Some Outer Space Home Decor and Gift Ideas

Home decor and gift ideas for space lovers

1.Astronaut Duvet set by Snurk |  2. Orion’s Twin Sheet Set | 3. All Solar Systems Go Quilt | 4. Outer Space French Terry Blanket | 5. Cosmos Glow in the Dark Twin Quilt | 6. I need My Space Mug | 7. Space Pop Molds | 8. Space Candles | 9. Planets Mobile | 10. Discovery Space Centre Set | 11. Alien Crossbody Bag | 12. Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape | 13. Space Age Pinball Game | 14. Inflateable Solar System | 15. Space Explore Patch | 16. Nasa Patch Set | 17. I Want to Leave Patch | 18. Glowing Milky Way Clock | 19. Space Tapestry | 20. Star Constellation Canvas | 21. Alien Throw Pillow | 22. Astronaut Throw Pillow | 23. Starry Globe Nightlight | 24. Space Hair Pins | 25. Galaxy Print Leggings | 26. Space Cadet Gloves | 27. Galaxy Backpack | 28. Zodiac Constealltion Baby Shoes | 29. Galaxy print Vans | 30. Solar System Crystal Ball |


This post is a little different from my usual Wednesday post but a few days ago I was walking through Simons and noticed a space trend through the women’s clothing. I then started to do a mental inventory of all the space related/themed items that my girls have and that inspired a blog post. You can get inspiration at the weirdest moments because at that particular time we were just walking around the store until the line up in the new gourmet ice cream shop got shorter.

I have a love/hate relationship with space. I don’t think I ever mentioned it on here (I did mention it on Instagram last week though), but when I was 6 or 7 I swear I was visited by an alien. You can laugh, everyone else does. My kids even sneak up behind me and whisper *I’m going to probe your brain* just to get a rise. I remember it clearly though. It was nighttime, but I had a nightlight so the room was fairly bright. I woke and saw it standing in the corner of my room staring at me. I stared back for what felt like a long time but was probably under 30 seconds, and then I hid under the covers. I don’t remember anything until my mom woke me in the morning where I was still hiding under the covers.

That is where the hate part comes from which resulted in me not being able to watch anything alien or space related that involves getting lost in space or aliens attacking…..I can handle E.T. even though I went in to hysterics at the beginning where he is digging up a plant and you see his fingers, then it pans to a rabbit (I thought he was going to hurt it) and had to be escorted out of the theatre until I calmed down 😉 But I do love to watch scientific space videos and documentaries, (minus alien topics). My kids on the other hand love space. So much so that Roo is going to be an alien for Halloween *sigh*. They build rocket ships, and are obsessed with the solar system. Pluto being demoted royally pissed my oldest off.

My love for space comes from my kids thirst for knowledge. Learning about stars (we will get a telescope some day), and how the universe started, their questions, and my answers that I have to Google. All these things make me see it in a new light but I also find that I am drawn to space visually. I love prints with astrological signs, duvet covers or wall hangings with colourful galaxy designs, and space inspired toys that let the girls’ imaginations flow.

There are so many out of this world (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) space themed pieces out there that I thought I would pull together a few to inspire you with some space love….or hate.

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