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Black Friday sales start now. Actually many of the sales started over the last week, but a lot of the main sales start today. I’ll have another post going up at midnight tonight again with the sales that begin tomorrow. I’m going to try to get it all in one post because tomorrow Roo becomes a teenager. Commence mental freak out. Anyway, we’ll be busy celebrating so I won’t have time to do ongoing sale updates. She hasn’t decided what she wants to do that day yet though, but I’m sure part of it will be trying to spend some of her birthday money on the Black Friday sales because money burns a hole in her pocket. She actually wants to go to the Humane Society and pick another cat but that isn’t going to happen until she learns to take care of the one she has and clean up after herself 😉

My sale selections are all about colours, coats, and quirky pieces. I’m pretty sure that if I could get away with it I would just wear t-shirts with statement coats every day of my life. Urban Outfitters has bedding to die for, Topshop has 9 million jackets on my list like the leather biker above (love the red lining) and J.Crew is offering deals that actually make it affordable to me (how much do you love that tartan blazer?).

Here are a few places where I got my selections and the current sales that they have going on:

  • Asos 30% off with the code EPIC30
  • Madewell has 25% off with the code DONTSTRESS
  • J.Crew take 40% off everything with the code THANKU
  • Hunter 20% off select (sale percentage seems to change daily so keep notice)
  • Topshop up to 50% off and free shipping
  •  Urban Outfitters Buy one get one 50% off
  • Old Navy has 50% off your entire purchase
  • Gap 50% off everything no exclusions
  • H&M up to 70% off and free shippin. Deals start at $3

Check out the rest of my picks below, they are in a more orderly format. I hope you score some good deals!

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  1. For anyone else in the UK, apparently the Epic30 code isn’t available to us. Our code is WIN20, which is only 20% off.

    • Well that’s bullshit isn’t it 🙁 The US always gets better deals. I usually get mine off the UK website too.

      • They sure don’t make it obvious it’s US only! I did place an order anyway, just because it’s not often you get a further discount on sale stuff, but I did make my displeasure known!

        They also somehow managed to change my delivery address. Luckily it’s my in-laws’ place, so I’ll still get it without any trouble, just might have to wait a day or two for them to bring it over. But I’m still annoyed, because I double and triple checked that I chose the correct address. Made my displeasure at THAT known as well!

        • Ugh. I was just on there going to make a purchase and the uk site accepted the epic30 code for me. I wonder if that’s because of my location? Not very fair.
          That address things is so weird. A similar thing happened when we were using the Skip the Dishes app for restaurant delivery. They were trying to deliver to some random address saying that was what we provided to them. Then they tried to charge us more for changing the address to our actual home. We were pissed because we’ve never delivered anywhere but here and not to some random place.

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