What I Wore This Week

My Bender from The Breakfast Club look. Oversized coat, denim jacket, plaid shirt

Leather jacket, camisole, black pants, loafers

Oversized coat, culottes, black tee, Adidas

Striped sweater, moto jacket, skinny jeans, red hunter boots, Lulu Guinness umbrella

Outfit 1 (My Bender from The Breakfast Club look) – Oversized Jacket | Plaid shirt | Denim Jacket | Jeans | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Leather Jacket | camisole | Black Jeans | Shoes | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 3 – Oversized Jacket | T-shirt | Culottes | Adidas | Purse |
Outfit 4 – Striped Sweater | Leather Jacket | Jeans | Rainboots | Knit Hat | Umbrella |


I get irrationally angry when one day no avocados are ripe and 24 hours later every single one of them are ripe and I have a day to eat them before they start to brown. I try to buy them in various stages of ripeness too but this still seems to happen. On the menu for tonight? Guacamole (which I love I just hate having to eat them all in one day) :/

I finally sat down on Saturday night to pull out all the Christmas gifts that I bought and actually go through them and make an inventory. I should of done that from the start but I never got around to it. When you start buying gifts 10 months in advance it’s easy to forget what you got which making it hard to know what you still need to get. I did better than I thought though, and only have a handful of things left to get.. Have you started yet?

I remember years ago I would go grocery shopping only every two weeks. I would occasionally have to run to the store for something I ran out of but it’s nothing like today. I feel like I am constantly buying food and household goods and it is bloody expensive. Do you have any suggestions on how to cut down on this? Maybe a great meal plan or something that would work for picky kids because I literally am running errands every day to pick up something. It’s ridiculous. The weather is still decent, but when it gets colder and snow comes it’s really going to suck going out and walking for miles each day just to pick up random things.

So off to a new and hopefully productive week. I have a couple of hauls to drop off at the donation centre a massive amount of emails to go through and some holiday gifts guides to start because Tis the season 😉

Is there anything you are looking for in a gift guide or other subject that you are interested in seeing? 

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  1. Have you tried realplans.com? It’s a meal planning service that’s really customizable – doesn’t do the shopping or cooking for you, but it takes the need for inspiration and planning out of it. Gives you a weekly shopping list too, so you get everything in one go. I’ve recently gone ultra lazy and started combining Real Plans with Amazon Fresh, so the food just shows up at my house and I cook it. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m off to google. I wish Canada had Amazon fresh because I’d likely never leave the house 😉

  2. gift ideas for the kids please! i have two nieces, 11 and the other is turning 8 the week before xmas…they’re both obsessed with unicorns and making slime. i’m getting overwhelmed looking through etsy and amazon.

    • Will do! Your nieces are close to my girls ages. My youngest will be 7 a week before Christmas 🙂 kids are sooooo hard because they can be so damn fickle.

  3. If you buy avocados in bulk, store them in the fridge. You can pull 1 or 2 out as you need them, but the refrigeration slows the ripening process so you don’t have to eat them all at once!

    • Thank you! I will start doing that. I really hate things going to waste and no one really wants to eat 6 avocados at once…..well maybe my youngest buys she can be an oddball 😉

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