What to Pack for Glasgow, Scotland


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So my kid fell two seconds after we left the building yesterday and totally skid across the sidewalk on her hands and knees. This led to pants needing to be tossed out and her almost fainting. It’s so hard to laugh about because it was such an over the top reaction for a very minimal wound, but when I brought her back in to the condo to clean her up she got really pale, clammy, and kept saying she was going to puke. Then she started getting spots in front of her eyes so I told Roo to get her some juice or something sweet to sip on to help, and she brought her a freaking cookie. She took the cookie and nibbled a bit then in the blink of an eye her jaw unhinged and she crammed the whole cookie in. It was at that point I knew she was going to survive 😉

Today’s packing list is for Glasgow, Scotland. It is requested for a woman who is going on a 10 day trip in December (maybe longer) with her boyfriend to visit his family. This sounds like a lovely way to spend Christmas and I am super envious over here. The predicted temperature for that time according to weather websites is 6°C with wind and rain. which can feel more damp and cold than much colder temps so pack enough sweaters. I didn’t include it in the above graphic but leggings (especially thermal leggings) are a really good thing to bring because not only can you sleep, and exercise in them, but you can also layer them under your pants for extra warmth.

A hat and scarves are also really important, and if you don’t want to bring or buy an umbrella than having a rain jacket instead may be a good option (I like this style of umbrella though because it survives wind better). As for footwear, it really depends on what you are going to be doing. While you may not see the sun much during this time, it is still a really beautiful city to tour in any weather. I decided that a rain boot would be a good option because nothing sucks worse than wet feet. If you want something more stylish and less clunky (and to look less touristy) than a traditional rainboot than Sorel has a cute Out N About boot, and the Sperry Salwater Boot comes in a variety of colours. I chose a shorter rainboot because I know what it is like to schlep around in high rainboots (like Hunters) and since I am short they hit me really awkwardly at the knee (also a short boot is much easier to pack than tall boots). I think I am leaning towards a short pair next time and thought that this colour/print was nice. For the other pairs of shoes I would be inclined to bring a bootie, and a sneakers instead of flats because you will probably get more use out of those two. But obviously it is your discretion to decide which shoe style will work best for your lifestyle.

You should plan around layers and comfort. Pre plan your outfits to make sure that the layers fit smoothly and comfortably with a jacket because excess bulkiness neither looks good nor feels good on. Trying them on while pre-planning will help decide whether the outfit will work because sometimes how we visualize it doesn’t always pan out in real life. I will put together 20-30 different outfits from these pieces for the next post to give you some ideas of how they can be worn but it’s up to you to try and test to see if it will work for you.


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  1. As a Brit married to a Scotsman who used to live in Glasgow you definitely need waterproof shoes but not wellies. Brits don’t wear wellies unless we go for a walk in the muddy countryside. Wellies are never worn in the city, only tourists do that. Have a great time, Glasgow is a great city.

    • Haha! Yes, but I was thinking more in terms of pieces already owned vs having to buy something new 😉 I also noted and listed above a couple of non wellie style waterproof boots as alternatives. But thank you for the insight it’s nice to get an inside perspective 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see the outfits you put together with these wonderfully curated pieces, Sara. How is Miss Merle doing in the wake of her fall? Cheers, Ardith

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