What to Pack for Berlin, Germany

What to Pack for Berlin, Germany Packing Light List

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Have you ever seen The Holiday? If you have do you remember the scene where Iris (Kate Winslet’s) boss asked her if she has filed her story for the day, and she looks at her watch and says, “Oh, no, not yet. Down to the wire.” Well that is me right now. I have had a super busy day and it’s midnight and I am trying to get this done but I really want to go to bed because I have to get up super early. Anyway. I got it finished and I love that movie.

This packing list is for a leopard lover. Someone who likes textures, patterns, dark colours (with blue being their favourite). It is for 14 days in Berlin, Germany in late fall/early winter. Casual, cool, yet modern chic. I hope I achieved that with my picks and pairings. I’m a huge leopard fan too even though I don’t have very much in that print….but I want to. I consider it a neutral and find it pairs well with any colour. Some people say they could never pull it off but I think that if you think you can’t then you won’t, but if you select your clothes and display them with confidence than you definitely can.

I think my favourite pieces out of the list aside from the coat is the blue fuzzy sweater, crushed velvet dress (I had a burgundy crushed velvet bodysuit in 1994…..or 1993. I can’t remember, but that was the last time I wore that fabric) and the loafers. They are an edgier version of the ones that I just purchased, which should arrive tomorrow (today now I guess) and I am very excited.

Remember that weather is all relative. What is nice weather to me may be absolutely freezing for someone else, so remember that when packing for colder weather. Berlin’s temperature in December ranges from slightly below zero up to around 7°Ç so it is a good idea to make sure that all of your items layer well. Blouses/long sleeves/t-shirts under sweaters or cardigans, a thinner knit sweater under a cardigan, etc. Scarves and knit hats will keep you comfortable when you are out walking around, because you will do a lot of walking since Berlin around Christmas is lovely (like many European cities and towns).

To make sure that you keep your suitcase as light as possible with room for souvenirs, maker sure that you layer and wear your hardest to pack items (coat, bulkiest shoes) for travel and roll the remaining pieces. I put together 20 outfit options from these pieces in this post. You should go watch The Holiday for inspiration because it is a great travel during Christmas movie.

Do you love or hate leopard print?

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  1. LOL, Sara, I just watched that movie two days ago on Netflix. How many of us have dated some version of Iris’s boss/love interest? Ugh.

    You’ve created such a cool wardrobe for this particular traveller. I absolutely love the leopard coat you selected.

    Hope all is well with you. Cheers, Ardith

    • Omg yes. So many flashbacks to assholeville 😉 I swear I rewatch that movie on Netflix repeatedly when I can’t find anything else. Is my fallback for when I need noise in the background but can’t pay 100% attention.

      And yes I love that coat too. I wish we had a Marks and Spencer here.

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