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Sometimes I think that I need to expand on what I post. Get to posting more than 3 days a week to get some momentum and consistency out, and I thought I could try a weekly reads and finds post. I find that I constantly have a million open tabs on my computer at any given time. I am always saving, pinning, and Facebook sharing things that I find of interest so why not share here too. I wanted to also include any good sales or deals that I may come across as well because weekends are notorious for surprise sales to generate business. So here goes the first one and we will see where it goes from here 😉

Weekly Reads:

Weekly Finds:

  • I think that I have enough sweaters for the autumn/winter season (as seen in above photo) but if you are looking still LOFT currently has 40% off tops. sweaters, and jewellery. I really like this Kimono Flecked Cardigan and this Fuzzy Open Cardigan in the Petrol Blue. They call it Midnight Spruce but I prefer Petrol and I love this colour paired with blue jeans.
  • I’m looking for a new desk because mine it way too long. Wayfair has an up to 70% off sale right now and I really like this small L shaped one. It looks like it would fit in my weird living room corner perfect opening up a whole new way to move things around. I also like this one because there is so much storage on it. My desk is always a disaster from lack of places to put things.
  • I have an ongoing search for a comparable Gucci Brixton Loafer that doesn’t completely break the bank but still looks good and will be a great closet staple. This Sam Edelman Loafer is the one I keep coming back to. It seems to fit the bill but I have been having a hard time finding it in Canada (with all the extra charges coming from the U.S would almost make it worthwhile to just get a Gucci). I *think* I may have found one. Fingers crossed it pans out, I’ll keep you updated.
  • I saw this Free People cardigan on The Frugality this week and love it. It’s way out of my price range but one can dream right?
  • I don’t get into an Anthropologie very often but when I do it’s hella fun 😉 They too are having a sale this weekend ranging from 15% – 25% off in various categories. I love this fantastically colourful, embroidered bomber jacket. And because I am totally thinking about Christmas these ornaments are so pretty,  as is this one, and this one. Being zodiac obsessed here is mine, the girls’, and Tom’s that would all look cute hanging from the tree. I wonder if my Anthro has them in stock.


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  1. Thanks for the reads Sara! The aricle about people walking differently in the Medieval Times was fascinating! I am interested in everything so would love you to post more things like this as well.

    • It was fascinating wasn’t it?! I might or might not have attempted the walk around my house a few times 😉

  2. i like this idea! thanks for taking the time to do an additional post, there’s a good variety in your bullet points.

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