What I Wore This Week

T-shirt dress, band jacket, and Adidas

Blazer, band tee, black pants, and converse

Mustard chunky knit Cardigan, distressed jeans, and camisole

Oversized Sweater, distressed jeans, and frye boots

Oversized Cardigan, black sweater, grey jeans, and Adidas

Outfit 1 – T-shirt dress | Band jacket • old (similar) | Adidas | Purse • Urban Outfitters | Watch • Daniel Wellington |
Outfit 2 – Led Zeppelin T-shirt • H&M | Blazer • H&M old | Black Pants | Converse | Purse • Botkier |
Outfit 3 – Yellow Cardigan • Zara | Camisole • H&M | Jeans |
Merle’s outfit –  Headband • H&M | Yellow Sunnies • Amazon |
Outfit 4 – Oversized Sweater • Zara | Jeans | Boots • Frye Engineer | Purse • vintage (similar) |
Outfit 5 –  Oversized cardigan • Zara | Jeans • H&M | Black Sweater • Mango | Adidas | Purse • Botkier |


This weekend coming up is the Canadian Thanksgiving. It seems ridiculously early this year even though it always around this time give or take an week or so. That probably means that I should get my dinner plan ready right? I have no idea what to make. One kid eats most things, one barely eats anything, and a husband that is one a perpetual diet that doesn’t involve anything probably other than turkey and vegetables. Any ideas? 😉

I should christen Sunday as “Headache Day” now because it never seems to fail every Sunday I have a headache of some kind. Usually I can catch it before it gets bad but today I can feel it creeping into migraine territory. Not a way that I want to start the new week.

I bought a cardigan from Zara a few weeks back (up in the last photo). I used my birthday gift cards that I was saving for autumn clothes to come in and I am in love with it. I am living in it so much that I want to get another colour. I just hate justifying the cost of something when there are birthday’s and Christmas coming up. Both girls’ birthdays, and Tom’s are within a month of Christmas (two at the end of November and one in the middle of December) and it’s a stupid expensive time of year.

Speaking of Christmas and birthdays, while I’m about 60-70% done. I thought that I would get this for Merle for her Birthday and then some of the smaller, extra pieces (like furniture, rooms, and an ambulance) to finish up her Christmas gifts. She has been talking about it forever (she’s obsessed with doctors and all things medical) and this is actually the best price than I have seen for so far. She really likes the Calico Critters too but they are so expensive, even thought they are ridiculously cute. And while I know Christmas and birthdays are not all about getting gifts, her birthday is so close to Christmas she gets the inevitable birthday/christmas combo gift from most people. I am so not trying to be ungrateful (although I know it sounds like it), but she is getting old enough now to notice that her sister gets both so we very much emphasize on keeping the two separate for her at home.

Can you believe it’s already October? It feels like summer vacation just ended.

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