2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

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Right about now you are being bombarded by gift guides left, right, and centre so I am going to add to it 😉 Today I have the For Him gift guide. The man in your life that is an entertainer, a gamer, a traveller, or the one that just needs some new pajamas and slippers.

I tried to include something for everyone like the gamer, but also the nostalgic gamer who loved his Atari when he was young. Someone who loves food but hates cooking may like the microwave popcorn popper, or the toaster grilled cheese bags (I want these). The entertainer may like to make his own craft beer, have people over to play Beeropoly, or just an instruction manual to mixed drinks along with some bottles of booze to round it out.

My husband is notorious for asking me where his things are. It’s the same thing every day. “Have you seen my wallet? I used to have phone and it was right here. I don’t know where I put my glasses.” Honestly, it drives me insane and I repeatedly tell him to put his stuff in the same spot and he won’t have this issue. He is the type of man who would benefit from number 3 above – the docking station, as well as number 19 for his glasses. You can find all kinds of these handcrafted docking stations on Esty, and can even get them personalized. My husband has number 15 which is a guitar pick maker. You use any old plastic cards to punch out your own picks. He is one that tends to keep old cards for some reason so he has all kinds of picks with his face on them from his old licences and health cards. Nothing says personalized like a guitar pick with your own face on it.

We are almost officially down to one month before Christmas (33 days technically) and I know how much it sucks to do the panic last-minute shopping so embrace the biggest shopping sales of the year coming up (and right now) and get it all done. Then you can sit back and enjoy the holiday season without the shopping stress like me 😉

Here are some early sales to get you started (these sales are as of today).
Old Navy is having 50% off entire purchase
Gap – 50% off everything no exclusions (which is actually huge because they always exclude the items I want)
Nordstrom – Early savings starts now
H&M – Extra 20% off all sale

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  1. You’re right, there seems to be a bazillion gift guides this year. And yet, I find yours to be the most original and engaging. I’m having a blast checking out the man goods you’ve got here…before I get to making pumpkin pie and dressing/stuffing today. Gravy and cranberry sauce happened yesterday. Tomorrow it will be the roasted chicken and garlic mashed potatoes, salad. Mr. Man is very excited about a full-blown dinner experience, and leftovers. Cheers, Ardith

    • Oh man your dinner sounds like it is going to be so good. I wish it was Thanksgiving here because I could go for a huge meal like that. I don’t think anything beats Thanksgiving leftovers so I am totally with your husband with the excitement. I swear it tastes better the next day. Have a wonderful holiday.

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