’s that I could find. To say that the result was disappointing is a understament. I don’t know what the hell my problem is but they all looked terrible. No more excuses, right after the New Year some exercise to tone and build muscle is on the agenda. I am getting too old to not exercise regularly anymore, and while I could get away with it easily in my 20’s (and even early 30’s) that shit is starting to creep up on me. No more. Anyone else entering a similar mindset? When I say I tried on a lot of Levis’ I kid you not, I tried on about 17 pairs. While some might have worked a bit better if I could get them in a shorter inseam like the 721’s (the distressed knees were actually at my shins :/ ). I do really, really want to find a pair of 501’s skinnies to try. If I can find the proper waist/Inseam they may be winners. The regular 501’s are just too bulky in the legs for me, which is so weird because they were all I wore in the early to mid 90’s. Have you found a style of Levi’s that works for you?

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • Sometimes I am just completely in awe of someone’s talent. This is one of those times. It is absolutely incredible what he can do with one stroke of a paint brush.
  • Cellphone usage is the new smoking. It’s time to follow France’s example and stamp it out. What do think of this? I would be totally on board.
  • I haven’t baked many holiday treats this year but this video makes me feel like I need to up my game.
  • I think this is so cool yet eery. I don’t know if I am brave enough to “visit” but I really do like looking at some of the photography of the abandoned city.
  • I like this analogy for sexual assault. “Why do women get all attractive if they don’t want to be harassed?”……..”Why do you make your house so attractive if you don’t want someone to break in and start taking stuff?”

Weekly Finds:

We are down to the wire guys so if you haven’t finished shopping you will have to finish in store this weekend. Here are some deals that I know of going on at the moment.

  • Since my family loves Hot Topic and was just there tonight I know they have a lot of good deals on right now. Everything in the store was Buy one Get One 50% off, but then they also have deals on the specific brands or groups of items. Like the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beast stuff is Buy Two Get One Free. The pops are also $9.50 a piece if you buy 3 or more (I got this one for Tom). I was also able to get two Harry Potter shirts (this one and this one) and get this free (which is kind of awesome because you generally get the lowest priced item for free but they were really busy and I think she was stressed).
  • Gap is 40% off your purchase with the code DEAL. I enjoy this striped tiger sweater, and since I have a thing for jackets/blazers I will take this band jacket, a striped fur, and a super awesome satin bomber 😉 For the kids I really like their Star Wars pieces like this sweatshirt, and this sweater.
  • If you spend $50 at H&M you get a $10 gift card and right now they have all kinds of deals going one (and Free shipping on orders over $40 use code 0040). Up to 70% off further markdowns, and denim starting at $9.99. These ankle skimming jeans are $18.99, a faux fur jacket for $40, and an oversized sweater for $17.99 are some of my faves.
  • The Body Shop is one of my most favourite places to shop and the are currently 40% off site wide. Remember the old Against Animal Testing t-shirts? They should totally reissue those because I want to find one. The products I love: Tea Tree Oil Blemish stick, a detangling comb, and the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel, and cream are fantastic.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays guys! See you next week!


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