What I Wore This Week

Sequin shirt, joggers, leather jacket, and Adidas

Black Sheath dress, leather jacket, Frye Engineer Boots

faux Leather pants, white blouse, check blazer, and loafers

Oversized Camel sweater, boyfriend jeans, Zara shoes

Embroidered sweater shirt, oversized camel coat, jeans, and loafers

Outfit 1 – Leather Jacket | Sequin Top (super old so similar) | Joggers | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Black Dress | Leather Jacket | Frye Boots | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 3 – Faux Leather Pants (size up in these) | White Blouse | Check Blazer (similar) | Loafers | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 4 – Oversized Sweater | Jeans | Brown flats from Zara (two non leather inexpensive versions here and here) | Purse |
Outfit 5 – Oversized Camel Coat | Embroidered Sweatshirt | jeans | Loafers | Purse | Merle’s Coat | Yellow Sunnies |


Do you know what feels good? To finally get rid of the pile of donation crap that has sat in the front hall area (as well as other places). The pile kept getting bigger and bigger and for some reason in this house, people seem to think that any empty surface is a open drop off spot to stack shit. Mail, clothes, toys……they way they think tidying is done is to pick up the item from the floor and place it on an elevated surface. It drives me insane, so I am exceedingly happy that my old computer desk has now vacated the premises because it was a magnet for clutter. Does anyone else suffer from the empty surface = clutter magnet affliction?

It got really cold on Friday and we had to bust out the winter coats 🙁 I can’t believe we had to do that already. Last year I didn’t even have to wear until almost February and then I only had to wear it around 5 times that season. My coat is really heavy when it’s on. I like the look of it (it almost looks like and army style parka) but the weight of it sucks, it feels like a weighted exercise vest. It would be nice to get a less heavy model, and maybe a faux fur coat for the season but I will survive with this one without either at the moment 😉 Both the girls winter coats still fit thankfully, but they will definitely won’t next year. We were able to get Merle’s from Gap when they had a 40% off sale (they always have these sales so pay attention to emails and the website). It was from the boys section because she liked the green and the girls only had “girly” colours.  It looks like they have the exact same coat this season to (it also comes in Burgundy, navy, and black). It’s a really nice coat, and really warm so it was a good choice.

The Christmas tree is up! We ended up putting it up on Friday night, and since it was put in a new spot this year it looks so much better. We also discovered that the wall socket it is plugged it to is control by a light switch that we had no idea what it turned on (cue Friends mysterious light switch episode). Seriously, we have lived here for several years and could never figure it out, but now we don’t have to unplug the lights to turn them off.

Have I mentioned that my kids are weird and have a life-size skeleton in their room? His name is Fred. And while Tom was at Value Village today he found a smaller version (It looks like a medical school one because it is really detailed) so he bought it. He needed a little repair job but Tom fixed him and Merle named him Bilbo Baggins (I’m reading The Hobbit to her). He will fit in perfect with Fred, and the cat and bird skeletons that are on her shelf. Next she wants a real animal skull to add to the collection. It’s turning in to a real life apothecary shop in that room, which is funny because Roo’s dream occupation is an alchemist 😉

Did you see that I posted a Christmas gift guide for kids on Friday? I tried to give some versatile options because if I focused too much on my kids tastes it would have been filled with weird and creepy stuff. Have you ever seen the show Oddities? That reflects their tastes well (mine too). We love that show and really want to go shopping there to add to our collections. Top on my list is a 19th century vampire fighting/killing kit (if they can authentic one properly).

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  1. Jeepers, Sara, you knocked this week’s wardrobe out of the park! I had so much fun scrolling through them all. And kudos on your decluttering efforts.

    Your girls are too funny with the skeletons in their closets, ha! Anytime you want to share a photo of the skeletons in situ, I’m all for it. And yes, I loved your kid’s gift guide. It’s pretty awesome.

    Hope you’re having a great week, Ardith

    • Thanks! My girls are pretty funny. I love seeing their individual quirks and traits. If I can get them to keep their room clean longer than an hour I’ll get a photo, it’s a battle though.
      The week’s good but I think I’m getting sick which is awful timing because I have Tom’s Roo’s , and Merle’s birthdays all over the next 4 weeks 🙁

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